Monday 18 September 2023

Remote substation connectivity.

Westermo is to deliver remote substation connectivity for a major European electricity operator as part of a project to integrate renewable energy into the grid and decarbonise the electricity network. A strategic long-term framework agreement will see the company provide its Merlin range of rugged cellular routers, implementation and commissioning support, and the use of its Activator automated provisioning software to prepare the new data networks being implemented. 

Westermo has received an initial order worth approximately 28 million Swedish krona (€2.35 million), which corresponds to less than one-third of the potential volume of Merlin routers covered by the framework agreement.

The energy operator aims to have an initial ten thousand monitoring devices operational, gathering real-time data from the remote substations within three years. This will be used for smart grid applications, such as distribution automation, supporting their transformation to a low-carbon electricity system.

These robust Merlin series routers are ideally suited for these networking applications as they meet the requirements of the IEC 61850-3 standard for medium voltage substations, offering the highest levels of galvanic isolation and security. The routers also have the tools for remote provisioning, management and control. This makes networks simpler, more easily optimised, and much more sustainable and faster to build, operate and upgrade, thereby helping to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

“Westermo is delighted to play such a key role in this important strategic project, providing routers designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland,” said Declan Carew (pictured right), managing director of Westermo Ireland. “The combination of our highly secure cellular routers with the ability to act as mini-RTUs (remote terminal units), industrial protocol gateways and converters, along with our unique mass configuration capabilities and deployment software ‘Activator’, is typical of what this industry is demanding and why Westermo has such traction in the energy market.”

“The award of this contract is a confirmation of Westermo’s ability to support large-scale remote access equipment deployments in the energy sector, where quality and reliability capabilities are essential,” said Jenny Sjödahl, chief executive officer at Westermo. “The in-depth technical expertise and support capabilities of our development and deployment teams will provide a great foundation for this exciting project and help ensure a successful partnership.”

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