Friday, April 21, 2017

UV disinfection in industry.

Hanovia* is to host a webinar aimed at helping manufacturers optimise the removal of chlorine within their water treatment operations. The 60-minute interactive presentation by Tim McDougle, Hanovia’s Sales & Marketing Director and James Hadley Hanovia’s Western European Sales Manager, takes place on the 23rd May 2017 and will outline how UV dechlorination can reduce water treatment maintenance and lifecycle costs while providing enhanced protection against bio-contamination.

Hygienic applications such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturing desire clean water treatment technologies with minimal bacteria build-up and downtime. Combining pre-treatment with Reverse Osmosis is common practice for removing a broad range of inorganic and organic impurities and the addition of Electro-deionisation (EDI) in Pharmaceutical Purified Water systems guarantees sub-ppm levels of salts.

Although these stable technologies require minimal maintenance, they must be protected from oxidising species that affect performance and lifespan. Removal of free and total chlorine in process lines prior to RO and EDI is essential. To achieve this, two traditional methods exist: Activated Carbon Filtration (ACF) and Sodium Meta-Bisulphite dosing (SMB). Although well proven, these methods demonstrate certain limitations, principally that they are prone to microbial contamination that increases the bio-burden on EDI and RO membranes, leads to increased cleaning frequency and creates higher operating costs.

To help explain how to overcome these issues, the webinar will outline how UV light can be used as a dechlorination technology, replacing the need for ACF and SMB. This helps to deliver optimum dechlorination performance without the problems associated with these traditional technologies. Tim McDougle will begin by looking at the need to remove chlorine, the current technologies used and the issues surrounding them. James Hadley will then provide an overview of UV light, how it dechlorinates, and the advantages it provides over alternative methods.

The webinar will begins at 3pm BST 23rd May 2017. Register here to learn how UV dechlorination can optimise your water treatment process.

*Hanovia, part of Halma plc, is a world leader in ultra violet (UV) disinfection and chemical reduction technology for water treatment processes. Hanovia designs, develops and manufactures advanced UV systems for a wide range of industrial, aquatic and leisure applications. Since it was founded in 1924, the company has been at the forefront of UV innovation, delivering over 50,000 UV systems worldwide and providing unrivalled customer care through its UVCare™ service. Hanovia has its headquarters in the UK, with regional offices in Germany, USA, Singapore and China.

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Profile painted & powder-coated surfaces.

The newest generation DATAPAQ® EasyTrack®3 system makes profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products as easy as never before.

Fluke® Process Instruments has equipped the data logger with a rugged and light polycarbonate casing that withstands harsh treatment and heat up to 100 °C without distortion and without harm to the electronics. Versions with four or six thermocouple channels are available. Data is stored in a non-volatile memory – the capacity has been tripled to up to 18,000 readings per channel.

The loggers use replaceable 9 V batteries. An intelligent power management ensures a long battery life for 50 and more profiling runs. Calibration certificates stored aboard the logger can be printed anytime. When the logger is connected to a PC (via USB), the software now starts automatically. Reviewing and analyzing the data, users can dynamically change the language. Logger diagnostics is much facilitated by a quick reference guide and animated tutorials. For remote diagnostics, status data can be emailed to the manufacturer’s tech support. Fluke Process Instruments supplies a versatile range of profiling systems with probes and thermal barriers to suit a variety of applications.

The new pro version logger carries out up to three consecutive profiling runs before data download to a PC. It features a traffic light indicator that instantly shows whether process criteria have been met. The DATAPAQ EasyTrack Insight™ Professional software includes advanced analysis functions such as rise/fall, peak difference, area under curve calculation, marking of up to six oven zones in the temperature graph, a probe map for high repeatability, saved zooms for even more comfortable reviewing and sharing of data, and customized profile reports.

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"Ten years empowering the world!"

