Monday, 26 October 2020

High reliability fast beam-steering mirror control systems.

Kaman Precision Products' recently launched high-reliability version of its fast beam-steering mirror measurement system is now available with full support from Ixthus Instrumentation. The upgraded KD-5100+ enables high-precision position feedback for control systems used in mirror steering and scanning tasks for laser communications on satellites and ground stations, airborne and shipborne directed energy systems and image stabilisation systems.

Typical inductive sensor configurations used with the KD-5100+ include Kaman’s 15N or 20N series offering non contacting measurement ranges of +/- 0.9 mm and +/- 1.9 mm respectively. Arranged in precisely matched pairs on the X and Y mirror axes with each pair acting as a balanced bridge circuit on either side of the mirror, these sensors detect the differential distance as the mirror rotates about its pivot, providing an output voltage from the KD5100+ which is proportional to the mirror’s angular displacement. The resulting resolution and precision for each axis is in the sub-micro radian range - providing the means for exceptional accuracy.

The KD5100+ measurement system features an operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C (sensors are -52°C to +105°C) with excellent thermal and long term stability in a small and easily installed package size. The highly durable measurement system is designed for long trouble-free operational life for maximum high-reliability usage.

The upgraded KD5011+ features an identical Mil-PRF-38534 Class H proprietary hybrid microcircuit as the KD5100 ‘standard’ version with the addition of high-rel diodes and capacitors plus an upgraded aerospace specification for circuit layout, ground connections and sensor connectors. The KD5100 is already providing nanometre level precision for control systems used, for example, in laser focussing for micro-column architecture in semiconductor wafer manufacture as well as precision long-range telescope positioning and many other applications were differential inductive measurement is contributing to an advance in precision measurement technology.

Throughout ISO 9001-200 certified Kaman’s comprehensive range of sensors and measurement systems, customisation is available for application areas as diverse as cryogenics, high-vacuum, radiation tolerance or other severe environment position measurement tasks across all types of industry and research settings. A lower cost industrial specification version for fast beam steering mirror position control, utilising inductive eddy current sensors, is also available as the Kaman DIT-5200. Ixthus Instrumentation provide complete service from the first enquiry to delivery and after sales support for Kaman’s specialised range of products.

• Bolstering its commitment for aerospace related applications across its wide range of inductive sensors and measurement systems, Kaman recently took affiliate membership with the Satellite Industry Association (SIA) – the USA based organisation that provides support and representation for operators, service providers and equipment suppliers for the commercial satellite industry.

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Friday, 23 October 2020

Detachable screen puts gas data where it matters … … in your hands.

The technology development team at Signal Group have announced the launch of a market leading innovation for its Series IV gas analysers – a completely detachable screen. 

“We noticed that it was either inconvenient or impossible for many of our customers to be physically next to their analysers in order to view displayed readings and to conduct some of the main management activities,”
comments Signal MD James Clements. “So we developed a removable touchpad display screen, which, we believe, is a first in the gas monitoring market.

“These screens are rugged with an IP67 rating, which means that they can even be used outdoors. Typically, customers will find them useful when it is necessary to install the analyser in a location with difficult access – such as: in an ATEX enclosure; in vehicle exhaust gas test cells; with a raised gantry on a stack; in a combustion test rig, or on any site where the location of analysis is not an ideal or safe working space.”

The new screen connects wirelessly to the analyser via an inbuilt 802.11 wifi which can connect up to 50 metres away. This provides users with the ability to view live data in a different location, and even manage data logging, alarms and calibration. 

In addition to wireless connectivity between the analyser and the display, all Series IV instruments have their own IP address, and are compatible with 3G, 4G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wifi and satellite communications. This provides users with simple and secure access to their analysers at any time, from anywhere.

The new removable screens will be supplied as standard on all new orders for the Series IV gas analysers, which includes the QUASAR, PULSAR, AURORA and SOLAR models, and James says: “Customers will be pleased to learn that all of this new functionality comes at no extra cost!”

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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Easier remote access to machine data.

Ewon® DataMailbox, a secure freemium cloud-based solution allowing machine builders and factory owners to easily access data from their machines anywhere in the world has been launched by  HMS Networks . It is an online data buffer that enables easy retrieval of data from machines. It is a part of the Ewon Talk2M cloud service.

