Wednesday 31 July 2019

Water hardness analysis.

The Liquiline System CA80HA hardness analyzer has been launched by Endress+Hauser. This instrument provides precise online analysis of water hardness in drinking water and process water. It helps optimize the control of water softening processes such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis, ensures quality of products influenced by water hardness, and analyzes feedwater used in boilers.

The CA80HA colorimetric analyzer uses the phthalein purple method, ensuring direct comparability to lab results. It measures calcium carbonate (CaCO3) over a range of 0 to 80 mg/l with accuracy of ±0.5 mg/l. The analyzer has up to two measuring channels and up to four digital inputs for optional Memosens sensors such as pH, ORP, conductivity, oxygen, chlorine, turbidity, etc.

With optional sensors, it can:
• Measure and calculate pH from two conductivity values according to VGB Standard 405 for boiler feedwater
• Measure the difference between two measured values from different sources to monitor membranes
• Calculate differential conductivity to monitor the efficiency of ion exchangers
• Calculate degassed conductivity for process controls in power plants
• Calculate rH from the measured values of a pH and an ORP sensor

Outputs from the CA80HA can be used to directly control water processes as the process variables in a control loop, be assigned as a measured variable to a limit contactor, trigger cleaning, be sent to a control system for further analysis, and/or be displayed on the local graphic readout. The local graphic display has 240 x 160-pixel resolution, a red display background for alarms and user-definable measuring menus.

Outputs include PROFIBUS DP (Profile 3.02), Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP and up to four 4-20mA current outputs that can be used in parallel.

When Memosens sensors are installed in the system they are auto-recognized by the Liquiline electronics, making for plug & play operation and quick commissioning. Any changes to the electronics can be made by simply adding or subtracting I/O modules, making this plug & play as well. The analyzer is designed for automatic cleaning and calibration, eliminating the need for user intervention to perform these activities, reducing the overall operating cost.

The CA80HA meets the requirements of harmonized European standards and Canada and USA standards: CAN/CSAC22.2 No. 61010-1-12 UL Std. No. 61010-1 (3rd Edition).

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