Thursday, 11 November 2021

Optimising high-voltage network in Europe.

Software will help TenneT improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of its high-voltage network.

TenneT, a leading European electricity transmission system operator, has selected  Emerson to provide software and services to optimise and secure the high-voltage transmission network responsible for delivering power to nearly 42 million people across the Netherlands and Germany.

Emerson’s OSI digital grid solutions* offers a reliable and adaptable platform, Monarch™, that will help support TenneT’s transition to a more dynamic, complex and interconnected power market, which is currently experiencing a strong increase in renewable energy. To balance electricity supply and demand while incorporating more environmentally responsible energy sources, Emerson’s technology will provide better data for real-time and accurate decision-making.

To optimise operations, Emerson will provide TenneT with enhanced forecasting, operational planning and equipment outage scheduling capabilities, as well as an operator training simulator. The adoption of Emerson’s big-data historian technologies will improve the collection and archiving of system metrics and asset performance data, delivering high availability and improved disaster recovery for TenneT’s network.

“We’re enormously proud to have been selected by TenneT to strengthen its transmission grid,” said Al Eliasen, president of Emerson’s OSI digital grid solutions business. “We look forward to a successful project and lasting partnership that supports TenneT’s commitment to deliver a secure and continuous supply of electricity to its customers.”

* Emerson strengthened its international electrification capabilities through the October 2020 acquisition of Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI Inc.). Emerson’s domain expertise in power generation, combined with OSI Inc.’s complementary software and reach within the power transmission and distribution sectors, enables companies to monitor, control and optimise operations in real-time across the power network.

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