Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Hygienic scale platforms.

In regulated, hygienic environments, ease of equipment sanitation is as important as the operational performance. It is increasingly important to streamline cleaning processes to not only eliminate contamination risk but also maximize productivity.

Mettler Toledo’s PBD659 and PBA639 hygienic weighing platforms enable manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries to speed up cleaning processes and ensure regulatory compliance with an optimized hygienic design. The platforms strictly adhere to hygienic design guidelines, facilitate quick and easy cleaning, and meet higher weighing accuracy standards to expedite processing time and reduce production costs.

With PBD659 or PBA639, operators can boost cleaning speed by up to 40% with less effort compared to traditional weighing equipment. The following features of the platforms help operators to eliminate contamination risk in regulated environments:

  • No cavities, crevices or open threads
  • Open-frame stainless-steel design with rounded edges and minimal flat surfaces
  • Hermetically sealed load cell with IP68 and IP69k water ingress protection
The PBD659 and PBA639 platforms are designed to withstand impacts and ensure peak performance in challenging environments. Optimally placed and independently adjusted overload stops and additional side impact protection enable increased uptime, reduced maintenance and maximized equipment longevity.

The smart load cell used within the PBD659 platform actively corrects and compensates for measurement errors caused by external and internal factors, which improves accuracy by up to 100% to 6000e for legal-for-trade applications and 60000d for non legal-for-trade applications, compared to traditional analog weighing systems to prevent bad batches and reduce product waste.

Global approvals, which enable cross-border consistency, include OIML, NTEP, CPA (metrology); FCC, CE (EMC); IEC/EN61010, UL (safety). For firms operating globally, PBD659 and PBA639 are sold worldwide and serviced locally in over 40 countries by competent personnel. The analog version of the hygienic platform (PBA639) is also available with global EX approvals for use in Zone 1/21, Division 1 and Zone 2/22, Division 2 hazardous environments.

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