Tuesday 6 September 2022

Anniversary discount announced!

Fluke Networks has announced a new limited time discount promotion on a range of bestselling copper and fibre testing solutions, with major savings.

In recognition of Fluke Networks 30th anniversary, customers can now benefit from a limited time discount offer on many of the bestselling copper and fibre solutions designed for installing and testing critical networking infrastructure.

The ‘No fuss. Just savings’ offer was developed in celebration of Fluke Network’s 30-year anniversary, following the launch of the company’s first cable tester in December 1992. Customers are invited to take advantage of exclusive savings on a wide range of products, with discounts of £800 (€930) offered on the DSX-602 PRO CableAnalyser through to £4,000 (€4650) on the DSX2-5000QI-G-INT CableAnalyser.

The substantial discounts are available to all customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent states (EMEACIS). The offer is available for a limited time between September and December 2022 and is valid with purchases of qualifying products only made from Fluke Network’s authorised distributors.

Robert Luijten, Fluke’s Training Manager and Test & Measurement Expert said: “We are pleased to provide our customers with a limited-time discount on some of the most powerful and sophisticated copper and fiber testing solutions available in the market. Historically, Fluke Networks has provided loyal customers with great opportunities to move up to the next generation of testers with our popular trade-in programmes. Many customers have taken advantage of this over the years. However, our new ‘No fuss. Just savings’ offer no longer requires trade-ins. Customers can now enjoy no returns, registrations, or hassles – all they must do is contact their local distributor to take advantage of these great discounts.”

Resolve and prevent network connectivity faults.
Fluke Networks range of testers for twisted pair copper cabling can locate connectivity faults quickly to minimise downtime and lost productivity. The testers provide accurate, error-free certification even in the most complex projects that may involve several teams, different media types and multiple testing requirements. The range can be used to test up to Cat.8 cabling that can support the transmission of data up to 40Gbps over balanced twisted-pair copper cabling.

The DSX is built on Fluke Networks’ modular Versiv™ cabling certification system that can cut cabling installation and maintenance costs by up to 65%. Cornerstones of the Versiv system are the intuitive Taptive™ Graphical User Interface for ease of use and error-free operation and the ProjX™ management system which ensure that all testing is carried out efficiently and correctly. The Versiv system was recently upgraded with a high dynamic range Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and an MPO fibre inspection camera. Accelerate fibre testing and certification

Fluke Networks’ fibre testing tools are the preferred option for network cabling installers, architects, technicians, and engineers due to their rugged design, accuracy and ease of use. While fibre optics has become the preferred option for reliable connectivity within smart buildings, data centres and other networked environments, locating faults can be a lengthy and costly process. The Versiv-based OptiFiber Pro OTDR makes this easy. Thanks to the EventMap function, the tool automatically identifies events including connectors, splices, bends and splitters.

The CertiFiber Pro, another feature of Fluke Networks’ Versiv system, offers an optical loss test set with the fastest time to certify. This means two fibres at two wavelengths can be measured in just under three seconds, providing automatic pass/fail analysis to meet critical industry standards or custom test limits.

Depending on the modules that are inserted in the Versiv mainframes, the system transforms itself into a copper cable tester (DSX), fiber loss and length tester (CertiFiber Pro), an OTDR (OptiFiber Pro) or into a fiber inspection instrument with a camera (Fiber Inspector Pro or Fiber Inspector Ultra). All products feature the same user-friendly interface. Being able to operate and program different testers with a common user interface is unique in the industry. Moreover, the measurement data gathered by the different testers can be easily consolidated in a single report by a LinkWare-supported personal computer or a LinkWare Live cloud-based service. LinkWare Live enables Project Managers to manage jobs and testers from any smart device.

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