Friday, 27 July 2018

Fuel Analyser.

PAC has officially launched the OptiFuel, a top of the line FTIR Fuel Analyser. The new OptiFuel provides superior precision and portability with expert service and support worldwide. The unit comes in a rugged yet elegant design with a friendly user interface, which makes it ideal for refineries, pipelines, terminals and mobile labs.

For more than 20 years, PAC has been at the forefront of infrared (IR) fuel analysis with its PetroSpec products. Now we are combining the best of our GS PPA, TD PPA and QuickSpec capabilities into one analyzer and adding the latest FTIR technology into the most robust fuel analyzer in the market.
Every OptiFuel comes with more than 50 different calibration models built using hundreds of global fuel samples following ASTM E1655. Calibrations can easily be cloned and transferred to additional units. Unlimited additional properties can be added or updated quickly per user-defined requests.

Key features:
• Compliance with ASTM, EN, and ISO methods
• Updatable factory calibrations
• Intuitive interface requires minimal user training
• Complete connectivity with network printers, LIMS systems and USB drive
• High resolution FTIR with ATR flow cell
• Extensive support network through our offices and distributors worldwide
• Unmatched warranty on critical components

PAC has already sold more than 40 OptiFuels around the globe. Schedule a demo or get a quote from your local representative.

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