Monday, 14 June 2021

Flurry for noise and dust measurement!

Responding to a flurry of recent customer requests, Ashtead Technology has developed a remote monitoring solution for the continuous measurement of both noise and dust.

“These are two of the most important pollutants – especially at construction and demolition sites,” explains Senior Sales Manager Josh Thomas. “So it made sense to develop a single system that could accurately monitor both parameters simultaneously and deliver continuous data remotely. Our engineering team therefore developed a solution that combines the key advantages of two separate TSI technologies, and I am delighted to confirm that it is now available to all of our customers for rental or purchase.”

Dust and noise monitoring are required at sites where they present a potential hazard to site workers and the local community. Consequently, these monitors will be employed for health & safety purposes, in environmental investigations and in compliance with planning requirements stipulated in a site’s permit.

The TSI DustTrak & SoundPro remote dust and noise monitoring system is supplied in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure, complete with the EnviroNet software platform which enables users to access the data with any web-enabled device. This wireless, cloud-based management system provides secure access to data at any time from anywhere, and enables the configuration of text and email alerts when noise or dust levels meet user-set conditions.

The TSI DustTrak complies with the MCERTS performance standards for measuring PM2.5, PM10 and total PM across a broad range of 0 - 150mg/m3. The TSI Quest SoundPro offers class/type 2 noise monitoring with 1/3 Octave Band analysis.

The unit can be powered via mains, solar panels or leisure battery, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor monitoring requirements.

Summarising, Josh says: “This is a great example of Ashtead Technology responding to customer needs; utilising its experience and expertise to deliver a solution that will be ideal for a wide variety of applications.

“With this technology, our customers will be able to quickly and easily deploy the latest monitoring technology in almost any location, with immediate access to continuous data, which will reduce the requirement for site visits and save costs. However, the greatest benefit will be the confidence and assurance that the site is in compliance with noise and dust regulations.

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USB Connecting cable.

Versatile cable supports Power Delivery (PD) charging, USB 3.1 5Gb/s data transfer speeds, can be used for Thunderbolt 3 video output and audio transmission

A versatile USB-C male - female connecting cable which supports Power Delivery (PD) charging at 60 watts (20v/at3A), USB 3.1 (Gen 1) 5Gb/s data transfer speeds has neen introcuced by Cliff Electronics. This may be used as a video cable for 5k@60Hz video output (Thunderbolt 3) and for audio transmission.

When used in a system equipped with Cliff FeedThrough connectors, both the XLR and SLIM versions, the cable can be used to connect to a monitor in the same way as existing HDMI and VGA FeedThrough connector versions. Cable lengths available include 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2m

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments, “USBC ports are now appearing on many new devices including monitors, laptops and flash drives, and 25 % of new cars are predicted to have them by 2025. Major mobile phone manufacturers are now designing USBC connectors into their latest models enabling high speed charging and a one cable solution for charging.”

The new Cliff USB-C cables can be used with a wide range of Cliff USBC XLR and DualSLIMS footprint female to Male FeedThrough connectors, available in metal or plastic and with many assembly options.

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Component carriers.

Replacing flexible printed circuit boards in linear measuring systems. 
Harting has developed a component carrier that can be used directly with electronic components eliminating manual assembly and replacing flexible PCBs. Increasing precision and reducing assembly costs. By harnessing this all new Harting development, electronic components can be fitted directly onto the component carrier, thereby replacing flexible circuit boards.

Component carriers are equipped with measuring sensors for detecting position The component carrier serves as a connecting element between a printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic components (such as LEDs, ICs, photo–diodes or sensors).

The measuring sensors of a scanning head for position detection, for example on a linear slide with guide rails, are often mounted onto flex PCBs. As magnetic, optical or inductive systems, they record the exact position of the slide. To do this the sensors must be positioned exactly at a 90 degree angle. The capability to mount these as precisely as possible improves the accuracy of the measurement results. A second sensor is often installed in the measuring head for redundancy. In addition, the status of the evaluation electronics is displayed using LEDs; these are mounted onto a flex PCB.

With Harting's component carrier the flexible PCB can be replaced completely. The injection-moulded plastic body already provides very precise 90-degree angles for mounting sensors. The component carrier eliminates the need for time-consuming manual assembly of the flex PCB. In addition, the sensors are positioned more precisely. Another advantage of the component carrier is that the width of the sensor modules can be further reduced to less than 8 mm.

The component carrier with the assembled electronic components, comes in a blister pack for further processing in SMD assembly facilities, and the soldered components are secured with an adhesive so that they cannot detach from their position while in the reflow oven.

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Friday, 11 June 2021

Magnetic components manufacturer acquired.

