Monday, 9 November 2020

Faster smoke detector prototypes.

Tested and Verified Smoke Detector Reference Design and Algorithm

Analog Devices has introduced a reference design and algorithm that enables small form factor, low power, smoke detector designs to be rapidly prototyped and brought to market faster at a reduced cost. 

Their new CN0537 reduces design risk and has been tested and verified to pass the UL 217 Standard for Smoke Alarms, 8th edition, with reduced nuisance alarms. 

CN0537 Reference Design Key Features:

  • UL 217 8th edition tested and verified smoke and fire algorithm
  • Data package for algorithm development including more than 1,000 smoke datasets taken at UL-217 certified facilities 
  • Software providing data pre-processing, initialisation, calibration and environmental compensation source code
  • Arduino form factor smoke detector reference design for rapid prototyping and development
  • Low power hardware design and low computational algorithm extending battery life and reducing battery size and cost

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