Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enclosures for electric cars!

Charging station with car
Building on their extensive experience in providing weatherproof enclosures for a wide range of applications around the globe, Rittal has developed some prototypes for the emerging market of charging stations for electric vehicles.

These products are intended as discussion points for development of specific models. A modular approach enables a number of assembly solutions which include pavement standing versions and wall mounted indoor models for use in multi-storey car parks.

With the need for protection from the weather and vandalism, the twin-walled enclosures have been designed to incorporate crash guards, plug-point illumination, accommodating single or three phase power, touch screen display, built-in readers for credit and debit cards and a GSM/GPRS modem for remote monitoring and transfer of consumption data.

As with all Rittal outdoor enclosures, the “Car Charger” will be available in aluminium or stainless steel, or a combination of both, and can include a nano-coating for the final finish to facilitate easy wash-down cleaning of the inevitable graffiti.

Other options being considered by Rittal are the integration of pedestrian pathway lighting and barrier control.

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