Friday 16 February 2024

Speakers at cybersecurity summit announced.

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has announced two keynote speakers for the 2024 OT Cyber Security Summit in London (GB) from 18-19 June 2023. Sarah Fluchs, CTO, admeritia GmBH, and Simon Hodgkinson, former BP CISO will present at this year's event.

Sarah Fluchs is the CTO of admeritia, which specializes in security consulting for the process industry, manufacturing, and critical infrastructures. Sarah leads the government-funded research project IDEAS (Integrated Data Models for the Engineering of Automation Security) and has taken a side role as a scientific researcher at Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg since 2021. Sarah is a board member and active contributor to ISA and IEC standards regarding automation security.

Simon Hodgkinson is an experienced technology leader who has worked in the software sector, financial services, and energy sector. Simon spent 18 years working for BP in a variety of global roles, the last being CISO, and transformed cyber security with a strategy of embedding security to simplify and accelerate adoption. Simon advised the BP board and has shared his expertise on numerous technology and diversity forums.

The OT Cyber Summit will focus on the leading international standards and conformance systems that are being used to keep operational technology (OT) safe and secure in industries such as energy, manufacturing, building automation, and more.

New developments within the ISA/IEC 62443 standards series will be highlighted and technical training and certification programs designed to help implement standards into workforce and business operations. Professionals involved in the security process should attend this event to learn more about workforce development strategies, hardware and software protection practices, and ways to improve infrastructure and data security measures. 

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