Wednesday 20 December 2023

Digitising packaging lines.

Drug manufacturer Heel has successfully implemented Werum PAS-X MES 3.3.0, Körber's NextGen MES for pharma, biotech, and cell & gene therapy, at its main plant in Baden-Baden (D). The pioneer in scientific research into natural pharmaceuticals has been producing medicines, such as Neurexan® and Traumeel®, based on natural active ingredients for over 80 years.

Built on more than 30 years of expertise and leading IT technologies, PAS-X MES 3.3.0 is GMP-compliant and designed to meet the future requirements of the industry. It can be integrated into any IT infrastructure via simple and secure interfaces – whether in the customer's data center, in the cloud or as a Körber-managed “Software as a Service”.

The NextGen MES offers maximum functionality as standard, so the system has been implemented “out-of-the-box”, allowing for seamless upgrades in the future. The implementation process followed the proven ready-fit-build-run method: many of the MES implementation tasks were taken over by Körber, which reduced the customer's workload and accelerated the implementation of the system.

“The successful introduction of PAS-X MES for the digital processing and documentation of packaging orders is an important milestone in the digitalization of our production,” says Monika Gartner, Head of Digital Transformation, Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. “We have a very good, open and cooperative business relationship with the Körber team, characterized by mutual trust.”

With the help of PAS-X MES 3.3.0, Heel has digitized the first four packaging lines, replacing the paper-based packaging documentation of its products. The integration was implemented almost as standard, so that more than 2,000 finished products can be processed with just a few generic MBRs. SAP ERP is fully integrated via a standard interface. The customization of numerous bills of material and production versions from SAP has paid off: Heel can now automatically perform reconciliations in Electronic Batch Recording and benefit from the parallel Batch Record Review.

“Both the project team and the packaging team contributed greatly to the successful implementation of the project. They have been involved from the very beginning and have received comprehensive information and training through our specially developed training concept,” she continued.

In the next step, Heel will introduce PAS-X KPI in the packaging area. The software application is designed to monitor the performance of packaging machines in real-time, ensuring that machine utilization and overall equipment effectiveness is maximized.

“We are looking forward to further projects on the path to digital transformation and our 'Factory of Excellence'. In the coming months and years, we are going to gradually roll out PAS-X MES in other production areas. Integration into all processes is an essential step towards full digitalization,” concluded Monika Gartner from Heel.

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