Thursday, 1 December 2022

Smart, safe hydrogen refuelling.

Helping to decarbonise transportation industry while expanding global hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

KOHYGEN (Korea Hydrogen Green Energy Network)* has chosen Emerson’s advanced automation solutions to help ensure the safety and reliability of its pioneering hydrogen infrastructure initiative, which recently marked the completion of the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station for commercial vehicles. The project is an important step towards the two organizations’ goals of reducing emissions, driving investment in hydrogen and accelerating the transition to a net-zero global economy.


“We’re committed to building smart, safe hydrogen refuelling infrastructure by leveraging IT-based integrated operations, using large capacity, high-efficiency charging systems and, most importantly, strengthening design safety standards,” said KyungSil Lee, KOHYGEN’s chief executive officer. “Emerson is helping us secure abundant clean energy for Korea and the world.”

The JeonjuPyeonghwa Hydrogen Refuelling Station (Pictured) is the first of 35 high-capacity gas and liquid hydrogen refuelling stations KOHYGEN plans to construct across Korea by 2025. The first station has a charging capacity of 300 kilogrammes per hour, which can fuel up to 15 buses and trucks per hour, or over 100 per day – 12 times more than an average capacity hydrogen station.

To further lay the foundation for a stable hydrogen supply chain, the two companies are collaborating on technical standards for future high-capacity commercial refuelling stations and similar projects. KOHYGEN plans to expand its hydrogen supply platform to service hydrogen-powered aircraft, ships and other diverse forms of transportation.

“In line with Emerson’s ‘Greening By’ sustainability strategy, we’ve worked on a range of hydrogen projects globally, applying our expertise and innovative technologies to scale hydrogen consumption and make renewable energy a reality,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “Partnering with KOHYGEN is another critical step forward in diversifying our global energy mix.”

In addition to deep domain experience across the hydrogen value chain, Emerson is providing core technologies, including temperature transmitters, flow meters, pressure transmitters, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and valves, to deliver the high level of performance necessary for developing a commercially viable hydrogen charging model that can expand Korea’s domestic hydrogen market and serve as a template in other countries.

* KOHYGEN is a special purpose company held jointly by nine energy industry leaders: Korea District Heating Corporation, Hyundai Motors, GS Caltex, S-Oil, Hyundai Oilbank, SK Energy, SK Gas, E1 and Air Liquide Korea.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Water level sensor is smart.

A new water level sensor, the OTT PLS 500, which combines robust reliability and accuracy with the advantages of smart sensor technology has been introduced. Building on decades of experience, the redesigned PLS 500 retains key elements of the trusted, robust, and reliable OTT PLS, while enhancing the sensor to be intuitive and user friendly.

The OTT PLS 500 is a vented water level and temperature sensor with a stainless-steel body and a robust ceramic pressure cell for improved accuracy and reliability. As a smart sensor it includes built-in QA/QC and metadata to verify sensor performance and validate data. This means that the sensor is ideal for extended deployment in remote locations. 

“This new technology is all about long-term accuracy and reliability,” explains Greg Koch, Global Product Manager, OTT HydroMet. “The PLS 500 is fitted with a humidity sensor and an inclinometer to provide insight to mitigate condensation in the vented line and sensor movement or misalignment. The result is a smart sensor that continually checks itself to ensure that measurements are being taken correctly, with the ability to raise alarms if necessary.”

In addition to pressure (water level), the device also measures temperature to facilitate the automatic compensation of level measurements based on variation in water density. An important feature of the PLS 500 will be a new capability to conduct data processing to improve the efficiency of data reporting and eliminate manual data post-processing/ analysis. For example, the probe will be able to automatically undertake internal calculations such as averages, minima and maxima, as well as discharge calculations from either a user-defined rating table or an ISO 1100-2 exponential formula set-up via SDI-12 commands.

Communication with the PLS 500 has also been enhanced, with the standard/simple communication protocols of SDI-12 or Modbus RTU (via RS-485). Neatly summarising the main advantages of the PLS 500, a Device Beta Tester with the State of Colorado Natural Resource Agency said: “The metadata and sensor flags are a game changer to ensure quality data remotely.”

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Field service for water strengthened.

OTT HydroMet has recruited a further field service engineer to its team in Britain. Simon Cockcroft joins from Siemens and will be responsible for helping with field installations, instrument service and calibration. 

Simon Cockcroft
“I have always wanted to work with the latest technologies, but in the field, and OTT’s installations are often exactly that,”
Simon explains.

OTT HydroMet’s European Service Manager, Robin Guy says: “We are delighted to welcome Simon to the team. Our company’s longstanding reputation is built on the quality and reliability of the environmental data that our equipment delivers, so we need people of Simon’s calibre to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest possible levels of service.”

Simon has a first-class degree in Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University, in addition to an MSc in Mechatronics and Robotics from the University of Leeds. At OTT HydroMet, he will be responsible for installing and servicing the company’s range of environmental monitoring, communications and data management products.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Secure access to remote assets.

Ultra-compact and rugged wireless routers enhance connectivity to remotely located equipment and systems in demanding utility, infrastructure and transportation applications

The Westermo range of industrial cellular routers designed to provide resilient data communications for remote sites has been expanded. The new Merlin 4400 series of ultra-compact and rugged LTE Cat 4 wireless routers has been developed specifically to support extremely secure remote access to equipment and systems within demanding utility, industrial and trackside applications. High connection security gives users the confidence to expand their IP networks to include remote assets, helping to increase visibility and ultimately improve operational performance.

