Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Surface defect identification.

AMETEK Surface Vision offers a precise and accurate method of detecting key surface defects of interest, utilising a new color classification option available in Surface Vision’s industry-leading SmartView® defect inspection system.

“Customers are looking for a dependable, accurate defect detection solution, particularly as market drivers focus increasingly on packaging and materials that need to be safe or sterile,” said Satoshi Suzuki, Director of Sales - Japan, AMETEK Surface Vision. “It’s important to them that contaminants are detected quickly and accurately, and SmartView is able to deliver the detailed real-time results that maintain their quality, reduce wastage and maximize uptime.”

Claimed to be the most advanced surface inspection platform available, SmartView combines powerful software, linescan camera technology, high-intensity lighting and industry-leading engineering for trusted automatic defect detection. Color classification extends SmartView’s abilities by enabling the recognition of common contaminants in the production process, particularly blood, oil spots, water spots and dirt: substances that, even in minute traces, can compromise the quality of food or medical grade materials.

SmartView’s color functionality works by identifying, cross-checking and classifying a specific defect through a color feature set integrated into SmartView’s comprehensive defect libraries. By classifying and distinguishing each defect, users are supported in making production decisions that maintain high product quality and improve productivity. For example, as SmartView is able to distinguish water drops from oil spots, users can improve winder operation efficiency, as the ability to dry water drops later in the process means the paper does not need to be stopped at the winder.

Users get the immediate benefits of SmartView’s SmartLearn functionality, which provides an advanced classification solution that classifies easily distinguishable defects, with real-time results at any production speed. Unlike systems that require the user to set the parameters manually by building a manual classification table, SmartLearn’s patented automatic multi-step classification technology enables much quicker start-ups.

SmartView’s color option is applicable in manufacturing light coated papers; food package grade paper; fine and light coated paper used in magazine printing and office copying; coated board for high grade packaging; and nonwoven materials such as medical cloth.

SmartView’s color functionality is fully compatible with the most recent iterations of the software.

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