Thursday, 24 September 2020

Shut-off valve.

As first shut-off valve or for connecting pressure measuring instruments: The new ball valve, model BV, is suitable for a variety of applications. It is available in process and instrument versions.

The instrumentation valve is compact and can therefore also be integrated in space-restricted environments, like a control panel. Thanks to its robustness, the model BV is suitable for heavy-duty applications and processes with critical media. Its pressurised parts correspond to the safety factor 4:1, its leak tightness has been tested in accordance with BS 6755 / ISO 5208, leakage rate A. An antistatic design, a blow-out-proof valve spindle and self-relieving valve seats ensure the safe operation of the ball valve. The high-quality processing of the inner parts also enables constant precise and smooth operation.

For the model BV, WIKA offers an application-specific assembly with a measuring instrument. Such an instrument hook-up is delivered ready-to-install and leak tested.

• WIKA products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Miniature CO2, temp & pressure sensor.

The new EE895 sensor module from E+E Elektronik measures CO2, temperature and ambient pressure. The small 3-in-1 module is an ideal choice for measuring instruments used for ventilation and climate control, in building automation or for process control. Due to its low power consumption, the module is also suitable for battery-operated devices such as hand-held meters, data loggers or wireless transmitters. The temperature and pressure compensation ensures high CO2 measurement accuracy under changing environmental conditions.

Additionally to CO2 concentration up to 10 000 ppm the EE895 module measures also the temperature and ambient pressure. The pressure and temperature compensation with on-board sensors minimizes the environmental influences onto the CO2 measurement. Thus the module offers a constantly high CO2 measurement accuracy, independent of altitude or changing ambient conditions.

The dual wavelength NDIR CO2 measuring principle with auto-calibration ensures long-term stable measurements, as it automatically compensates for aging effects and is particularly resistant to contamination. The factory multi-point CO2 and temperature adjustment procedure leads to an excellent CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire temperature working range of -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F).

The measured data for CO2, temperature and pressure is available on the I2C or UART interface. The very small dimensions of only 35 mm x 15 mm x 7 mm (1.38" x 0.6" x 0.27") and various mounting options facilitate the design-in of the sensor module.

The EE895 module can be flexibly configured via the digital interface. The CO2 measurement interval can be set according to the application and the power requirements.

With the separately available EE895 Evaluation Board, the sensor module can be tested on a PC. The free evaluation software displays the measurement data in graphical form and allows the user to set the sampling rate and the measurement units for temperature and pressure. 

E+E Elektronik products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Check valve.

The new model CV check valve from WIKA is designed for a wide range of applications in the process industry. Its sealing system with a self-centering piston reliably prevents backflow of liquid and gaseous media.

The reliability of the new instrumentation valve is mainly due to its redundant sealing, consisting of an O-ring and a metal cone. Its leak tightness has been tested in accordance with BS6755/ISO 5208 leakage rate A. The solid-machined, robust design of the model CV ensures high repeatability and a long service life, even in heavy-duty applications. The pressurized parts correspond to the safety factor of 4:1.

For the new check valve, WIKA offers an application-specific assembly with a measuring instrument. Such an instrument hook-up is delivered ready-to-install and leak tested.

• WIKA products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Building automation award.

Delta Controls, Inc., has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Building Automation Systems Company of the Year Award. The honor by the prestigious market research firm recognizes Delta Controls’ ability to provide superior value to worldwide customers with its industry-leading technologies that offer a full suite of smart features and functionality, as well as with its best-in-class technical support. Delta Controls’ signature O3 Sensor Hub 2.0, an innovative system integrating multiple sensors and IoT interfaces to enable next-generation smart and energy-efficient buildings, served as a key factor in receiving the Frost & Sullivan award.

“Delta Controls exemplifies superior best practices in best-of-breed technology offerings and innovative solutions because it incorporates a convergence of technologies with a dedicated customer service partnership experience,” said Neha Tatikota, an industry analyst for energy and environment at Frost & Sullivan.

Mr. Bill Lo, general manager of Delta’s Building Automation Business Group, said, “We are extremely proud of Delta Controls’ passion in always pushing the envelope. They are a tremendously valued part of Delta – enabling us to collectively create a more energy-efficient built environment for a smarter and greener future.”

Frost & Sullivan called the IoT-enabled O3 Sensor Hub 2.0 “revolutionary,” before concluding “it is beneficial not just for building owners, managers, and occupants, but also accepted by architects, installers, and consultant community as a highly cost-effective installation.” The hub utilizes sensor fusion technology for superior room control and to optimize occupant comfort. The ceiling-mounted device observes its environment and reports interior temperature, occupancy, humidity, lighting, heating and cooling – while serving as a connectivity platform for sensing air quality, ventilation, window contact and shade positions. It also supports multiple protocols that allow for integration with nearly any system, including native BACnet, MQTT and REST API for third-party integration and BLE API for custom app development.

“Winning this award is a testament to the hard work, spirit and dedication that shines across our organization every day,” said John Nicholls, president of Delta Controls. “Our guiding philosophy is to ‘do it right,’ which fuels our ambition to develop only the most innovative solutions.”

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Detecting power transformer air leaks.

The new method, based on measuring total pressure of all dissolved gases in the power transformer insulation oil, will help customers detect andrepair any air leaks early. This can extend the lifetime of a transformer and lead to significant cost savings.

A uniquely accurate and reliable method for detecting air ingress in sealed power transformers is being brought to market by Vaisala. With the increased number of sealed transformers, ambient air leaks have become a significant issue as oxygen acceleratesthe aging of paper used in the insulation.

