Monday, 10 August 2020

Efficient outside lighting.

EUCO Arena Sport Series LED drivers, which are designed to provide luminaire manufacturer’s a versatile solution for many industrial and commercial lighting applications such as high mast lighting, recreational sports lighting, harbors, airports, and parking lot lighting have been launched by Delta.

Built on three independent output channels with a maximum power of 500W (1500W total), these drivers have a wide operating temperature range that ensures performance and reliability for the most rugged applications. These drivers offer precise tuning of the drive current and are equipped with dimming circuitry for DALI-2 digital dimming to allow for adjustment of lighting levels from 0.1% to 100%. In addition to the driver architecture and circuit topology, Delta has achieved a very low typical current ripple of ≤1% peak-to-peak. That is important when it comes to televised events, since current ripple can cause LED flicker. Flickering lights affect the quality of sports broadcasts and limit slow motion options.

“Financial considerations play a significant part in recreational sports lighting, especially for stadiums. Energy efficiency, resource conservation, maintenance, and sustainability are important factors that should be taken into account for any lighting installation,” said Tim Lee, Vice President of Delta Electronics EMEA region. “And using LED lighting is not just about electricity costs. The metal halide lamps still installed at many arenas can take considerable time to warm up, for instance. If they turn off in the middle of an important event, it may take half an hour or more for the lights to come back on. Our new LED drivers for arena lighting offer exceptional efficiency as well as reliability so people attending and watching televised events can have consistently great experiences.”

The new EUCO Arena Sport LED drivers use solid heat sinks that provide more contact area with the cold plate for passive cooling as well as high-quality components to ensure a long operating life and high reliability. In developing the EUCO Arena Sport series drivers, one of the main design goals was to ensure good heat management so the product is capable of operating with high efficiency across a long service life.

The long lifetime and high reliability of EUCO Arena Sport LED drivers have passed the rigorous 5000hrs plus Accelerating Life Test (ALT) with harsh environment of 65°C temperature and 85deg humidity.

Depending on the installation environment and ambient temperatures, the maintenance intervals can be significantly increased. EUCO Arena Sport Series LED drivers can be located up to 200m away from the luminaire, which means the drivers no longer need to be on a high mast that requires a bucket truck (which can damage grass fields) or industrial climbers for driver maintenance and installation. With the EUCO Arena Sport drivers, facilities can perform driver maintenance on the ground. Furthermore, light designers can now use much lighter masts since the weight of the driver is no longer a consideration. Even when retrofitting LED lights at an existing facility, old masts can be easily replaced.

The EUCO Arena Sports LED drivers from Delta use high-quality components to maximize mean time to failure (MTTF). They also have a low inrush current, which allows facilities to reuse existing circuit breakers if desired. The operating life of these new LED driver pairs well with the long working life of LEDs themselves.

The EUCO Arena Sport LED drivers are available in two versions. The EUCO-1K5140GLA model is designed for DALI 2 control interfaces with the EUCO-1K5140GDA serving facilities that use RDM/DMX. Maximum output power for both versions is 1500W (three 500-watt channels) and default and maximum output current is 1400mA.

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