Monday, January 31, 2011

New website for enclosures

With access to the new RittalXpress website at it is possible to search for a suitable product and receive an outline quotation for a standard or modified Rittal enclosure within minutes.

RittalXpress was developed to identify which products are available via the seven day modification service and create a quick and easy to use interface for configuration on line.  Choose by application, size, IP rating, part number or material, which can be mild steel, plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. The RittalXpress website has a level of intelligence that only allows the selection of accessories to suit the chosen size or type of enclosure, along with the inclusion of any holes required. This removes any chance of the incorrect selection of accessories and saves time spent browsing through the catalogues.

Modification of the enclosure from simple holes, round or square including threads, through to more time consuming cut outs, such as large apertures for fans and filters, baying kits or special repeat patterns can also be requested using RittalXpress. Modification is possible on any face of the enclosure, the door, roof, side panels, gland plates or mounting panels, using the latest machinery to provide high tolerances of accuracy, improving overall quality and eliminating expensive mistakes, leaving all the risk with Rittal.

Once selection is complete access to the summary page will outline a quotation and summary of the chosen configuration, which can be saved, edited, deleted or submitted for a confirmed quotation before placing the order. Once the order has been received a configured enclosure will be delivered within seven working days.

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