Monday, 31 January 2011

High efficiency LED Power Supply Range

Excelsys Technologies have introduced the LXC60, LXC120 and LXC150 families of compact, high efficiency, high reliability, and waterproof power supplies for LED lighting solutions.

All of the new Excelsys LED power supplies have a constant current output, universal mains input (90-305VAC), efficiencies up to 92%, active power factor correction (PFC), over voltage and short circuit protection, are waterproof to IP67, have an operating temperature range of -35 to +70ºC, are compliant with EN61347-1, -2, -13 and are UL8750 recognised.

The three new power supply families have been designed to meet the needs of specific LED requirements. The LXC60 series provides from 350mA up to  5000mA of output current and 170V output voltage, the LXC120 series provides from 350mA up to 4900mA of output current and 343V output voltage and the LXC150 series provides from 350mA up to 5950mA of output current and 428V output voltage.

Dermot Flynn, Director of Sales for Excelsys Technologies, comments. “The introduction of our range of power supplies for architectural LED lighting systems has been very successful. The three new product families we are now introducing meet the specific requirements of commonly used LED lighting systems. LED lighting systems continue to grow in popularity, offering long-life, low-energy light sources especially suited to industrial and commercial buildings, signs and displays. Delivering up to 150W of output power in an extremely compact package size we are sure these new power supplies will be very popular with LED lighting manufacturers.”

Typical applications for the LXC series of LED power supplies include outdoor applications such as street lighting, tunnel lighting, sign applications and architectural lighting solutions as well as electrical “brown” and “white” goods such as refrigerator lighting.

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