Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Communitcating natively with building automation

MatrikonOPC™ has released its Wonderware ArchestrA Universal Building Automation Server. The server enables Wonderware applications such as InTouch and InFusion to communicate natively with a wide range of building automation (BA) components—providing users with easy access to their building automation and facility system data.

A growing challenge in facility and building management projects is meeting the increasing demand for visibility into BA systems, regardless of the vendor. The Wonderware ArchestrA Universal Building Automation Server solves this challenge by providing support to Wonderware users with direct access to data from the most common BA protocols within the familiar Wonderware System Platform.

“As buildings’ and facilities’ operational efficiency become a necessity, the need for automation and systems integration is a requirement,” said Sean Leonard, Matrikon’s vice president of OPC products. “With the Wonderware ArchestrA Universal Building Automation Server, facility and building automation professionals can achieve their target goals and consistently deliver successful automation projects.”

The server offers several features including:
•     Native SuiteLink support for easy system platform communication
•     Direct integration with Wonderware ArchestrA Configuration Console for simplified configuration and maintenance
•      Enables WW ArchestrA to connect to third party OPC servers via its built-in OPC client plug-in

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