Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Programme helping high quality water treatment.

AdEdge Water Technologies has joined the Endress+Hauser OEM Business Partner Program. The two companies will collaborate together to ensure technology alignment, improve operating efficiencies and explore new opportunities to trim cost, mitigate risk and develop new service models that ultimately deliver more value for our mutual end user customers.

“We’re excited to join the Endress+Hauser’s OEM Business Partner Program,” said Eric Nicol, Vice President of Operations, AdEdge Water Technologies. “Endress+Hauser is a trusted leader in providing instrumentation equipment in the marketplace and their OEM partner program is a terrific opportunity for AdEdge to expand our technical service offerings and provide unparalleled customer service while continuing to deliver high quality water treatment solutions to communities and industrial clients around the globe.”

Endress+Hauser’s OEM Business Partner Program is a new concept that develops and enables a higher level and more strategic OEM customer relationship that is focused on tangible business results and people development.

“We are pleased to welcome AdEdge Water Technologies to our new OEM Business Partner Program,” said Mike Cook, OEM Business Manager, Endress+Hauser. “The opportunity to work with AdEdge leadership to help them achieve their business goals around growth, operational efficiencies and generating more value for their customers is an exciting challenge and the reason we developed the OEM Business Partner Program.”

As part of the OEM Business Partner Program, AdEdge Water Technologies will develop its specifications around Endress+Hauser technologies and provide those technologies across AdEdge solutions sets.

“Working closely with OEM customers as a true business partner allows us to concentrate our efforts and resources on differentiated technology, new revenue opportunities, customer loyalty, ease of doing business, and risk/cost reduction opportunities,” added Cook. “We achieve this added value through commercial programs, aligning business processes, and by leveraging tools, technology and training to drive maximum effectiveness. Quarterly business reviews are conducted to ensure our mutual goals and objectives are realized.”

AdEdge and Endress+Hauser’s missions both incorporate an understanding of the customer’s requirements, building long-term relationships and to help their customers find the right technology solution for their specific challenges. Collaborating together will enable both companies to consistently strive to earn and maintain stakeholder values and retain status of trusted advisors.

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Wastewater treatment plant!

The City of Lynchburg, Virginia (USA) has selected the Bedrock Automation control system for its wastewater treatment operations. The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program. Systems integration firm Instrulogic of North Carolina provided programming support to help deploy and integrate the system with the City’s Inductive Automation Ignition™ SCADA HMI network.

“We want to transform from a centralized to a distributed approach using edge controller capabilities. Bedrock enables us to use remote monitoring, bringing many devices online into our SCADA system for the first time,” said Jason Hamlin, SCADA Manager, City of Lynchburg.

The Lynchburg Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant treats an average of 13 million gallons a day for Lynchburg and surrounding communities. The first two phases of its modernization initiative include automation of the residual chlorine removal process and the mitigation and notification of storm water overflows. The Bedrock platform supplied Lynchburg with an affordable alternative for transforming a complex, aging, and connectivity-challenged de-chlorination system.  It also proved the most rapid and cost-effective approach to address their storm water collection and alert-compliance issues.

“Providing public access to the existing scanner/alarm in the current environment meant opening access to the SCADA system, which we could not do. Bedrock’s cyber security allows us to confidently monitor overflows and feed data to the Ignition SCADA system, while providing public notifications,” said Hamlin.

A key to Bedrock’s flexibility is its modern and free Integrated Development Platform (IDE). The ability to switch over to Bedrock without interrupting treatment operations is facilitated by the embedded simulation capabilities that ensure a solution is fully tested before deployment.

Lynchburg continues to find new opportunities to leverage Bedrock’s breadth of capabilities. The team is currently evaluating a request to connect the Ignition SCADA system to the city's business network for secure administrative and reporting, and the Bedrock system would simplify data collection.

"I could probably run the whole plant with one controller if I wanted to. I can also monitor much more than with my previous vendor, across multiple protocols and with no additional system cost,” said Hamlin.

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Display distribution award.

Midas Displays, the specialist display manufacturer and supplier, have presented its first annual sales channel award to distribution partner Farnell element14 for their contribution in delivering exceptional sales growth and generating new design-in opportunities in an expanding global marketplace.

Andrew Fawcett - Farnell Senior Product Manager, Mike Halpin - Midas Displays MD & CEO, Simon Meadmore - Farnell Global Head of Semiconductors and Single Board Computing, Mark Lovick - Midas Displays Technical Sales Manager

During the past 12 months, Farnell element14 has successfully managed the introduction of an enhanced Midas Displays product portfolio. This has involved the introduction of a number of new display products and the continued management of an extensive existing display product line-up. Online access to technical information and datasheets is essential, with technical documentation for all Midas Displays products available online via the Farnell element14 website. Additionally, the implementation of an additional display selection tool such as the Displays Accessories matrix provides a cross-referenced link between all Midas displays and associated Midas components such as display controllers, touch panels and interconnect solutions.

Mike Halpin, managing director, Midas Displays said, "Our distribution sales channel is an essential route to market for Midas Displays. In the past year our leading distributors have contributed in finding and developing new sales opportunities. It is imperative we have a strong and active distribution sales channel to grow our market share, and promote our wide-ranging display line-up and display enhancement solutions.

"As a major customer for Midas Displays, Farnell element14 have excelled in this respect. Farnell element14 have delivered an exceptional performance in developing sales growth and creating new business opportunities. We are confident that our close working relationship and focussed business strategies will ensure continued success.”

