Thursday, 6 October 2022

Instrument company achieves nuclear standard.

WIKA has been certified by TÜV SÜD in accordance with the new ISO 19443:2018 quality management standard for civil nuclear projects. The measurement technology manufacturer is thus the first company in Germany, and the fourth worldwide, to achieve this status. The audit was passed at the first attempt.

So far, WIKA has been certified to KTA 1401. However, this standard was primarily designed for the German market. With its processes in accordance with ISO 19443, WIKA is now focusing on global project business in the civil nuclear power generation segment. Customer audits for qualification as a supplier can thus be widely reduced.

For the measurement requirements of the industry, WIKA offers products and customer-specific solutions for the measurement parameters of pressure, temperature and level.

• WIKA products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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RF and Cryogenic product offering enhanced by acquisition.

Trexon, a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity, announces that it has completed the acquisition of Intelliconnect, the supplier of RF connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies.

Founded in 2003 and based in Chelmsford (GB), Intelliconnect has grown rapidly since its inception, becoming a market leader in design-led RF (radio frequency) components.

Founded in 1979, Trexon (formerly TPC Wire & Cable Company) is a leading designer and provider of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, assemblies, and accessories used in harsh, high cost-of-failure environments. Trexon’s products are designed to exceed customer performance specifications and withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, flexing, chemicals, extreme temperatures, miniaturization, and other demanding design requirements. Trexon’s products are specially constructed for a wide range of design challenges across high-reliability applications in diversified industrial end markets, defense, aerospace, medical and other industries.
Regarding the addition of Intelliconnect to the Trexon team, Mark Twaalfhoven, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Trexon stated, “The addition of Intelliconnect brings a customer-centric organization with a level of expertise and experience that aligns with the Trexon strategic vision of delivering application specific solutions. Their innovation enables the development of critical technologies that support key megatrend drivers such as AI and the application for quantum computing. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Intelliconnect.”

Dr. Nildeep Patel, President of Trexon Engineered Products Division added, “Adding Intelliconnect to the Engineered Products portfolio builds on our current expertise in RF products designed for highly engineered systems for a range of applications. Their unique capability of combining high precision RF products performing at cryogenic temperatures adds yet another dimension to our already proven RF technology range.”

The founder of Intelliconnect, Roy Phillips, said: “After nearly 20 years of success and growth, we recognised that to reach the next level of excellence, Intelliconnect needed to be part of a bigger, financially strong group which has the same aspirations, goals, and vision that we do. We are confident that Trexon is the perfect partner. Their strong track record in acquiring good businesses and making them better whilst investing and supporting their existing teams is one of the key reasons that we chose them as our acquirer.”

Gareth Phillips MD at Intelliconnect said, "Trexon is highly aligned with Intelliconnect’s philosophy and desire to grow our world class RF and Cryogenic product offering. We have worked hard to build a solid platform of best-in-class services and products and we are thrilled to be partnering with the wider Trexon family to take us to the next level and beyond. I am very much looking forward to working with Trexon to maximize our potential and that of our fantastic employees.”

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Signal quality analyser.

The Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A now supports the PCI Express® 6.0 (PCIe® 6.0) Base Specification Receiver Test (Rx Test) according to a recent statement from President Hirokazu Hamada.
About MP1900A
The MP1900A is a high-performance BERT for Rx tests of high-speed computing and data communications interfaces including PCIe, USB, Thunderbolt, and 400/800GbE. Link Training and LTSSM functions are supported by an industry-best level PPG for high-quality waveforms, high-sensitivity input ED, high-accuracy jitter generation source (SJ, RJ, SSC, BUJ), and CM-I/DM-I, facilitating various applications, including Compliance and Margin tests as well as troubleshooting.

Key Features
Supports PCIe 6.0 Base Spec. design inspection requirement
Provides each Preset and Compliance Test pattern required by PCIe 6.0 as well as built-in SKP filter function for common and separate clocks (SRNS) plus real-time FEC Uncorrectable error measurement.
Cuts test time using automation for efficient evaluation
Automates stressed signal calibration and BER measurement using automation software.
Adds excellent performance and expandability
Supports device margin tests with measurement functions including high-quality PPG waveforms, high-sensitivity reception PAM4 ED, and generation of various jitter types; multi-channel platform and software architecture facilitate expansion to future PCIe 6.0 CEM specification.

