Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Chemical feed skid system.

Blue-White's CHEM-FEED® Engineered Skid Systems are now shipping! 

These Skid Systems are simple to operate, easy to order, and includes everything needed for precise chemical feed. The Triplex Skid allows for a two-pump injection system, with one pump acting as a backup to eliminate downtime and reduce costs in critical applications.

They ensure no leaky plumbing causing hazardous work environments with leak free threadless connections.

Blue-White's® lightweight, chemical and UV resistant, polyethylene, triplex skids ship fully assembled to save installation time, includes a built-in drip container, wall/floor mounting brackets, and a visual flow indicator.

It is recommended that these CHEM-FEED Skid System be equipped with their Proseries® Peristaltic Dosing Pumps.

There is a short 2-week lead time for this system.

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