Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sales director for sound and vibration specialist.

The AcSoft Group (AcSoft, Svantek and G.R.A.S UK),  has promoted Emily Norman to Sales Director.

Emily Norman
Prior to taking up her new role, Emily was Sales Manager at G.R.A.S UK - having joined the AcSoft Group in 2011. She comes from a strong sales and financial background and has previously worked in customer facing roles in both the retail and technical sector.

John Shelton, Managing Director at AcSoft Group comments: “AcSoft Group is in a good place after a successful 2016 so the promotion of Emily will help strengthen the senior management team to ensure the business maintains and builds on this momentum. Emily will oversee new business development and maximise opportunities in our key target markets. She has already proved herself to be a dynamic and forward-thinking individual who has in-depth knowledge of the three companies and all products across the Group.

“As leaders in our field, we work with major universities and consultancies, as well as companies within the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, environmental and occupational health markets. Emily will play a crucial role in further developing these relationships as we focus on continued growth.”

Emily Norman adds: “My focus as Sales Director is to continue to develop AcSoft Group’s reputation whilst delivering profitable business growth and ensuring high service levels to clients. I now have the scope to help drive the business forward and achieve these goals.”

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Approval for particulate monitors.

The TSI Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors in Ashtead Technologies' fleet of particulate matter (PM) monitors have achieved MCERTS* approval.

"As evidence of the health effects associated with PM10 and PM2.5 exposure continues to mount, this certification provides assurance that monitoring data is accurate and reliable,” says Ashtead’s Josh Thomas. "An MCERTS certificate demonstrates compliance with the performance requirements of the Environment Agency, which means that these instruments will be ideal for monitoring PM from construction projects, traffic and industrial sources."

With a ‘cloud’ based data management system, the Environmental DustTrak provides users with easy access to real-time data on dust levels, with the optional addition of other sensors. Alarm conditions can be set by users so that text and email alerts are issued when threshold levels arise.

Available in three configurations, these MCERTS-certified models are capable of monitoring PM Total, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 mass fractions simultaneously. The latest version is equipped with a heated inlet, enabling longer run times, increased accuracy and the ability to measure in a wider variety of temperatures and humidity.

Summarising, Josh says: “Environmental DustTrak units are quick and easy to set up and run, with remote web-enabled access helping to lower operating costs, and MCERTS approval providing confidence in the data.”

MCERTS is the British Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme.

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Measurement Uncertainty.

The fifth edition of Measurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications by Ronald. H. Dieck has been launched by ISA.

For greater perspective on the value & 
significance of the updated edition &
its areas of new & enhanced content,

In addition, a working version of an
uncertainty analysis template is 
available for download at the bottom
of the interview page.
Dieck, a former ISA president and a recognized expert in measurement uncertainty analysis, says an updated edition of his popular book was needed in light of ongoing technological advances and improvements in measurement uncertainty methods and applications.

“There’s still a need for a well-organised, up-to-date book for properly analyzing the uncertainty of test and experimental data, particularly given the pace of technological change,” Dieck explains. “This new edition features a significant amount of new and enhanced content, ranging from new appendices to more detailed examples of uncertainty analysis and computation.”

The book’s new appendices: include condensed descriptions of the basics of uncertainty analysis, pinpoint the advantages and disadvantages of several uncertainty models used throughout the world, and provide key equations for uncertainty analysis—all in an easy-to-use format.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Cybersecurity Career Pathways for Protecting Critical Infrastructure.

As part of its mission to help develop a workforce capable of competing in advanced manufacturing, the Automation Federation will deliver a presentation on career pathways in industrial cybersecurity at this week’s 2017 Workforce Development Institute conference.

The conference, which will be conducted 25-28 January in Newport Beach, (CA USA), is sponsored by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). It will bring together education leaders, manufacturing executives, and workforce and economic development experts from both government and private enterprise to assess current workforce challenges and consider new partnerships and perspectives.

The presentation by the Automation Federation, “Cybersecurity Career Pathways for Protecting Critical Infrastructure,” will be delivered on Friday morning (27th January).

The Automation Federation has long regarded community colleges as essential for providing the community-based education and training needed to groom future automation and control professionals and engineers. For many years, it has been working with the AACC as well as individual community colleges to help expand students’ access to automation curriculum and degree programs.

In 2012, the Automation Federation worked with the AACC to establish the US Automation Community College Consortium. The member colleges that comprise the Consortium use the Automation Federation’s Automation Competency Model as the framework for developing an automation curriculum that will result in two-year degree programs in specific automation arenas and provide an educational track leading to a four-year degree program in automation, engineering, and technology.

The Automation Federation is currently working with numerous community colleges to develop automation curriculum leading to associate degrees in automation.

“The Automation Federation and the AACC have established a strong partnership around the Community College Consortium,” emphasises Michael Marlowe, Managing Director and Director of Government Relations at the Automation Federation. “We’re confident that, by working together, we’re creating a pathway for a new generation of automation professionals that is so critical to the future of advanced manufacturing."

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Rentings for NDT training.

