Thursday 29 August 2019

Power Analysis.

Power grids ensure that consumers can be supplied with electrical energy at all times. Requirements for the quantity, availability and quality of the energy vary according to the consumer and are therefore contractually agreed between the consumer and the supplier. In this way, trouble-free operation of customer installations can be ensured without unduly influencing other energy consumers on the same network.

However, where mains power quality is concerned, the problems caused by influences are increasing rapidly. This is not least the result of consumer behaviour in terms of AC-DC voltage conversion, which makes energy planning an increasingly difficult task (for example when considering e-mobility). But also, countless and ever-increasing numbers of decentralised feed-in points, such as PV systems for example, multiply the supplier’s problems and as a result make it more difficult for them to comply with their contracts.

Two types of measurement may be useful in assessing power quality. On the one hand, a permanent measurement procedure is used to support 24/7 operation. This measurement should monitor the system as uninterruptedly and permanently as possible and continuously transmit relevant information to the operator (for example, with the LINAX PQ3000 or PQ5000). On the other hand, the so-called mobile measurement method is used to obtain an up-to-date picture of the power network on-site, in the event of a fault or during periodic checks by means of measurement campaigns. For this application, Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG has introduced the metrologically-certified LINAX PQ5000 mobile to the market.

The LINAX PQ5000 mobile series of power quality meters is based on the technological specifications of the PQ3000 and PQ5000 family for monitoring the power supply quality. The PQ5000 mobile mobile measurement solution can be used to check the operationally-relevant aspects of the energy supply. These are characterized by supply quality, supply availability, evaluation of changes or improvement measures as well as energy flow analysis. Using the recently-introduced, innovative PQ-EASY REPORT, statistical reports on the power quality can be generated directly from the measuring device via a web browser. The reports follow standards such as EN50160, IEC61000-2-2, IEC61000-2-4 and IEC610002-12, GB/T (China) and IEEE519 and can be retrieved cost-efficiently without external software. In addition, individual limit value standards can be entered and selected. The time frame for statistical observation can be flexibly set by the user, but should not be less than 7 days for it to be in compliance with the standard. The unique PQ-EASY REPORT allows customers to select the scope of the report from one of three levels: a conformity overview, an overview with statistical details or an overview with statistical details plus an event overview. Customers can also include their own company logo in the reports generated by PQ-EASY Report. Communication to a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone for data analysis and status reporting is possible via an integrated WLAN or LAN interface. Data export of load profiles, waveforms and event lists is possible via CSV file. During the measurement, the device does not require any external communication, as the start/stop control can be done directly on the device. This means that it can be used even in application environments where the use of LAN or WLAN is not possible.

The Linax PQ5000 Mobile is housed in a robust and waterproof lockable enclosure. Individual current measurements are performed either via a current clamp set or Rogowoski coils.
The voltage is measured directly via fused voltage taps. As an orderable option, GPS time synchronization can be added to display the field measurement data with the correct time stamp.

With the metrological certification of the  PQ5000 Mobile, Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG continues to apply the principle of not only indicating its accuracy in the data sheet, but also having it metrologically certified at the highest level. This guarantees that all standard-related data are correct and verifiable and allow users to determine the corresponding corrective actions to be taken.
Based on the latest technology standard, the unit also offers a very high level of price-performance. This is not least due to the fact that Linax PQ5000 Mobile is autonomous with no requirement for external software, because the analysis can be performed via an integrated web browser and using PQ-EASY Report. Quite simply, a complete and versatile solution!

• Camille Bauer Metrawatt products are marketed in Ireland by Irish Power & Process.

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