Friday, 12 November 2021

High and low operating temp. accelerometers

Two new low profile, voltage mode, triaxial accelerometers from Kistler are now available with extended operating temperature ranges; up to +165°C for high temperature and down to –195°C for cryogenic applications both with a measuring range of ±500g.

The three Kistler K-Shear sensitive quartz elements in an IP68 hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, combine long term stability with wide operating frequency range and extremely low sensitivity to thermal transients and transverse acceleration. The charge signals from the three sensing elements are converted internally to low impedance voltage by a Piezotron microelectronic converter.

Because of its low mass of 11g and small size of 15.8mm square by 9.7mm high, the new sensors are especially useful for measuring on small and lightweight structures, where mass loading must be kept at a minimum. It can also be used for drop tests and finds application in a wide variety of vehicle vibration studies, modal analysis, product development and aerospace testing.

The new extended range triax accelerometers are especially suited to demanding applications encountered in the military and aerospace sectors where any error may present a life-threatening situation. Flutter testing, rocket launch pad dynamics, aircraft EMA, ammunition investigations and helicopter rotor reactions are a just few of the applications demanding the capabilities of the new products.

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