Friday, 9 August 2019

Low level force sensor.

The Type 9215A miniature force sensor from Kistler Instruments  is only 23.3mm long and 6.0mm diameter and weighs only 2.5g making it ideal for both laboratory and industrial applications where space is at a premium.

Applications include
Medical device testing
Contact force measurement on keys, switches, relays and similar components.
Measurement of spring characteristics
Measurement of electrical connector contacts extraction forces
Construction of highly sensitive miniature force plates for wind tunnel measurements.
Force measurements on automatic assembly machines, robots and micromanipulators.
This highly sensitive, piezoelectric force sensor is suitable for measuring quasi-static and dynamic tensile and compression forces from -20 to +200N in three calibrated ranges. The sensor has a sealed DIN 1.4542 stainless steel body with an M5x0.5 external mounting thread and an M2 tapped bore for force input. For higher force measurements, the Type 9217A has a measuring range from -500 to +500N, an overall length of 46mm and weighs only16g.

The highly sensitive measuring element fitted under preload gives the sensor very high rigidity which provides excellent dynamic response with a natural frequency of over 50 kHz combined with low sensitivity to transverse force and acceleration over the -50°C to +180°C operating temperature range.

The versatility offered by the three measuring ranges, 2N, 20N and 200N, and the low force sensitivity make the new sensor exceptionally suited to a wide range of applications in product testing and for highly sensitive force measurements in research and development.

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