Monday, 18 July 2022

80 years connecting!

What began in 1936 with Otto Dunkel's idea to manufacture interference-free wire spring connectors has developed extraordinarily since the company was founded in 1942. ODU established itself early as a globally active connector specialist with currently over 2,500 employees - 1,400 of them at the main site in Mühldorf am Inn (D). Other production sites are located in Romania, the USA, Mexico and China.
The company ethos and the innovative strength of the founder are the basis of the still privately managed family company ODU, which is therefore independent of investor interests - the legacy of the company founder lives on in the three letters as the abbreviation of the name.

The company sees itself as a specialist for high-end connectors and high-quality system solutions. In the spirit of Otto Dunkel, the experts are especially in demand for innovations for complex technical issues.

Not least due to its own testing and research laboratories, certified production processes and the high vertical range of manufacture in its own company, ODU is a reliable partner for its customers in all matters with the highest quality and safety standards.

The pioneering spirit of ODU also makes it possible to have appropriate solutions ready for future challenges. For example, the system solutions for connectors in the area of ​​fiber optic technologies enable the interference-free transmission of large amounts of data both over longer distances and in harsh environments, with high temperature fluctuations or in magnetic environments.

The company continues to grow in its 80th year and is investing almost 60 million euros in the company headquarters. With the new five-storey building for the turning shop, including laboratories and offices, ODU is building upwards for the first time. An additional assembly hall will also be built in the near future.

"ODU will celebrate its 80th Company anniversary with its employees at a large company party on July 22, 2022. The company maintains a tradition of working hard together - but also celebrating - after the depriving pandemic period. After all, the employees with their many years of know-how are the most important foundation for continuing the 80-year success story. This is reflected both in many community activities, a family atmosphere, comprehensive career and further training opportunities and in a high proportion of trainees in twelve technical and commercial professions. To this end, ODU cooperates with the surrounding universities and offers four dual degree programs."

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