Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Industrial Partnership network quintupled.

The SPE Industrial Partner Network has more than quintupled the number of its members within the first year. The seven founding members have now grown to 37 members since the SPS Fair in November 2019. Each company on its own is a technology leader and specialist in the various fields needed to strengthen and complete the SPE Ecosystem. The common unifying basis is the international standardization for SPE infrastructure according to IEC 63171-6 as well as IEC 11801-x, IEEE 802.3 to which all members refer.

SPE Pioneer Summit 2020!
From 3-4 November, the SPE Industrial Partner Network will host the SPE Pioneer Summit 2020, where leading SPE pioneers and experts will show through tech-talks, panel discussions and webinars how SPE can bring companies into the Industrie 4.0 age.

The seven founding members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V., who joined together to form the SPS in November 2019 in order to successfully establish the SPE technology on the market, have already become 37 member companies before their first birthday in 2020. A success of which the network is very proud. "37 members - this is an outstanding success, which shows us that we have done some things right", says Frank Welzel, chairman of the SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V. "Our holistic approach of a comprehensive SPE ecosystem, which connects all necessary manufacturers, applications, standards and components, meets the confidence of the companies as well as the fixed form of the network as a registered association. It is always important for us to emphasize this point. We are not, like other SPE interest groups, just a collection of companies that pay lip service to each other. We are a fixed network in which each member represents rights, duties and expertise. Thus, within the first year, an active association culture has already developed in the two working groups Marketing and Technology. Our experts maintain an active exchange of knowledge across company boundaries, bring the first applications to the market and drive the further development and dissemination of SPE".

The SPE Industrial Partner Network unites large and small companies and brings together expertise from the fields of automation technology, connection technology, cabling, sensor technology, microchips, magnetics, test equipment, device construction and IIoT solutions, to name but a few. At the centre of all efforts is the Single Pair Ethernet technology, which transmits Ethernet over just one pair of twisted copper wires. This technology is one of the most important steps on the way to continuous data cabling from the cloud to sensors at field level. This makes SPE one of the most important drivers for IIoT.

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