Thursday, 25 November 2021

Flow into 2024.

Flow Research have been publishing studies for more than 20 years and have developed a flowmeter database that is like no other in the industry.

Flow Research spent most of 2021 developing the numbers for their new study that covers the entire flowmeter market, including all flowmeter types. The study is called Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 8th Edition. This is their most popular study. It is accompanied by a new edition of Module A: Strategies, Industries, and Applications.

They have developed the data for this new study by researching all the flow technologies. A Coriolis study and three Ultrasonic studies, and a new positive displacement study were compiled. They are also working on a new turbine study as well as a new magnetic flowmeter study. They have also done extensive work on variable area and open channel meters. Finally, they are updating more recent studies on primary elements, vortex, and thermal meters to 2021.

There are some new touches to this version of Volume X, including illustrations (not just photographs) of the operating principles of the different flowmeter types. This study has two base years: 2019 and 2020, so that the effects of the pandemic on the flowmeter market as a whole and by flowmeter type can be revealed. The 2021 numbers reflect up to date input from this year, and the forecasts go through 2024.

Pre-publication discounts are available that will provide the market data needed today and going into 2022. This new Volume X study shows you the entire flowmeter market, and shows how the different flowmeter types fared during the pandemic. Forecasts through 2024 provide a basis for planning purposes. It is anticipated that this study will be available for shipping in December 2021.

Other studies may be paired with this , such as Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, or Positive Displacement, in attractive bulk packages if desired.

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