Measuring total gas pressure (TGP) is a step forward from the traditional measurement methods that are currently available in the market to detect air leaks. An oxygen sensor cannot detect an air leak, if there is a reaction in a transformer that consumes oxygen. Even if all oxygen has been consumed, TGP value will still give a reliable indication of a leak because the nitrogen value will both dominate and increase over time because it is neither formed nor consumed in the transformer. Additionally, TGP measurement can indicate if the nitrogen cylinder of a nitrogen blanketed transformer is empty – another task that oxygen measurement cannot detect.

“We are always looking for new solutions to help our customers to optimize their measurement needs and therefore wanted to develop an innovative, accurate and robust solution for detecting air leaks in transformers. We are very happy now to introduce this innovative new method, based on measuring total gas pressure,” says Teemu Hanninen, Product Manager from Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements.

The new measurement solution will be made available to the current customers via a software release for Vaisala’s Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100, which is the world’s first maintenance free dissolved gas analyzer for power transformers. For new OPT100s, the new software will be incorporated as a default factory setup.

“We are delighted to offer this software upgrade to our existing OPT100 customers and support them with an even more comprehensive solution unlike seen in the market before. Striving to develop both new solutions and improve the existing ones is deep in Vaisala’s DNA.” 

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Support safe reopening!

Omron is supporting the safe reopening of spaces after lockdown with a wide range of optical sensors. These components can form a vital part of an effective infection control regime within buildings, rooms and even crowd-controlled spaces by monitoring body temperature measurement, counting the density of people in an area and reducing the need to touch surfaces.

Commenting on the range, Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager for Omron, commented, “Opto-sensing technology has an important role to play in coronavirus countermeasures and no-contact sensors provide a solid basis to solutions for access control and body temperature measurement. They can also replace ‘touch-based’ switches to operate lights and other services with the potential to becoming the norm once COVID is a distant memory.”

Omron D6T thermal sensors are based on an infrared sensor which measures the surface temperature of objects without touching them, using a thermopile element which absorbs radiated energy from the target object. The D6T 4x4 sensor can measure face temperature at distances up to 1m for access control, whilst the D6T single-eye sensor is more suitable for wrist or forehead wearable devices. With suitable calibration, the temperature accuracy on the D6T 4X4 sensor can reach ±0.2degC, giving a reliable identification of fever, and a matrix type sensor makes it easy to separate human and background temperatures.

The Omron HVC-2 image sensors can detect faces, facial features and human bodies, even estimating age and gender of the humans in the captured image. Basic sensing functions could aid distancing in the workplace or public spaces by counting the number of people in the room or detecting when people are too close together. The sensor can also reduce physical interaction for customers who stand in front of digital signage, providing targeted messages to people in at-risk categories.

The Omron B5W-LB LCR contactless switch can be implemented in environments where the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses needs to be reduced, such as doors, drinks dispensers, light switches, soap dispensers and toilet flushes. The sensor is distinguished by the reliability and repeatability of detection performance, even when presented with target items of different colours and types of surface, including reflective surfaces. Long detection distance and a convergent light beam triggers accurately on an object within a tightly specified target area, ignoring any objects in the background or foreground.

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Footswitch suitable for medical use.

Herga Technology's Modular Base System has successfully gained UL- and IEC- 60601-1 medical product approval. In combination with Herga’s best-in-class medically approved electrical and Bluetooth® footswitches and puckswitches, this building-block platform now provides a globally unique solution for multipedal medical equipment footswitch selection and purchase. Renamed for medical switching tasks as the Medical Footswitch Design Platform, OEMs can be assured their complete multipedal switching module has medical approval on delivery - saving cost by reducing product design effort, simplifying their medical approval process and speeding time-to-market.

The Medical Footswitch Design Platform is an attractive and ergonomic solution for medical equipment manufacturers offering wide flexibility for application-specific switching. OEMs can easily accommodate their specific switching requirements for a single machine or range of machines with varying functionality through seamless range expansion. The base system consists of moulded thermoplastic single and double plinths that mechanically lock with joining spacers to provide electrical connections for 1-, 2-, 3- 4-, or 5- plinth configurations. Each single plinth can accommodate a single footswitch as well as one or two puckswitches.

Complementing the Medical Footswitch Design Platform, Herga’s IEC 60601/UL 60601 medically approved range of footswitches include the well proven 6226 series that can be selected with environmental protection options EN60529 IPX7 or IPX8 on request. Whilst the electrical ratings for each complete base unit are determined by the application, the typical electrical switching range for each footswitch is up to 3 A at 24V AC/DC with momentary function for SPST, N/O or SPDT. Medically approved 6241 puckswitches, 6244 haptic puckswitches and Otto switches can also be included with typical ratings of 0.1 A at 24V DC for SPDT/DPDT switching.

All of the electrical switching functions for the Medical Footswitch Design Platform are typically output via a single cable for straightforward machine connection, with flying leads and stripped cable cores or with a preferred connector as required, or alternatively via our closed network Bluetooth connection. A wide range of modular accessories may be included such as tubular steel carrying handles, open guards or roll bars. For improved operational safety, each footswitch may also be separated with a raised divider built into the joining spacer. Steel base plates are available for added durability. The switch components can be suppled in a range of standard colours and customer logos included. Additional options include LEDs, screen printing and USB connection. Fully customised base systems are available in OEM quantities.

The Modular Base System is also suitable for industrial and commercial machinery switching tasks where medical approval is not essential. Herga has developed a comprehensive range of standard variants that use the new modular base system to combine commonly specified 6226 series footswitches and single 6241 puckswitches. With a series of detailed datasheets including reference dimensions and ordering information available from the Herga website, this range covers straightforward selection in eight combinations that span a single footswitch to a multiple switch combination including 4x footswitch plus 4x puckswitches switch configuration. This range can of course include Herga’s medically approved foot and puckswitches switches allowing a fully medically approved product on-delivery.

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