Saturday 13 July 2024

Value provider program.

Bonner have announced the extension of their partnership with B&R Industrial Automation by joining their Value Provider Program.

Patrick Bonner (L) & Jason Johnson (B&R)
This program gives access to the latest automation solutions, allowing further support for their clients with the newest software & hardware.

Speaking at the launch, Jason Johnson said, “As a B&R Value Provider, you'll gain privileged access to cutting-edge automation solutions, a diverse range of products, and exceptional services. Partnering with B&R is the way to go to grow your business.”

Patrick Bonner, MD at Bonner said “We’re delighted to continue to work with B&R and look forward to continuing to build our joint success in Ireland, delivering our solutions for digitally integrated factories using B&R hardware and software.”

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Friday 12 July 2024

Headquarters relocated.

In a strategic move aimed at fostering innovation and growth, Antaira Technologies, has announced the relocation of its Global Headquarters from Brea, (CA USA) to Las Vegas, (NV USA) one of the country's fastest growing technology hubs. In making Las Vegas the epicenter of its operations, Antaira joins a growing number of technology companies that have planted their roots in the city and throughout Clark County (the local authority district for the city).
“We are very excited to have Antaira Technologies join the Clark County business community," said Shani J. Coleman, Director, Community & Economic Development for Clark County. "As my office works to diversify our local economy, companies like Antaira that have a foot in both manufacturing and technology are exactly what Clark County needs to develop a more resilient foundation for future growth. We look forward to what Antaira will do today and bring about for years to come."

According to Joe Cook, Antaira's National Sales Manager for Security and Transportation, relocating the company's headquarters to Las Vegas helps ensure more efficient coordination and support for Antaira's expanding roster of clients in various vertical markets including industrial automation, video surveillance, transportation, water wastewater, power, utilities, oil and gas.

“With the expansion into advanced Layer 3 networking products and our continuing to add complementary networking products and software solutions, training is becoming an important component of our business. Antaira’s new Global Headquarters is conveniently located just off of the Las Vegas strip and close to the Harry Reid International Airport,” said Cook. "Las Vegas' strategic location, along with its modern infrastructure, business-friendly climate, and robust economy, makes it the ideal place for Antaira to reach its next level of growth and innovation. We are grateful to become part of the dynamic Las Vegas business community."

Effective July 15, The Antaira Technologies Global Headquarters will be located at 7660 Dean Martin Dr., Suite 201, Las Vegas, NV 89139.

In addition to the Las Vegas Global Headquarters, Antaira has offices in Taiwan and Poland.

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Product manager for connectors and test equipment.

Cliff Electronics have appointed Louis Cusack as Product Manager. Louis will be responsible for managing and growing sales in the Midlands and North of England and be involved with new product introduction and development of new markets.

Louis Cusack
John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, said, “This is a strategic appointment for Cliff and Louis will be tasked with sales development as well as with helping us develop a road map for new product development and increase the markets we serve. Louis will carry out market research to find future products for Cliff to manufacture as well as assisting with development of our website.”

Staring his electronics career in manufacturing Louis progressed to having a successful career in sales into the Military Aerospace and Defence market where he was involved with specifying and supplying cable assemblies and associated connectivity components.

Louis himself said, “I am very pleased to have joined Cliff Electronics as a Product Manager and I am sure that my experience of selling into a number of high-reliability markets for the last 8 years will be particularly useful in my new role. My background in Cable Harness Assemblies has allowed me to build a wealth of knowledge of connector and associated components which I will use in my new adventure at Cliff. I believe I will bring additional sales and innovative ideas to continue the growth of Cliff Electronics. I will use my drive and hunger for success to develop new sales leads and generate new product ranges moving forward.”

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Thursday 11 July 2024

Compact bus coupler.

The new SX8R Bus Coupler module, which empowers users to easily deploy I/O modules throughout equipment and systems has just been announ ced by IDEC Corporation. This supports the industry design trend of using smaller, decentralized control panels to simplify installations and reduce wiring complexity, resulting in overall cost efficiency.

The IDEC SX8R Bus Coupler is an ideal way to design distributed remote I/O systems, or to expand the I/O count for controllers with limited base unit I/O points. For example, the SX8R works natively with IDEC PLC FC6A I/O modules, which are available in over 40 models encompassing a variety of discrete and analog signal types and counts. Each SX8R supports up to 7 I/O modules on the base unit, and up to 8 additional modules with the use of an expansion power supply, for a total of up to 15 I/O modules. A single SX8R can therefore support up to 480 discrete points (input and/or output), 120 analog inputs, and/or 60 analog outputs, depending on the configuration. The maximum number of SX8R nodes possible on a network is dependent on the host unit and the protocol—for instance, this means 255 nodes for Modbus TCP, 32 nodes for EtherNet/IP when using an IDEC FC6A Plus PLC, and 16 or 8 nodes for CC-Link when using specific Mitsubishi PLC models.

