Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Module for audio & vibration test

The PCI-9527 combines 24-bit signal acquisition and >100 dB range to provide
unparalleled price/performance ratio

Adlink Technology has released the PCI-9527, their first 24-bit high-resolution dynamic signal acquisition module specifically designed for audio testing, acoustic measurement, and vibration analysis applications. The PCI-9527 features two 24-bit simultaneous sampling analog input channels with a sampling rate up to 432 KS/s, two analog output channels with an update rate up to 216 KS/s, and one external digital trigger I/O connector.

The PCI-9527 also features a high dynamic input range (>100 dB), flexible input range from ±40 V to ±0.316 V, and analog inputs that support software-configurable features for AC or DC coupling and integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors to interface with an accelerometer sensor and microphone. Combining it all, the PCI-9527 offers the flexibility  needed to create a wide variety of automated test systems.

“The PCI-9527 dynamic signal acquisition module offers an excellent price/performance ratio for system integrators involved with audio testing, vibration analysis, acoustic measurements, machine condition monitoring, signal semiconductor testing, dynamic balance testing, and vibration calibration,” noted Louis Hsu, product manager at AdLink.

“For example, the PCI-9527 can be utilized in production testing for TVs, MP3 players, or other multimedia devices where high-quality sound needs to be guaranteed. The audio digitizer PCI-9527 can also be implemented in monitoring systems for mission-critical machinery, such as turbines in a power plant. Defects in the metal components of such turbines would generate abnormal sounds and vibration under operation, which would require high-dynamic range audio equipment to detect.”

The PCI-9527 includes drivers and SDK support for mainstream Windows operating systems as well as third-party application including LabVIEW®. They also provides Dynamic Signal Assistant APP Utility, an easy-to-use application for system integrators to perform validation and reduce overall design cycle time.

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