Thursday, 31 March 2011

Display suitable for SBCs

Hitachi Display Products Group (DPG) now offers a family of medium size TFT display modules featuring LVDS (low-voltage differential signal) data interface which are suitable for single board computer (SBC) and embedded applications. Hitachi’s LVDS TFT display line-up includes the following screen sizes; 5.7” VGA, 6.5” VGA, 7.0” WVGA, 8.0” WVGA, 9.0” WVGA and 10.4” SVGA. Integrating a LVDS data interface onto a TFT display module allows high speed digital transmission of the image data with low power consumption, excellent tolerance to transmission line effects and exceptional noise immunity which ensures a clear, crisp display image is displayed at all times.

Commenting Mark Stephenson, Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi DPG, said, “The market for easy to use embedded computing products and industry standard SBCs is continuing to grow significantly. LVDS is already common place across a variety of applications particularly in industrial and  consumer  markets and further adoption of LVDS in embedded applications will continue. Hitachi DPG can now offer six TFT display modules, from 5.7" up to 10.4", with an integrated LVDS data interface. This simplifies the task of display integration for the customers using single board computers for embedded and industrial applications requiring a graphical user interface.”

The line-up of Hitachi TFT display modules with LVDS interface includes the 5.7” VGA TX14D10VM1BAA, 6.5" VGA TX17D02VM2CAA, 7.0” WVGA TX18D37VM0AAA, 8.0” WVGA TX20D28VM2BAA, 9.0" WVGA TX23D38VM0CAA and 10.4"  SVGA TX26D12VM0AAA. Other standard display features include IPS (in-plane-switching) wide viewing angle TFT technology, long lifetime white LED backlights, extended operating temperature ranges and compact mechanical dimensions.

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