Saturday, 8 January 2011

“Monster” flow calibration rig for China

ABB has successfully completed Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Test Technology (SIMT) approval of its large flow calibration rig at its instrumentation factory in Shanghai (CN).  SIMT is accepted by key international standards bodies, such as UKAS, NIST, DKD, NVLAP and NATA, as a mutually recognized calibration certification in accordance with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), enabling flowmeters to be used globally. ABB has four sets of flow calibration facilities at its Shanghai plant and all are now certified by SIMT.  .

The flow rig complex is one of the largest in the world based on its constant flow capability. It can calibrate diameters from DN15 (1/2 inch) up to DN2400 (96 inches), pumps a constant flow of up to 12,000m3/h or 52,836gpm. 

In making the announcement, Peter Bradley, Plant Operations Manager, explained; “Now this certification is completed, all our calibration rigs ensure that products tested will comply with major international standards. We are already building, calibrating and shipping large diameter electromagnetic flowmeters for use in water projects throughout Asia, Europe and also North America.”

Built to the same ISO standards as ABB’s existing flow calibration rigs, the rig features a ‘carousel’ design and enables up to three flowmeters to be calibrated simultaneously. The calibration process itself is fully automatic, with specially developed software used to run the process and collect the calibration data.  The new rig incorporates both a master meter and a weigh scale as reference devices. These devices provide a known value against which to compare flowmeter measurement performance. By calibrating the master meter against the weigh scale, it will also be possible for the rig operators to ensure the continued accuracy of the rig.

“The completion of this approval further enhances our flowmeter manufacturing and calibration capabilities in Asia,”
says Josef Guth, Head of ABB’s Flow Measurement Business. “Our four calibration

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