KAMIC Group AB has acquired all the shares in Talema Group LLC (“Talema”). The seller is an owner consortium consisting of the Park and Daily families.

Selection of Talema Components
Talema manufactures magnetic components such as transformers, toroids, inductors and chokes with associated design work. The majority of components are developed specifically for bespoke customer applications but standard components are also offered. The company’s customers are found across a broad spectrum of sectors where the most important include logistics and warehousing, freight and transport, audio, and renewable energy.

Talema was founded in 1975 and has its registered office in the USA but operational management is based at the head office in Gaoth Dobhair  in north-west Ireland. The company has its own production facilities in the Czech Republic and India. Sales are conducted through own sales offices in the USA, Germany, Czech, India and Ireland as well as a global network of agents and distributors. Talema has approximately 750 employees and annual sales of about EUR 12 million.

“Talema is a highly respected global player with strong skills in the design, development and production of magnetic components. They have an experienced and powerful management and the company’s customer base and geographic presence provide an ideal complement to our existing business in this area. Talema therefore is ideally placed to be a valuable addition to our corporate group,” says Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group.

Together with their skilled employees, Talema’s current management team will remain with the company as a unit within KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area. The former part-owner and Talema’s Vice President Operations, Madison “Mac” Daily, comments on the deal: “We are very pleased to have Talema Group join KAMIC Group. We share similar technology and knowledge but serve different markets. I would like to thank Fredrik and the KAMIC team on behalf of the Talema group for their professionalism through this process. Talema is a good fit for KAMIC and looks forward to growing together.”

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A first in food & drink level measurement.

Emerson's Rosemount™ 1408H Level Transmitter has been designed to meet the need for highly accurate and reliable level measurement in hygienic applications. It is the world’s first non-contacting radar device designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. Dedicated features include a hygienic compact design, fast sweep technology, exceptional radar beam focusing and IO-Link communications, helping manufacturers to optimise the efficiency of their operations, reduce product losses and ensure food safety.

Testament to its innovative design, the Rosemount 1408H has received the 2021 Red Dot Award for product design. The annual international awards, adjudicated by a jury of significant engineering and design professionals who assess thousands of new products each year, recognises those products which demonstrate outstanding design and innovation.
Non-contacting radar is an ideal level measurement technology for applications that require stringent hygienic facilities and equipment. It is virtually maintenance-free, which helps it to ensure long-term reliability, in sharp contrast to legacy technologies. It has a top-down installation that reduces the risk of product loss through leakage, and it is unaffected by process conditions such as density, viscosity, temperature and pH. The compact and robust form of the Rosemount 1408H makes it a suitable solution for the small tanks and space-constrained skids commonly used in food and beverage production. The hygienic antenna is flush with the process connection that ensures the removal of process residue during clean-in-place and sterilise-in-place processes, and is insensitive to condensation and build-up. The hygienically approved, IP69-rated device has a stainless steel housing with minimal crevices to withstand external washdowns and ensure cleanability.

This is the first level transmitter to use 80 GHz frequency modulated continuous wave technology on a single electronic chip with embedded smart algorithms. This enables exceptional radar beam focusing, so that internal tank obstructions such as agitators can be avoided, and greater measurement accuracy achieved. Fast sweep technology makes the Rosemount 1408H the quickest level measurement technology on the market, collecting up to 40 times more information than legacy transmitters. This increases measurement accuracy, enabling manufacturers to reduce the amount of product lost through wastage, maximise production capability, and reduce production variations, leading to increased product quality and batch consistency. The technology also enables measurements all the way to the top of the tank, with this elimination of radar dead-zones enabling users to maximise vessel utilisation.

It is also the first non-contacting radar transmitter with connectivity to the IO-Link communication protocol, making it easy to integrate with any automation system. The transmitter provides both conventional 4-20 mA, switch outputs and digital high-speed communication. It features innovative technology and smart algorithms to ensure installation and commissioning are made easy, saving time and helping ensure trouble-free operation. Together with the new Rosemount IO-Link Assistant software, which sets the parameters via IO-Link, the experience of using Rosemount IO-Link devices is enhanced even further.

“The Rosemount 1408H is the latest addition to Emerson’s range of measurement devices designed with the requirements of hygienic applications in mind,” said Melissa Stiegler, hygienic business director for Emerson’s Measurement Solutions business. “By meeting the strict safety requirements of the food and beverage industry, this level transmitter minimises contamination risk, while its accuracy and reliability ensures the production of consistent, high-quality products that consumers expect, providing a compact and cost-effective alternative to legacy technologies.”

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Industrial network management software with wireless add-on.