“In a time when it is risky and expensive to allow people into factories, it is our duty to provide customers with an easy, secure and scalable solution to collect data from several sites, allowing users to improve their efficiency”, 
says Francis Vander Ghinst, General Manager of HMS’s Business Unit Ewon.

The Ewon routers Cosy and Flexy connect to a remote machine and send data via Ethernet or cellular connection to the Talk2M cloud. The DataMailbox is a part of Talk2M allowing application developers to easily retrieve historical data from multiple Ewon gateways using a simple API call.

Customers can collect data from multiple machines anywhere in the world in a highly secure process in order to analyze this data at their convenience. This allows for big data analytics and dashboards for predictive maintenance and operational intelligence.

It is possible to set up a data connection in a couple of hours, no matter how complex the IT environment is, and also scale up when necessary. Users can add machines to the process in a couple of clicks.

With the DataMailbox as a data buffer, users will avoid losing data, no matter how many sites they are collecting from as data is automatically stored and forwarded if the internet connection is down.

Users also always have access to a clean historical dataset for analytics applications.

The DataMailbox is a freemium service within the Ewon Talk2M cloud, meaning that customers can utilize it for free for an unlimited time. By moving to the Pro version, customers get covered by a unique Service Level Agreement and can process even more data.

The Freemium approach and ease of access in no way compromises the security as Ewon solutions are trendsetters in cybersecurity.

By adding this innovative service to its range of hardware, Ewon proposes an easy and scalable integrated solution to collect and process data from an unlimited number of sites, allowing customers to increase their efficiency.

To help customers maximize the power of their data, Ewon has established a robust ecosystem of 2000 experienced partners, ready to quickly create efficient and integrated solutions based upon customer needs.

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MES partnership agreed.

Enlight Technology Co., Ltd. has partnered with Aegis to resell FactoryLogix® software in Taiwan, extending Enlight’s solution portfolio from its focus on design and PLM to manufacturing operations in both the factory office and the factory floor.

Dennis Su, General Manager of Enlight Technology Co. Ltd. stated, "We are very excited to include Aegis’ solution as part of our offering to our customers in Taiwan, with the leading-edge Industry 4.0 intelligent factory solutions they require to achieve higher productivity, quality, and faster time to value. With the PCBA design, DFM, and analysis solutions we presently offer, FactoryLogix serves as a natural complement to rapidly transform ECAD/CAD data into superior data preparation, intelligent documentation, and configurable build processes in the Digital Manufacturing Engineering (DME) solution module. Additionally, FactoryLogix MES further enables our customers to manage their manufacturing operations on a single platform and serves as an essential system alongside their ERP and PLM platforms.”   

Bob Miklosey, Managing Director Asia, of Aegis Software stated, “Aegis is fortunate to be working with Enlight, whose experienced team can introduce our powerful, best-in-class solution to manufacturers of all types throughout Taiwan. We look forward to making their customers’ factory operations more agile, responsive, smarter, and connected to humans and machines equally.” 

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MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers.

The Model 2422 Series from Silicon Designs, offers low-noise, low-voltage (5 VDC) and low-cost acceleration and vibration sensing within zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications. 

Series models are available in eight standard ranges, from ±2 g to ±400 g. They are further offered with choice of either a ±4V differential or 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output. Series modules can reliably measure and respond to both DC and AC acceleration (0 Hz to more than 3000 Hz). Their robust design seamlessly combines both a micro-machined capacitive sense element together with a custom integrated circuit. Series internals are packaged within a lightweight, epoxy sealed, and rugged anodized aluminum case, further terminating in a 3-foot integral shielded cable. Units are relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients over a range of -55°C to +125°C.

The low-noise internal MEMS capacitive sense element contained within the Model 2422 Series is 100% designed and manufactured at Silicon Designs global corporate headquarters and R&D centre. As the OEM of its own MEMS capacitive sense elements, Silicon Designs is able to carefully regulate its own R&D and manufacturing processes, thereby ensuring that each Model 2422 Series module is manufactured to be virtually identical within any given g-range. It also allows Silicon Designs to offer a standard product range with both long-term stability and enhanced bias and scale factor over temperature performance specifications that are unmatched. All Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometers are in-house tested, programmed, calibrated, and verified to ensure their utmost measurement accuracy and reliability. They are also fully serialized for traceability before shipment.