Resilient and reliable high-speed data communications are essential to the digitisation of the rail network, the implementation of smart grids and improving the operational performance of utilities. Network security is a fundamental requirement in these applications and to defend against increasing cyber threats, the Merlin 4400 series is equipped with a complete set of cybersecurity tools as standard. These include a TPM (trusted platform module) chip that keeps cryptographic keys secure, Secure Boot functionality ensuring the routers boot using only trusted software, and virtual private network (VPN) and stateful firewall support for data security and user authentication.

The Merlin 4400 series offers high-speed data network connectivity, with support for Ethernet and RS-232/485 communications to ensure suitability for a broad range of applications. The Merlin 4400 is ideally suited to replace traditional modems when migrating to an IP infrastructure. Serial (RS-232/485) ports enable connection to legacy devices and equipment, while a built-in industrial protocol gateway enables seamless connection to multiple devices using different communication protocols.

With many applications typically requiring installation in demanding environments, the Merlin series has been designed to cope with extreme operating temperatures and high levels of electrical magnetic interference. The Merlin 4400 series has IEC 61850-3 Class 1 approval, allowing deployment in medium voltage substation automation applications, while EN 50121-4 approval enables use in rail trackside applications. Outstanding reliability and an extremely long operating life (mean time between failures of 1,600,000 hours) helps to minimise expensive maintenance trips and lowers network operating costs.

With networks increasing in size and complexity, the Merlin range has been designed to support both the system integrator and user by being easier to install, operate and maintain. When coupled with Westermo’s zero touch deployment software Activator, the Merlin routers provide cost-effective, reliable and consistent onboarding within large-scale projects. This allows configuration from a central server, which reduces the potential for errors and saves considerable time.

“The increasing need to gain access to remote sites for monitoring, management, diagnostics and support creates a greater reliance on the availability of reliable and secure data networks,” explained Dermot Mannion, product manager, Westermo. “The Merlin 4400 range of cellular wireless products meet this requirement, supporting the most demanding industry applications, while providing the advanced functionality needed to maximise connectivity and reduce installation time without affecting security.”

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Top Industrial performance.

TTI, Inc.-Europe, has won the top award for “Industrial Performance” in supply chain from Airbus. The award has been given to TTI Europe in recognition of its contribution towards the aerospace company’s business in 2022.

As the leading specialist limited line distributor, TTI Europe delivers excellence through its operations with the broadest and deepest portfolio of passives, interconnect, electromechanical, discrete, sensors and power products. 

L to R: Yoann Lacan, Head of Supply Chain & Quality Operations at Airbus; Marc Winfield, Vice President Sales Europe TTI-Europe; Lee Thompson, Director Industry Marketing Defence, Aerospace, Space at TTI-Europe; Dominique Arnal, Head of Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics at Airbus.

“The company’s high level strategic engagements with its key partner manufacturers has enabled TTI Europe to mitigate supply chain challenges to support Airbus Defence and Space’s critical demands,” said Lee Thompson, Director Industry Marketing – Defence, Aerospace & Space, TTI Europe.

“TTI Europe is proud to be a strategic supplier to Airbus Defence and Space and we are delighted with this win,” stated Marc Winfield, VP Sales, TTI Europe. “Our dedicated team of industry professionals has built a strong relationship with Airbus Defence and Space at both a corporate and a local level in order to create innovative and secure supply-chain solutions, as well as support local technical demands.

“TTI Europe’s value proposition is well positioned to continue to support the growth of Airbus Defence and Space and its affiliated organisations, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.” 

“We are delighted to be honouring TTI Europe with this award, which demonstrates their commitment to our business,” says Yoann Lacan, Head of Supply Chain & Quality Operations at Airbus Defence and Space. 

“Our suppliers are vital to our continued success worldwide. We value our relationships with them and are pleased to be able to recognise their achievements and the important role they play in supporting our long term business and performance,” continued Dominique Arnal, Head of Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics at Airbus Defence and Space.

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Connectors and terminals distribution agreed.

A distribution agreement for Britain has been announced by BEC Distribution with DEGSON the connector and terminal block manufacturer serving global markets. DEGSON’s wide range of products are an important addition to BEC's “Select” range of quality Alternative Passives, offering affordable, high-quality Alternatives to the major manufacturers.

Founded in 1990, DEGSON is accredited by both UL and VDE. It also has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34, ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management System certification.

The terminal block product ranges are available on short lead times, offering a fast-turnaround Alternative to well-known manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact, Sauro, PTR, Euroclamp, Stelvio Kontek, and many others.

Products include pluggable terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, transformer terminal blocks. Screw and clamp fixing types are available.

Other product types include a wide range of circular connectors, including waterproof and high vibration resistant versions for harsh environments. Circular connector types include M Series, 7/8 connectors, servo connectors and many more.

BEC is also a franchised distributor of resistors, inductors, coils, chokes, power supplies, LAN Magnetics and Transforms.

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Attacks don't always start online!

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise in OT environments.

Attacks don't always start online. Plugging a USB stick into a local workstation can compromise networks from the inside. According to Honeywell's latest publication, the Cyber Threat Report 2022,  81% of threats have the potential to cause significant disruption in a controlled network environment.

Their Secure Media Exchange (SMX) solution is designed and enhanced with industry leading features to enable a more trusted and more secure use of USB devices in your business. In addition, SMX is designed to keep up with new cyber threats and provides near real-time monitoring updates with the latest information to provide even better security.

Discover SMX and help mitigate USB-based attacks on your organization and the bottom line.

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