Thursday, 2 December 2021

Streaming four cameras for awkward installations.

The new Quartet TX2 carrier board from FLIR,  enables streaming of 4 x high performance USB3 board level cameras simultaneously and at full bandwidth. This custom carrier board with TX2 is ideal for space constrained applications, eliminating the need for peripheral hardware and host systems.

• Stream 4 x Blackfly S USB3 board level cameras at full bandwidth
• Fully integrated SOM eliminates need for peripheral hardware and host systems
• Pre-integrated Spinnaker SDK for plug and play compatibility
• Deploy multiple decision-making systems using Jetson Deep Learning accelerator
• Small footprint of 138mm × 92mm × 18.2mm and 182g
• Multiple price-to-performance options available
The Quartet TX2 Embedded Solution comes pre-integrated with our Spinnaker SDK, delivering a turnkey solution with scalable performance options and proven reliability.

This board combines power and data transmission over a single cable per camera; for a remarkably compact footprint of 138mm × 92mm × 18.2mm. Integrators can now design compact vision systems using the tried and tested TX2 module, easily integrating a powerful single board computer (SBC) into space constrained vision systems.

The Quartet TX2 carrier board supports plug and play compatibility with up to 4 x Blackfly S USB3 board level cameras. The Nvidia Jetson deep learning hardware accelerator also allows for a complete decision-making system on a single compact board.

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