Universal compatibility.
Engineered for reliability and performance, the SX8R Bus Coupler Module supports major open networks, including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and CC-Link IE Field Basic, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. This means the SX8R works well with a current setup without the need to replace other PLC makes/models, if the host device supports these major open networks. Whether upgrading existing systems or building new installations, the SX8R provides the connectivity and flexibility users need.

It features one Ethernet port for the uplink connection to the host network, and a second local Ethernet port for configuration purposes. Unlike some other bus couplers, the SX8R supports multiple protocols simultaneously.

Compact and convenient form factor.
A compact form factor and direct or DIN rail mounting ensures the SX8R consumes minimal installation space, and I/O modules and the expansion power supply simply click together to save installation time. The 24V DC power connector block is detachable, and users can choose a push-in or screw terminals. With a wide operating temperature range of -25 to +65 C, the SX8R is suitable for installation in the most challenging environments, and it is backed by a three-year warranty.

Free and easy-to-use PC-based SX8R Configurator software provides a convenient way for users to make operational settings, manage project files, perform system software updates, and monitor I/O and bus coupler status. User-friendly navigation and drag-and-drop functionality aids configuration, and settings can readily be copied and re-used on projects to reduce development time and effort. Status LEDs on the SX8R, and self-diagnostics available through the SX8R Configurator software, guides users so they can rapidly detect and correct any errors.

Reliability and performance.
Remote I/O systems enhance efficiency and reliability in factory automation design. For small- to medium-sized applications in industries such as food production, packaging, material handling, machine tools, agriculture, water treatment, oil and gas, and many more, the IDEC SX8R Bus Coupler offers a powerful way to integrate trusted I/O signaling hardware with host systems using standard industrial Ethernet.

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Torque in medicine.

Medical experts and sports scientists are becoming increasingly reliant on engineers as their disciplines become more and more technical. Mark Ingham looks at some of the projects his company, Sensor Technology, has helped behind the scenes.

Mark Ingham
Like most rugby players I took my knees for granted until the day a twisting fall resulted in a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Fortunately, these days it can be fixed with surgery and nine months of physiotherapy, but I took some comfort in the fact that Sensor Technology has contributed – modestly – to the medical knowledge of this crucial joint. With the pending Olympics fuelling increased participation in sport, military personnel returning from active service with knee problems and the wear on tear on joints as people live longer the need for new knowledge is growing.

One research programme used a Sensor Technology TorqSense industrial sensor to analyse the performance of implanted replacement knee joints. To do this Sensor Technology helped develop a rig centred on a 100Nm TorqSense transducer with an extended through-shaft supporting crank arms on both ends.

The researchers very carefully align the axis of the TorqSense with the patient's knee and attach the ankle to the end of one crank. They can then use the other crank to move the knee without the patient having to put in any muscular effort, thus isolating the joint. Data collected from the TorqSense during a test sequence builds up a profile of the knee's performance.

TorqSense is based on a full four-element strain gauge bridge design, the transducers have the ability to accurately measure and record sudden spikes in torque load. This ability is becoming increasingly important in automated machinery, integrated systems, test rigs and continuously monitored plant.

TorqSense measures the torque 4000 time per second and uses high performance signal conditioning to provide a corruption-free, high bandwidth torque monitoring solution. This is further enhanced by 250% overrange and 400% overload capabilities, elimination of side and end load errors and real time temperature compensation. The non-contact signal transmission means the sensor exerts no load on the shaft it is monitoring, while maintenance-heavy slip rings have been designed out.

Drug protection.
Errors in drug delivery are being reduced year-on-year in all branches of medicine, due to advances in infusion and monitoring technologies. Most medical pumps are driven by stepper motors, which can be tested by driving them against a DC motor acting as a brake. In one programme we were involved with a TorqSense was mounted between the two motors to record the instantaneous shaft torque during test sequences. These data were then analysed and a model of the motor’s characteristics built up.

The alternative would be to use a very expensive dynamometer, which would also be slower to set up because it would need hardwiring instead of a radio link. Another drug protection related project was based on the observation that when using diagnostic fluids on ill or nervous patients, hospital staff are likely to be feeling the stress and will not take kindly to bottle tops that prove difficult to open. However, they will want the tops to feel secure enough that they can be confident of the fluid's sterility. Thus tightening bottle caps in pharmaceutical plants is a precision operation To this end Sensor Technology has helped develop specialist capping machines, which not only tighten bottle caps within precisely defined tolerance but also log every detail of every bottle. The machines are essentially simple: filled bottles are presented to a torque head, which quickly screws on a cap to a target torque.