Alison, the free online learning pioneer has launched a new mobile-friendly, personalised platform design, enhancing user experience and strengthening learner engagement. Founded 10 years ago today, Irish-based Alison is one of the world’s largest free education and skills training platforms, recently registering its ten millionth learner. It boasts over one million graduates of its courses with learners and graduates in every country.
Speaking at the website launch, Mike Feerick, Founder & CEO of Alison said: “This is our biggest ever platform change. The new site is built with mobile learning in mind. As mobile device-led learning begins to dominate globally, we are moving to a more personalised, engaging and gamified platform. Our new site focuses on creating a unique individual learning experience, tailored to each user’s learning history and preferences. The new site includes avatars for users that represent their level of achievement. Learners can earn points by completing modules, which in turn acts as a method of positive reinforcement. For the first time, learners can rank themselves against other learners, based on what country they are in, or what subjects they are studying. Relevant notifications will appear on the student’s dashboard, as the platform becomes more interactive. And much more.”

The launch also marks the adoption of a brand re-fresh. Feerick explained “We are excited to be combining the new website launch with a refresh of our brand. Free access to education and skills training through Alison has enabled our Learners and Graduates to make positive change in their lives. “Empower Yourself” is our invitation to our members – who of course can sign up and study with Alison for free. By striving daily to give everyone the freedom to learn and the tools to succeed, our mission to improve the world through the power of education can be achieved”.

Around 14% of Alison graduates state that free learning with Alison has led to new employment, promotion and college opportunities, while 88% said graduating with Alison improved their personal confidence and 90% said it encouraged them to learn further.

Alison provides more than 800 free courses on a broad range of subjects including project managementIT skillslearning languages and business management skills.

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Early Warning of Condensation Danger.

The compact EE046 from E+E Elektronik monitors reliably the condensation danger on chilled beams and other critical cold spots, in air conditioning systems or switching cabinets. It can be installed on plane surfaces and on pipes up to 50 mm (2”) diameter. For preventing condensation, the switch output can trigger actuators like valves or heaters.

The EE046 measures accurately the relative humidity at the surface temperature. Thanks to the special E+E proprietary coating, the humidity sensor is optimally protected against contamination. This improves the lifetime and long-term stability of the EE046 in dirty, dusty environments. Another advantage of the condensation monitor is the fast response time to humidity or surface temperature change.

The potential-free relay (max. 24 V AC/DC, 1 A) switches when the relative humidity at the surface reaches 90% RH, or in case of a supply failure such as a broken cable. A LED indicates the status of the EE046: normal operation, risk of condensation or fault/failure.

Due to the compact design, the condensation monitor requires little space and the installation is remarkably simple. On plane surfaces, the EE046 is fixed with two screws, for mounting on pipes up to 50 mm in diameter a mounting strap is included in the scope of supply.

• E+E Elektronik are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Industrial innovation as a driver!

A new book  from ISA, encourages both manufacturers and automation suppliers to better capitalize on fast-emerging innovations in industrial technology, such as process automation systems, to drive transformative improvements in manufacturing.

“The emerging frontier for industrial innovation points at exciting ways to revolutionize the business of manufacturing—better managing operating risks and costs, reducing consumption of raw materials and energy, creating more recession-proof revenue streams, and improving safety and security,” says Augustine Tibazarwa, the author of Driving Business Value in Industrial Innovation: Disciplined Agility for Manufacturing Automation and a noted expert in R&D management and industrial technology development. “Whether it’s digitizing the physical state of a world-scale plant in real time, manipulating digital models of that plant and its manufacturing process to optimize economic value, and then changing the state of the plant for economic benefit, the potential of today’s process automation systems is profound.”

Realizing the potential, Tibazarwa emphasizes, and delivering on expected ROI requires a greater commitment among leaders in manufacturing and the automation profession to unlock new ways of driving business value and adopting proven frameworks from other industry sectors achieving transformative innovation.

His book, he says, “uniquely connects the business perspectives of manufacturers to those of automation suppliers, and the innovation perspectives of automation executives to those of automation technologists. After reading it, automation executives should be equipped to expect more from their technologists, while automation technologists should be emboldened to point out missed business opportunities and demand deeper executive commitment and sponsorship.”

Tibazarwa says the book also segue ways to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), identifying new business value opportunities for manufacturing automation.