TWI recently ran a Non Destructive Testing training course in Madrid at which, thanks to rented instruments from Ashtead Technology, each participant was able to use individual test instruments.

“The candidates were overwhelmed by the quality and volume of equipment for their personal use,” said TWI Principal Project Leader and Advanced NDT Lecturer Neil Harrap. “Most of the Madrid trainees were from the Spanish Association of Non Destructive Testing (AEND) and their customers. At previous courses, the participants had had to share equipment, but we find that training is more effective when every candidate has his or her own equipment.”

To supplement the TWI fleet of instruments, Neil hired Olympus OmniScan® SX flaw detectors from Ashtead Technology for the Madrid course. “These were chosen because of their simplicity and cost,” Neil adds.

The TWI course, entitled ‘Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) – Welds’ is a blended learning package; combining eLearning and in-class practical training followed by certification to BS EN ISO 9712. The online modules can be studied when and where convenient and at the candidate’s own pace, and the practical sessions are included within 10 days of classroom training. The package separates the learning of key concepts from learning about a specific instrument, coupled with interactive exercises focused on the principles behind set-up, calibration, acquisition and data analysis.

Neil commented: “The quality of Ashtead’s products and service was first class, as expected, and their educational discount helped ensure that enough instruments could be provided.”

As the world’s largest provider of NDT training and with a reputation for the highest standards, TWI demands the very best from its test equipment, which is why Neil Harrap and TWI already have plans to employ Ashtead instruments on future training courses around the globe; with Denmark’s leading environmental consultancy ‘Force Technology’ next in line to benefit from Ashtead’s cutting edge equipment.

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Plugging into ProfiBus!

ProfiBus is growing each year with millions of newly installed devices, that are becoming more and more intelligent. For that reason, like the devices, ProfiBus plugs keep evolving to comply with the future demands of industrial automation. What usually looks like a simple passive component, is actually responsible to prevent many installation and wear-and-tear issues that can arise. The plug is the first component that connects the devices to an often companywide bus system. Reliability a key ingredient for the selection of proper plugs.

With its many years of acquired ProfiBus experience, the crew of Procentec developed a unique series of innovative ProfiBus Plugs that cover the common installation issues.

Looking at the plugs, the first thing to notice is that the series consists out of multiple colored plugs. Especially with large networks, that are also equipped with repeaters and hubs, proper administration is an important topic. The colours of the plugs help the user to distinguish sections of the installation. For example; the backbone is “green”, the high speed bus is “red” and the segments are “orange”. Any combination can be defined by the end-user. This handy add-on will save a lot of time and makes working with ProfiBus a more enjoyable experience.  (Contact them on availability of other colours!)

The plugs are equipped with a terminating resistor and high frequency inductors to filter out the first level of reflections. In our testlab the plugs have been tested under a variety of conditions to see how the inductors behave and support the user to keep-up the reliability of the installation. Under the highest baudrates and maximum allowed cable lengths, the plugs have had no issues transmitting information from point A to B.

The shielding was also an important design topic. Procentec designers were successful keeping the resistance from the connector to the shield clamp as low as possible to create the best EMC behavior and conduct ground loops smoothly.

Besides the standard plug with one 9-pin connector, a PG (piggy back) version is also available to allow easy connection of diagnostic tools like ProfiTrace.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Acreditation recognises high-quality lifelong automation training expertise.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has awarded accreditation status to Endress+Hauser.

One of E+H’s Process Training Units.
IACET Accredited Providers are the only organizations approved to offer IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The accreditation period extends for five years, and includes all programs offered or created during that time. These CEUs are recognised, accepted and, even required by many state agencies and credentialing organisations.

“Endress+Hauser is proud of our education programs which train instrument technicians and engineers from the process automation industry in important installation, programming and troubleshooting skills so that our customers stay on the cutting edge,” stated Jerry Spindler, Customer and Field Service Training Manager, Endress+Hauser. Spindler added, “Our partnership with IACET is a demonstration of our commitment to lifelong learning and high standards for all of our programs, and we are very pleased to remain with such a prestigious organization and the elite group of organizations that offer excellent continuing education and training programs.”

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with Endress+Hauser as an Accredited Provider,” stated Lori Schnaider, president of IACET. Schnaider added, “Endress+Hauser joins nearly 600 organisations around the globe that have had their programs audited by third-party continuing education experts to ensure the highest possible standards are met.”

Upcoming classes in 2017 which offer CEUs at Endress+Hauser include I-101 Basic instrumentation in January, March, June, and September in Greenwood (IN USA).

Endress+Hauser completed a rigorous application process, including a review by an IACET site visitor, to achieve its Accredited Provider accreditation. The organization successfully demonstrated adherence to the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard addressing the design, development, administration, and evaluation of its programs. Endress+Hauser has pledged its continued compliance with the Standard, and is now authorized to use the IACET name and Accredited Provider logo on promotional course material. In addition, Endress+Hauser is now linked to the IACET web site and is recognized as offering the highest quality continuing education and training programs.

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