Monday, 9 November 2020

Cost-effective method for aspirating and dispensing liquids.

A free webinar that explains how pressure-controlled liquid handling systems can be used to deliver precise, accurate and cost-effective throughput in laboratory applications will be delivered by Festo on Tuesday 1st December at 10am GMT. 

Many biomedical and life science applications depend on precise, repeatable, liquid handling where fluid needs to be pipetted into hundreds of wells, plates or vials. But manual pipetting relies on highly trained personnel to be effective and automated solutions can be expensive and over-specified. Part of Festo’s Know-How series, the webinar How pressure-over-liquid provides precise, accurate and cost-effective throughput will explain how to deploy pressure-controlled liquid handling as a viable, cost effective alternative for aspirating and dispensing. 

Those registering for the 45 minute session will learn the principles of a pressure-over-liquid approach and its advantages, including how to achieve greater sample throughput, increased capacity, and higher levels of precision and accuracy. 

Those unable to attend on the day should register anyway - it will allow them to view the webinar on demand after the event.

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