Wireless torque sensor
However a batch size is typically 10,000 bottles, and they will have to be capped at say one per second. Every cap will have to hit target tightness, with the measurement logged for traceability. Sterility will be paramount, so the machine will probably operate in a high vacuum chamber to ensure that no bacteria or other contaminants are present. TorqSense met all criteria for this application, it being simple, robustness, high speed and wireless. Basically TorqSense could be used 'as is'; with a suitable mounting arrangements. Similarly, the associated software was ready to go after a bit of calibration and the addition of some bespoke front end graphics.

The software was required to do two things: run the torque up to 10kgcm within tolerances of 10 percent, and record the actual value achieved. This secures the cap to the bottle at a level of tightness that will ensure security and sterility, yet is at a level that can be opened relatively easily by an adult. The logged values are saved to a hard drive to provide a permanent record for traceability.

Diagnostic fluids are distributed widely, typically to every hospital in the country plus many overseas. But they may be stored for months before use. Tracing each bottle's origin would be practically impossible without full records being automatically produced and saved to a central location.

Sensor Technology helped provide a solution to this complex but critical problem using an out of the box technology.

Wheelchair reliability.
In a more conventional engineering environment a TorqSense is helping ensure the reliability of powered wheelchairs, having been incorporated into a dynamometer rolling road built by PG Drives in Dorset. The rolling road measures the torque between the motor under test and the inertia network it is driving, which is simulated by selective use of both passive and active loads. The TorqSense constantly measures the test motor’s torque at its output shaft, logging it for later analysis.

Prolonged and arduous tests are often run, simulating on and off road, every type of surface, steep gradients, gentle gradients, all sorts of extreme weather, heavy loads, shock loads and every other anomalous behaviour you can imagine.

Before the rolling road was built, the analysis regime was based on test driving around the town, but consistency and repeatability were, of course, impossible to achieve. The rolling road has been used constantly since it was built, so its reliability and ease of use are major issues, both of which are helped by the TorqSense.

As development engineers, we at Sensor Technology never know what our next job will be. But it is heartening to think that we are making such a direct contribution to healthcare and medicine.

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Heavy-duty multi-pin plastic or metal connectors.

Immediate availability of the A Series range of heavy-duty, multi-pin, plastic or metal connectors, cable assemblies and cable accessories has been announced by Inelco Hunter.

Amphenol Sine Systems’ A Series connectors are part of an ever-growing family of sealed, heavy-duty connectors made up of 20+ core product lines. The A Series family brings reliable connection and control to harsh environmental conditions. The connectors within the A Series family have been developed as a high-performance, cost-effective solution for use with heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, alternate energy and other demanding interconnect applications.

Key features include an IP rating range of IP65-69K in a mated condition. The current range is 7.5A to 180A, with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. Safety features include an integrated latch and locking lever, a coupling ring and jackscrews. A thermoplastic or metal construction is offered.

The A Series connectors are RoHS compliant and all materials meet the requirements of the European Directive. A wide range of accessories, cable options and modifications are available. The series is compatible with existing industry-wide standard products. In addition to the standard products within the A Series family, customised connectors and cable assemblies can be designed and engineered to exact customer specifications.

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Circuit breakers provides system safety and power distribution.

A new series of PISA-M 4-channel electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) has been launched by PULS. These devices are the perfect safety and power distribution tool for applications with power requirements ranging from 90 W to 480 W.

These electronic circuit breakers manage the current distribution on the secondary (load) side of a control system separating it into smaller “power islands” which are easier to maintain and reduce the risk of costly total power outages.

The PISA-M ECBs provide comprehensive safety solutions for power systems. They protect system components from over-current and short-circuits as well as wiring from overheating. In addition, they also protects the system power supply from overload. The on-board protection features combine to ensure a high system robustness and reliability. This benefits users with less time spent on maintenance, lower replacement costs and more focus on operations.

The PISA-M features a digital coded interface providing an easy way for maintenance staff to remotely control the devices and to monitor the operational system status. This means power distribution can be managed easily via a PLC and a central user interface.

PISA-M is the smallest 4-channel electronic circuit breaker in the market with a width of only 22.5 mm. This compact design means it can fit into any system, freeing up valuable space in control cabinets.

Push-in connectors on the front of the PISA-M allow for a quick and tool-less installation, saving time and effort. In addition, two-colour LEDs that show the status of each output channel in real-time, and a button is provided on each channel for easy on/off switching and resetting, operating the PISA-M is straightforward and effortless.

PULS provides a number of versions of PISA-M ECB. The 4ADJ modules are adjustable, allowing each output channel to be set to the required current value from 1 to 8 A. If a plug-and-play device with fixed currents is needed, PULS offers PISA-M versions with fixed output current settings (e.g. 2 A, 4 A, 6 A, 8 A). This flexibility allows customers to choose the version that best fits their specific needs, making the installation process even faster, easier, and more secure.

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