Thursday 20 April 2023

Pyrometer for liquid steel & metal.

Liquid steel and metal foundry and tapping operators can now benefit from improved and smart temperature measurements for process control and product quality improvements with the new smart SPOT Meltmaster (MM) application pyrometer from Ametek Land. It offers a single-sensor solution for liquid metal temperature measurements in foundry and tapping applications.

This smart application pyrometer accurately measures tapping stream and liquid steel and metal temperatures independent of surface and condition changes during the process. This is done through optimised signal processing and a dedicated application mode, by just choosing the application mode of Plug’n’Play.

It also has millisecond responsivity with advanced time functions to monitor and hold the tapping temperature for a configured time, or until the next tapping process starts.

Multiple digital and analogue interfaces enable easy integration into both new and existing process control systems or a fully autonomous operation. These include the Ametek Land Jumbo Display, which can be used with the SPOT MM to monitor the tapping temperature via the 4-20mA output of the pyrometer.

The SPOT MM also incorporates an internal visual camera to aid alignment and provides a remote process view via the integrated webserver of the pyrometer. The webserver and industrial ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP) enable full remote access to the SPOT MM without any additional software requirements.

Compatible with the SPOT Actuator for alignment and tracking of tapping streams, the SPOT MM can also be used with a range of accessories, including the industrial enclosure with cooling and air purging options. This allows the SPOT MM to work in harsh, extreme, environmental conditions.

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