Welcome to the Blog of the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost. Although the Signpost was started way back in 1994 - remember dial-up? - this blog started in 2009.

It is used for stories on technologies and applications and other news in our discipline - automation.

We have another blog (on the Wordpress platform) which is not updated as frequently which has more original material such as papers, our reports and impressions on events or developments etc.

These stories are also linked automatically to the Read-out Face book page.

Our twitter presence is the personal account of Eoin Ó Riain so it reflects his particular interests and not only Automation matters!
More recently we have started a Read-out Signpost News Group on LinkedIn. Those who join this group may opt to receive daily or less frequent reports on news items - a sort of newsletter!

We welcome comments which will not be edited if they deal with the topic in hand - and are not advertising other products.

Clarifications & releases from the companies, product or service or applications are always welcome!

Responses to stories/articles solely seeking to promote products or services, relevant or not are rejected as spam. If you wish to promote your products then the best way is to submit news releases or application stories for publication.

Material for possible publication should be submitted to our email address: signpost@read-out.net.

In 2017 we discontinued the printed version of Read-out.

We have listed links to other blogs at the bottom of the page and suggest that it may be of interest to scroll down and see what others are saying. The latest posts are at the top.