Thursday, January 20, 2011

Executive dashboard application

GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the availability of the latest version of Proficy® Real-Time Information Portal, a web based solution for the visualization of key performance indicators that drive business decisions. Proficy Portal allows interactive, data rich web pages to be created in a configurable, self-service environment. This allows executives to easily and interactively visualize, report and analyze data in a secure environment, from virtually any location.
Proficy Portal supports decision making in real-time allowing for pertinent data to be visualized and analyzed driving increased quality and continuous improvement initiatives. Its unique web-based approach allows for development in script without the use of HTML, giving users the freedom to browse and configure the connections between advanced charting and analysis components with little or no programmatic knowledge.

“Proficy Portal meets customer’s needs and delivers value by visualizing and analyzing facility data to support operational improvements, corporate accountability and business process improvement,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager Operations Management Software. “As a web-based client for the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Software platform, Proficy Portal provides advanced analysis, reporting and visualization capabilities where and when you need it.”

New features of Proficy Portal v3.5 include:
    * Display Variables: use of variables within displays and data sources * Parameterized Data Sources: change data sources on the fly; facilitates faster development of screens for multiple sites * Configurable Pen Names: more intuitive Chart Legends * Expression Pen Names: work with meaningful names when developing expressions * 64 Bit OS Support * Performance Improvements - more responsive to larger data sets
Proficy Portal is an example of how GE’s $4 billion-a-year software and solutions services businesses are helping customers improve productivity.

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