As well as adding support for generating PCIe 6.0 Base Spec. Compliance Test patterns, the MP1900A certified PCIe 3.0/4.0/5.0 tester now has an SKP function to filter SKP packets to support separate clock architecture (SRNS). This update offers customers an efficient test solution meeting their design requirements by including automation software to calibrate the stressed test signal and measure jitter tolerance using real-time oscilloscopes from collaborating partners. As a result, one MP1900A now covers tests from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 6.0.

Anritsu is continuing to develop future quality evaluation for PCIe equipment by actively proposing new technologies to PCI-SIG, and extending its tester functions with a focus on the PCIe 6.0 Base Spec. Compliance Test.

The spread of 5G services facilitating large data communications at high speeds is driving rapid evolution of new technologies, such as edge computing, IoT, and AI. At the same time, the internal interfaces of transmission equipment, servers, and storage in data centers forming the base of this technical revolution are switching to the faster and larger capacity PCIe standard.

Following completion of the PCIe 6.0 Base Specification in January 2022, development of the CEM specification to assure compatible connections is progressing ahead of the start of correlation tests in 2023. Since the PCIe 6.0 standard is the first to support new technologies, such as PAM4 modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC), it requires test methods for evaluating the quality of 32 Gbaud PAM4 signals with a 1/3rds smaller Eye opening, as well as for measuring the BER and evaluating FEC.

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New website makes training and certification easier.

Thousands of professionals in fields ranging from building diagnostics, electrical inspection, optical gas imaging, and industrial automation are benefitting from latest infrared camera technology, both to improve their work and grow their careers. Whether handheld or on a drone, these thermal imaging systems can detect anomalies and problems that are often invisible to the naked eye. However, it requires some education to make the most of thermography and get the job completed quickly, efficiently, and most important, accurately.

Finding the right thermography classes is now easier and more intuitive thanks to a newly launched website for the Infrared Training Center (ITC). This site will not only help existing and aspiring thermographers determine the right course to derive more value from thermal inspections, but also help them make a better case to their employers to sponsor this kind of professional development. They’ll find the right training to ensure they conduct inspections the right way—based on a strong educational foundation—instead of working on assumptions and guesses.

Professional upskilling.
Proper training increases the safety of thermography personnel as well as their colleagues who remediate issues thermography uncovers, all the while cutting down troubleshooting time, improving productivity, and creating more effective predictive maintenance programs. That may include keeping mission critical equipment running while maximizing output and minimizing downtime. The end result is a reduction of outages, and potentially, the avoidance of catastrophic—and expensive—failures.

The exciting field of thermography takes both training and experience to ensure that readings are both accurate and actionable. ITC meets that training need with the highest quality interactive thermography courses from highly qualified international thermography instructors. All ITC courses maintain ISO 9001 certification, ensuring they offer valuable training, certification, and recertification in all aspects of infrared thermography. After all, interpreting thermal imaging correctly comes down to training, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the science behind it all. 

Scott DeRaps, ITC graduate and Level I Thermographer with Coutts Brothers Inc. "ITC trainings have given me the knowledge and the confidence to go into the field and provide high quality inspections for our clients. These inspections are going to save our clients time and money, and can save them from a possible catastrophic failure."

Trade professionals and engineers have varying levels of experience with thermographic applications, and regardless of their experience, the ITC can work to their benefit, starting now.

For new unexperienced users, the introductory courses (Level I) serve to better communicate the value and benefits of working with thermal imaging. For those a step further in their experience and who are already familiar with leveraging thermography in the field (Level II), ITC helps with staying up-to-date with the latest tips and trends while maintaining the highest level of globally recognized certification to boost credibility. And lastly, much more detailed and advanced courses (Level III) round out the program for the experienced users who are honing their skills and keeping their certifications up to date. No matter what level they take, ITC certification can increase a professional’s credibility, enhance their career, and build thermal imaging inspection businesses.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Motor or pump vibration trips.

Excessive vibration in a motor/pump is symptomatic of a problem that can cause further damage or deterioration. If ignored, the results are higher maintenance and downtime. In some situations, it could also lead to safety concerns.
Vibration sensors or accelerometers can be installed to detect abnormal vibration levels. Alarm trips can monitor the vibration sensors and provide a local trip source for the motor. These pumps can be installed in many different environments so Class I, Div 2/Zone 2 certification and wide ambient temperature specs for these alarm trips are key characteristics.

