Thursday, January 13, 2011

High-current connector is rated at 250 A

The new Han® HC 250 from Harting is a high-current connector module rated at 250 A, making it ideally suited to use in high-power drive systems in railway vehicles.

In addition to its high current rating, the Han® HC 250 single-pole crimp module is of compact construction and offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the number of poles and different frame geometries, including ease of mounting in the existing Han® HPR housing.

The rated current of 250 A is complemented by a rated voltage of 2000 V. Available termination cross-sections are 35, 50 and 70 mm2, and configurations up to four poles can be incorporated in a size 24 B HPR housing, making the device particularly suitable for motor connections.

The Han® HC 250 is made in high-quality plastic with good smoke and flammability levels. A removal tool is available for simple installation and removal of the contacts and inserts, and multiple coding options for the individual inserts eliminate the possibility of confusion when a number of interfaces are involved.

The new connector is designed to address the changing needs of the railway industry: in particular, the development of powerful drive systems with high acceleration levels along with the demand for increased interconnection flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance.

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