The MXview Wireless add-on module for MOXA's MXview industrial network management software has been released. MXview streamlines network management by visualizing networks, helping non-IT staff simplify operations and improve network uptime. This software has successfully helped many customers from around the world in different industries, such as in power, intelligent transportation, and manufacturing. Today, with the rise of smart manufacturing, intelligent and reliable industrial network communication has become the cornerstone for nearly every smart application.

In response to the transformation of the industrial environment and increasing number of Wi-Fi applications, the new MXview Wireless add-on module fulfills the different requirements of both static and dynamic wireless applications in smart manufacturing. With reliable network communications as a foundation and real-time network management from a single pane of glass, business owners can focus on improving operational efficiency and achieving maximum system uptime.

Visualize Wi-Fi Networks for Optimal Operational Efficiency
Intelligent process control is a typical static wireless application in smart manufacturing where customers use Wi-Fi to establish the communication between the clients installed at production lines and the control centre.

However, an unstable wireless connection might lead to wrong decision-making due to incomplete on-site information or dropped connections, affecting optimal production processes. It’s often difficult to know the exact status of the Wi-Fi connection and fix issues immediately the moment they occur. The MXview Wireless add-on module simplifies network management by allowing users to get detailed device information and performance indicator charts for individual AP and client devices from the device dashboard.

“A major benefit of this module is that users can now view the wireless and wired network status from a single main control dashboard. This feature not only lets you quickly understand the network conditions of the factory, but also makes network management much easier.” says Lyra Li, product manager at Moxa.

Furthermore, users can monitor connectivity patterns and customize alert settings to immediately notify you of any problems. In turn, this allows engineers to perform on-site troubleshooting quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum network availability.

Easy Troubleshooting for Maximum System Uptime
In automated material handling (AMH) systems, the Wi-Fi connections must be able to dynamically adapt to the constantly moving vehicles. An unstable wireless signal could easily disrupt the operation of these systems. However, wireless connections are invisible and affected by a lot of different factors. The MXview Wireless add-on features a dynamic topology view to let users see the status of wireless links and connection changes at a glance. Moreover, since automated vehicles constantly roam between different APs around the facility, users can overlay the network topology on top of a floor map of the facility to easily locate the vehicle by just checking the client’s wireless connection. This helps save a great deal of time when trying to identify a malfunctioning client device. “The roaming playback function lets users review a client’s roaming history of the past 30 days to repeat an incident. Users can leverage this function to find and address the root cause more efficiently, instead of having to consolidate and examine individual device logs.” says Lyra. Exclusively developed by Moxa, these two functions are specially designed to fulfill the growing requirements of automated factories, smart logistics, and other intelligent applications. 

This video says more about their wireless AMH solutions

Leveraging our experience in wired network management with MXview, the newly released MXview Wireless add-on module was created to get the most out of your Wi-Fi applications. To encourage everyone to experience the power of this industrial network management software, Moxa is also launching a special promotion program. From now until December 31, 2021, users can fully enjoy the MXview Wireless add-on for free for one year by simply activating the MXview Wireless add-on module for MXview.

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Leadership in MES recognised!

The technology group Körber is pleased to announce that it has been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for its market leading Werum PAS-X MES for pharmaceutical, biotech and cell & gene therapy manufacturing. PAS-X is modular and cloud-ready, built for collaboration and integration and offers powerful capabilities for data visibility and analytics.

Jan-Henrik Dieckert
“MES Leader for pharma, biotech and cell & gene – we are delighted to have received this outstanding recognition from Gartner, the leading global research and advisory company,”
 says Jan-Henrik Dieckert, Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Software, Körber Business Area Pharma. “With our Werum PAS-X MES Suite and Werum PAS-X Intelligence Suite, we are continuously developing our offering to drive the digitization of industry and facilitate our customers' business. For example our customers will benefit from the use of artificial intelligence, electronic GMP archives, digitization in cell and gene therapy, digital twins in process characterization, data collection and analysis as well as shop floor integration.”
The industry leading Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems recognizes leading MES vendors, based on Gartner’s evaluation criteria analyzing the Completeness of Vision and the Ability to Execute. Leaders combine the uppermost characteristics of vision and thought leadership with a strong Ability to Execute. Leaders in the MES market are present in a high percentage of new MES deals, and they win a significant number of them. They have robust core MES and offer reasonable capabilities in extended MES/MOM areas (Manufacturing Operations Management). Specialized in pharma and biotech, Körber’s Werum PAS-X has successfully asserted itself in the overall MES segment.

With Werum PAS-X MES, the Körber Group has offered an MES for pharma, biotech and cell & gene. Körber’s Business Area Pharma combines a unique portfolio of integrated solutions along the pharma value chain. Customers benefit from easy access to integrated solutions and complementary products from the entire area of competencies from a single source: consulting, inspection, handling, packaging machines and materials, track & trace, and software.

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