If necessary, the vibration levels can also be retransmitted back to the control system using the Analog Output signals from the alarm trips.

The Moore STA Functional Safety Limit Alarm Trip logic solver is shown in the diagram which is IEC61508 certified. If the loop isn’t part of a safety instrumented system (SIS) where a standard alarm trip will do, then their SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trip would be a great alarm trip choice.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Control systems leadership in Finland.

ABB has signed a channel partner agreement with Insta Automation Oy*, an independent specialist in industrial automation and digitalization solutions, to grow its control systems business in Finland.
The two companied will work together to strengthen their distribution channels, improve industry knowledge and increase lead generation across many industries, including water, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and energy. The deal follows a project that they have have already started work on together, deploying ABB Ability™ System 800xA distributed control system (DCS) at one of the country’s wastewater plants, and familiarity through Insta regularly purchasing ABB’s low voltage components and electrical equipment over many years. There will be opportunities for expansion to other automation system products and potential international cooperation.

The DCS – a digital platform for automated control and operation of plants and processes – sits at the heart of process and energy industries as they undergo digital transformation, ensuring safe, efficient and reliable operations and enabling data collection and analytics for real-time insights. The flagship ABB Ability System 800xA has helped ABB to remain the #1 distributed control system market leader for 22 years as ranked by the ARC Advisory Group. Around 35,000 ABB DCS have been installed in more than 100 countries to date.

“We know that this major partnership with ABB will be of great benefit to the Finnish market where there are modern, dynamic demands and world-leading innovations across industries,” said Jarkko Järvilehto, Vice President, Industrial Automation, Engineering and Turn-Key Services, Insta Automation. “Alongside ABB, a large and global player, we can grow our offering with proven technologies, solutions and training while evolving for our customer base. We look forward to sharing our own strengths and ideas as we move forward together.”

“Insta is known as a respected family business and has long been trusted as a pioneer of safe digitalization and futureproof solutions in Finland,” said Jukka Träskbäck, Head of System and Service Sales, Process Industries, ABB. “The demand for reliable automation solutions and digital transformation expertise is growing as all industries tackle the energy transition by preserving resources, reducing maintenance and supporting customers to cut their carbon emissions. Together, with DCS and other systems, we can work with many plants, mills and facilities.”

*Insta is a Finnish family business with strong values and is a trusted partner for customers in intelligent industry, defense and cyber security. Combining its expertise with intelligent technology, the company improves customers’ performance as digitalization increases. Insta’s operating culture is founded on people, expertise and responsibility. It has more than 1,000 employees in Finland.

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12.1 inch display.

Designed and developed for human-machine interface applications.

Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the introduction of a 12.1-inch TFT display from leading industrial LCD manufacturer Tianma. The new P-series NL12880BC20-32F display module features WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels), a wide 16:9 aspect ratio and delivers excellent optical performance with the implementation of SFT (Super Fine TFT) technology.

Justin Coleman, displays division manager, RDS said, “P-series display modules from Tianma have been designed and developed for use in a wide range of human-machine interface (HMI) applications where guaranteed, long-term operation in challenging application environments is a necessity. Offering a technical specification that provides excellent optical performance, the Tianma 12.1-inch P-series display delivers bright, saturated colour display images that can be easily observed from all viewing directions.”

Tianma P-series (Professional series) TFT displays have been designed and developed to deliver exceptional optical performance and meet the demanding requirements of the industrial and medical display markets and applications where reliable and consistent operation is considered essential.

The 12.1-inch display module exhibits exceptional optical performance with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a high brightness, long-life LED backlight providing a brightness specification of 1100cd/m² which creates display images that are bright, colourful, and concise.

SFT (Super Fine TFT) technology is Tianma’s implementation of IPS (in-plane switching) technology, where optical performance, colour saturation and image stability are significantly improved over standard TFT display technology - where brightness and colour will change with respect to viewing angle. Viewing angles of 88 degrees in all directions (up/down, left/right) can be achieved with SFT.

The 12.1-inch module features mechanical outline dimensions of 277.77mm (l) x 180.6mm (w) x 9.0mm (d) and an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C. A 20-pin LVDS interface supports 24-bit RGB data which enables a colour palette of up to 16.7 million colours.

The module is suitable for use in a wide range of industries including construction, agriculture, medical, factory automation, manufacturing, and in-vehicle systems.

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