Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 T+M catalogue

Keithley Instruments has published its 2011 Test & Measurement Product Catalog in CD form. The CD offers details and technical specifications on Keithley's general-purpose and sensitive sourcing and measurement products, DC switching, Digital Multimeters, RF/microwave switching, data acquisition
solutions, and semiconductor test systems. Useful selector guides and tutorials simplify choosing the right solutions for specific applications. A free copy may be ordered  here.

The CD is arranged by product type and application area with sections containing Keithley's newest offerings in test and measurement:

• Source and Measure Products
• Semiconductor Test
• Low Level Measurements and Sourcing
• Switching and Control
• Digital Multimeters and Systems
• Specialized Power Supplies
• Optoelectronics Test
• Function/Pulse/Arbitrary/Pattern Generators
• Accessories

Several new and enhanced products are highlighted in the catalog's featured products section:

• Ultra-sensitive sourcing and measurement solutions: low-level DCand DC+AC current sources, picoammeters, switch mainframe and cards optimised for use in Hall effect testing, a nanovoltmeter, and an electrometer.

• Semiconductor test solutions: the latest upgrades to Keithley's S530 Parametric Test Systems, new options for the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System, including an ultra-fast I-V module, and the latest additions to Keithley's popular Series 700 switch matrix line, updated for high-speed semiconductor test applications.

• Sensitive source/measure and switching solutions:  Keithley's popular Series 2400 and 2600A SourceMeter® instruments, Model 3706 System Switch/Multimeter, and Model 2010 Low-Noise Digital Multimeter.

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