Monday, 17 January 2011

Field mike!

Meggitt Sensing Systems Launches New Endevco ½” Free-Field Microphone and Preamplifier Set with TEDS Capabilities
Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco® model EM46AE, a combined 1/2” free-field pressure microphone and iTEDS enabled preamplifier (per IEEE 1451.4) set, designed for general purpose and larger channel count precision acoustic measurements within a variety of applications, including vehicle pass-by noise testing; environmental noise analysis; building acoustics; and appliance and other consumer product noise evaluations.

The Endevco® model EM46AE comes in a preassembled kit, consisting of a high-precision condenser microphone and preamplifier, both constructed of stainless steel for high durability. Units are assembled in a clean room environment to avoid contamination of the contacts and are calibrated together to form a reliable acoustic measurement system. These combined units are fully repairable. With a frequency response from 3.15 Hz to 20 kHz and a wide dynamic range of 14 dBA to 135 dB, the Endevco® model EM46AE microphone set is designed according to guidelines set forth by the IEC 61094 Class 1 standard, fulfilling the highest industry standards for acoustic product reliability and precision. Incorporation of iTEDS technology allows for the microphone and preamplifier to be recognized by any smart-transducer compatible input module. When connected, the analyzer will derive information such as microphone type, serial number and sensitivity, which is able to be read by the application software for simplified test setups.

Recommended accessories for use with the Endevco® model EM46AE include the model EM42AA handheld pistonphone calibrator, which facilitates field checks of complete acoustic measurement systems, as well as the in-house calibration of measurement microphones; the model 4416B ISOTRON® power supply (2-20 mA); and the model 133 three-channel signal conditioner. All Endevco® acoustic sensors and instrumentation are also backed by a five-year comprehensive product warranty.

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