“For manufacturers, there are business value opportunities in the extended supply chain. For automation professionals, the fundamental capabilities for successful industrial innovation are also foundational enablers for IIoT innovation,” he points out.

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High Power CG2409 RF Switch for Wirelass.

The CEL CG2409 family of high power RF switches has been announced recently by CEL.

RF switches are microwave devices that route high frequency signals through transmission paths and can be used for diverse range of applications including WLAN, Mobile Communications, Wireless Security, Wireless Home Automation, Digital TV and many other RF products. The CG2409 is available in two packages X3 and M2. The CG2409X3 and CG2409M2 are manufactured using state of the art pHEMT technology and are packaged and tested in Japan to guarantee high quality and reliability.

These RF switch components can be used within an application to switch between Transmit / Receive modes, as Diversity Switches, switching between two different antennas, and also switching between RF Frequency Bands.

The CG2409X3 is a wideband, high-power single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) GaAs MMIC RF switch, specified for the frequency range of 0.05 to 6GHz, and can operate at a control voltage from 1.8V to 5V. The P0.1dB compression point of the switch is 37.5dBm at 3V. The second and third harmonic specs are -80dBc and -85dBc respectively at input power of 26dBm. The insertion loss ranges from 0.3dB to 0.6dB while the isolation ranges from 32dB to 28dB over the frequency range. The device is in a compact 6-pin XSON package (1.5mmx1.5mmx0.37mm).

The CG2409M2 is also a high-power single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) GaAs MMIC RF switch but is specified for the frequency range of 0.05 to 3.8 GHz and operates at a control voltage from 1.8V to 5V. The P0.1dB compression point of the switch is 36.5dBm. The second and third harmonic specs are -80dBc and -85dBc respectively at input power of 26dBm. The insertion loss ranges from 0.35dB to 0.6dB while the isolation ranges from 35dB to 21dB over the frequency range. This device is in a small 6-pin surface mount package (2.0mmx1.25mmx0.9mm).

Why use a High Power SPDT RF Switch?
There are two trends that dominate recent Wi-Fi systems development. One is the increase of RF transmission power for improved coverage range and better signal quality, and the other is the increasing use complex modulation schemes to boost the data throughput.

Both trends put more stringent requirements on power handling capability as well as linearity of the RF components used in the transmission path in order to meet regulatory and signal integrity specifications. As a result, these RF switches at the antenna ports are now one of the most critical components. While more integrated front-end-modules (FEM) are finding increasing usage, particularly for space constrained applications, discrete MMIC switches still offer the most flexibility in terms of system configuration and performance selection.

These new CEL Switches are drop-in compatible to at least one RF Switch model from Renesas (Renesas switches also offered through CEL). CEL’s RF Switches have lower prices than their equivalent drop-in Renesas RF Switches.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Irish instrument company acquired!

Global instrumentation leaders Scientific Measurements Pte Ltd has acquired Ireland-based Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

Scientific Measurements – parent company to Cirrus Research and Acoustic Instruments International – has more than 40 years’ experience in the sector and counts product ranges Optimus, Revo, doseBadge, Trojan and Invictus among its industry-leading brands.

Eurolec as a brand and trading name will continue within the Scientific Measurement fold, with the existing head office remaining in Dundalk (IRL). Its chain of distributors will also be unaffected.

Coinciding with the handover, Eurolec founder and Managing Director Tom Mears will be retiring after a five-decade career in the sector and 19 years since establishing the company. Chris Mears has been appointed the new MD, formerly heading up the company’s sales & marketing. The rest of the Eurolec team will remain unchanged by the buy-out.

Moving forwarding, product enhancement and development are a key priority for the new owners and its experienced marketing team will begin work on an updated website for its newest subsidiary.

“This is a new chapter for the company but we have inherited a strong legacy from Tom and a great platform to build upon,” said Daren Wallis, Scientific Measurements Director.

“Scientific Measurements as a company has an unrivalled track record of innovation and product development and we want to put that experience into play with Eurolec’s temperature and pressure gauge products. The ranges are an ideal fit for our current product portfolio and the Eurolec team will be able to enjoy the added benefits of our R&D and global sales & marketing team behind them.”

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