Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Safety bar code positioning system.

In the past, system manufacturers had to use two sensors and two different technologies for position detection. But not anymore: The new FBPS 600i safety bar code positioning system from Leuze enables position detection with a single sensor.

The FBPS 600i from Leuze is connected to a safe evaluation unit via two SSI interfaces and is suitable for applications up to performance level e.

Simple implementation of safety functions.
In intralogistics, it is important that the stacker cranes and transverse transfer cars pose no danger to the staff. The position and speed must be monitored during maintenance work or when operating with a manned car. Until now, system manufacturers had to use a redundant setup with two sensors in order to meet performance level d. This problem is now solved with the new single-sensor safety bar code positioning system FBPS 600i, which already meets the requirements of performance level e. This means that safety functions can now be easily implemented. The unit is connected to a safe connection unit, for example, a frequency inverter, via two SSI interfaces. The FBPS 600i also requires less space in the system, and the installation effort is reduced significantly.

Ideal for quick movements.
The FBPS 600i has an impressive error reaction time of only ten milliseconds. This makes it especially suitable for position detection when quick movements are involved. Important parameters, such as the speed curves and the throughput can be optimized as a result. The sensor’s large working range of 50–170 millimeters also enables flexible integration in different types of systems.

Reliable in operation.
The new safety bar code positioning system is installed on the stacker crane or transverse transfer car. A bar code tape is affixed on the opposite rack. In the development of the FBPS 600i, the Sensor People emphasized maximum reliability: With every scanning pass, the FBPS 600i reads multiple codes of the tape, from which the software determines highly precise position values.

The sensor scans the code at various locations through the diagonal path of the scanning beam and the movement of the transfer car. This prevents reading errors caused by local soiling or damage. The self-adhesive bar code tape, which was optimized for industrial application, also facilitates flawless operation: It is UV resistant, extremely resilient, and mechanically durable. In addition, the printed position values are easy to read and simplify handling.

The well-thought-out fastening concept with a quick-change system ensures simple mounting of the FBPS 600i devices. The device can be safely secured with an easy-to-access screw on the mounting clamp. This saves time during assembly.

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