Wednesday, 25 November 2020

The right cable clamp.

Integration of electrical and electronic systems always involves wiring issues regarding such matters as strain relief, accessibility, routing, security and similar, so this new “Guide to choosing the right cable clamp” from Essentra Components (Ireland) is likely to be of interest to all relevant assembly and installation engineers.

This new guide discusses options for mounting cables on the panel boards of various types of enclosures, such as data centre server cabinets or outdoor telecom equipment cabinets.

The guide points out that using a cable clamp has some distinct advantages over cable mounts. For example, if you need to move, adjust, or add to the bundle while using a zip tie mount, you must cut the tie. On the other hand, many cable clamps can be opened to allow for easy adjustments. While ties can still be used for bundling, you'll often find you need fewer of them when bundles are secured with clamps. 

In many instances, they advise that making up a new enclosure is faster when using cable clamps. For example, once the wire cable clamp installation is complete — guided by a good set of layout diagrams — cable and wire installation consists of simply routing the cables and conductors and snapping them into place.

Many clamp designs are illustrated with notes on applications, while CAD downloads are indicated to assist in the design stages of a project.

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