Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Multifibre connector inspection.

Testing Twelve Fibers in Less than Twelve Seconds.

The first handheld tool for the automated inspection of each single fiber of MPO and other multifiber connectors has been introduced by Laser Comonents: the FiberChek Sidewinder by VIAVI Solutions.
A pass/fail analysis of a standard twelve fiber MPO connector can be conducted in less than twelve seconds. Instead of four hours, service technicians now only need 20 minutes to check one hundred MPO connections. There is also the option to apply tips and bulkheads for other connectors such as MTP or even single fiber connectors.

With features like auto-focus, auto-pan/scroll, and fiber end-face analysis, the FiberChek Sidewinder provides all the data required for certification according to IEC-61300-3-35 or specific customer requirements.

Thanks to an integrated touchscreen, on-board storage capabilities, and a battery lifetime of five hours, the Sidewinder is apt for completely autonomous operation. Its USB and WiFi connectivity allow for interaction with PCs or mobile devices.

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