In addition to its Model 2422 Series, Silicon Designs offers a specialty hermetic model variation, the 2422H Series, also as standard product. The Model 2422H Series incorporates all of the same low-noise, high-performance internal components as its non-hermetic counterpart, with the additions of enhanced temperature compensation; a rugged, IP67 rated, hermetically sealed lightweight titanium housing; and IP61 rated connector. These added features afford the accelerometer module added protection from moisture, dust, corrosion, and contaminants, all of which can affect measurement integrity. Other standard and custom accelerometer design modifications are available upon request. Please consult the factory for details.

The Model 2422 Series is ideal for the support of a variety of in-laboratory zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation requirements in automotive, aerospace, industrial, power generation, and test and measurement, and particularly, where low-noise, a +5 VDC regulated power supply, and long-term stability are needed.

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USB 3.0 improvement on USB 2.0.

The advantages of USB 3.0 technology compared to USB 2.0 in terms of transfer rates of up to 5 Gigabit leads to a significantly higher demand for this type of transfer method. The growing demand for universal interfaces connected by the way of USB cable and connector allows for the development and use of devices to be connected to most peripheral devices for simplicity and clearer imagery, especially in the field of real-time imaging for medical applications that require brilliant clear images.

"The precision of the manufacturing processes and the selection of impedance-relevant materials have a considerable influence on the transmission characteristics", says Marc Gerlatzek, product manager for the medical technology division at SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG"Through targeted signal integrity engineering and comparison with our documented empirical values from a large number of measurements, we ensure homogeneous transmission values over the entire cable length."

When designing USB 3.0 cable there are several challenges to consider for optimum performance and application compatibility. For example, for medical applications USB 3.0 cables should be lightweight, very flexible without memory effect to avoid kinking or craning. In addition, the cable should be autoclavable and flexible enough to be used with hand held devices. In order to ensure these characteristics, the choice of raw materials and manufacturing processes must be precisely coordinated. 

Asymmetries in cable can quickly lead to interferences due to differences in propagation time and signal radiation, while large process tolerances lead to mismatching and reflections. As a consequence, this can lead to transmission losses, distortion of the signal, runtime and data errors and ultimately to reduced image quality.

Length-dependent factors such as "voltage drop" or attenuation are limiting factors. Cable cross sections for increased power transmission are just as much a part of the requirement profile as are tolerated outer diameters.

In order to create or customize customer-specific specifications the cable specialist from Viersen rely on close customer contact. Once custom cable solutions are agreed upon cable manufacturers should guarantee exclusive manufacturing to dedicated production lines otherwise knowns as serial production to ensure from prototyping to mass production the manufactured process is controlled with no variances from separate production batches. Custom Cables with production minimums as low as 100 meters can be tested under real time conditions which enhances the experience between  customers and SAB specialists therefore addressing improvements and continuous success.

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Basic circuit components.

BEC Distribution has announced the availability of new ranges of basic circuit components which combine cost-effectiveness with high quality and short lead times. The initial product ranges include RJ45 Ethernet connectors, PCB blocks and 1000Base-T magnetics. More ranges will follow.

Sourced from many established manufacturers around the globe, the components offer high-quality, very cost-effective alternatives to market-leading brands, often at less than half the price. 

Quality has not been sacrificed. Quite the reverse in fact - for example, error-reduction designs have been utilised in the components. Many products feature gold-plated contacts and robust, rugged designs, ensuring long life.

The products cover RJ45 Ethernet connector terminal blocks, 2-4 ports; PCB terminal blocks, sockets and plugs; and 1000Base-T Magnetics Modules supporting 1:1 Turns Ratio Transceivers, IEEE802.3 Compliant.

From a commercial perspective, short delivery times of 2-3 weeks are offered, with many products ex-stock. Low MOQs of just 10 pcs are also offered on many products. The policy of sourcing from many different countries around the world ensures continuity of supply without compromising quality.

BEC is also a franchised distributor of resistors, inductors, coils, chokes, power supplies, LAN Magnetics and Transforms. 

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