Accepting the Distributor of the Year award, Simon Meadmore, global head of semiconductors and single board computing, Farnell element14 commented, "We are very happy to accept this award as recognition of Farnell element14's excellent performance supporting and promoting Midas Displays. One of the keys to our success has been excellent communications and support from Midas Displays which has created a secure and successful business liaison. Our strong accord with Midas Displays ensures our customers have easy access to product availability, technical data and pricing information. Farnell element14 will continue to invest in, and promote Midas Displays product solutions."

Midas Displays designs, manufactures and supplies an extensive portfolio of display solutions and products, which includes LCD, OLED, TFT and VFD, for a wide range of industry sectors covering aerospace, automotive, control and instrumentation, defence, building management and security, metering, point-of-sale and process control.

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Small TFT displays.

Small TFT displays with an easy to integrate SPI interface and a power consumption of just 3mA have been introduced by andersDX. The new displays are ideal for a host of applications from handheld devices such as remote controls or test equipment for industrial, medical and consumer electronics.
Many applications

David Roberts, Sales Engineer at andersDX, commented, “These are attractive modules which will be popular in many portable electronics applications. As usual, andersDX is able to offer a high level of customisation to fit the needs of the application. This can include changing the flex, enhancing the backlight or adding touch. To widen the viewing angle, optical bonding and o-film can be added.”

andersDX is initially offering 1.44” and 1.77” colour TFT modules featuring the SPI interface. The simple Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) can simplify a design, as the receiving hardware can be a simple shift register rather than a full UART. SPI is easily used to send data between microcontrollers and small peripherals such as shift registers, sensors or SD cards. It utilises separate clock and data lines, along with a select line for choice of device to communicate with.

A key feature of the 1.77” andersDX SPI displays is their very low profile, streamlined package of just 2.4mm deep, making it ideal for compact portable electronics. The 1.77" diagonal module is a full colour TFT display with a high contrast ratio of 700, a high brightness of 280cd/m2 and a low power consumption of just 3mA. There is also a 1.44” diagonal square display featuring the SPI interface. This module offers a contrast ratio of 350 and a brightness of 120 cd/m2. Its package is 2.7mm thick. Both modules are suitable for use at temperatures between 20° to +70°C.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Life sciences European HQ opened in Britain!

In the aftermath of the Brexit decision of Britain it is more usual to read about companies seeking to set up or move their European HQ to one of the twenty seven countries who have opted to remain in the free market of the European Union. So we thought that our readers might be interested in this particular story received today.
Boris Johnson opens the
European HQ of TraceLink!

As the European pharmaceutical industry prepares for new serialisation requirements set out in the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), TraceLink's new headquarters will allow the world’s largest track and trace network for connecting the life sciences supply chain, to continue its growth and support pharmaceutical companies in this market.

The new headquarters form part of a £55 million investment into the company’s overall global operations this year and follow an impressive 656 percent growth in European sales bookings for Q1. It has been officially opened by British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, in Uxbridge near London.

Commenting on the investment Uxbridge MP and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: "I am delighted to join TraceLink to celebrate its continued success and decision to add further investment and jobs into the UK.

"In 2015 the UK life sciences sector contributed £30.4 billion in UK GDP, supported 482,000 jobs and contributed £8.6 billion in taxes. TraceLink's decision to create substantial job growth and invest in its European headquarters adds yet further strength to the importance of the life sciences sector to the UK economy and is a real boost for the local communities. With an honourable mission to help the life sciences industry protect the global medicine supply, I am proud to have companies like TraceLink right here in Uxbridge to continue pushing the UK to the forefront of the global life sciences sector.

"The Government's drive to improve UK healthcare outcomes can only be helped by the ongoing success of the UK life sciences sector and companies like TraceLink continuing to innovate in order to tackle global healthcare challenges.”

The new headquarters will enable TraceLink Inc., a life sciences technology firm which has its US headquarters in Massachusetts, to create roles for 55 new employees in Europe across sales, services, marketing and administration during 2017. TraceLink also plans to expand its European team by more than 80 percent in the next twelve months as demand for its cloud network solution increases within the European pharmaceutical sector.

“Expanding and investing in our presence in Europe is a natural response to the demand we’ve seen from companies for our proven, scalable network solution to meet their serialization needs and comply with EU FMD. We are deeply committed to continuing our investment into Europe and furthering our mission to enabling innovation in the global life sciences sector and protecting patients,” said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO, TraceLink.

The development of the European team will be focused on continuing to build regional and native expertise, and expanding the 15 languages already spoken by the current TraceLink services team in EMEA. Worldwide, TraceLink expects to have over 400 employees by the end of 2017, an 80 percent year-over-year increase in global employee growth.

As part of its EU recruitment drive, the company has also added two regional EU sales leaders, deepening its pan-European presence to develop localised TraceLink teams dedicated to serving the life sciences industry in specific markets, including the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region and Southern Europe.

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During the period that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are working through their exit from the European Union (EU) we will endevour to bring items of particular interest and/or relevance.

Large massflowmeters introduced.

New large line sizes have been added as standard for Krohne's OPTIMASS series: for OPTIMASS 6400, diameters DN150/6" and DN200/8" have been added, and OPTIMASS 2400 is now available up to DN400/16".

Targeted at the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, typical applications for the new large line sizes include bulk hydrocarbon loading and bunkering, LNG/cryogenic or high temperature applications. They feature gas and liquid MID and OIML custody transfer approvals and compliance with API and AGA guidelines, SIL 2/3 functionality and NE 107 diagnostic functions.

While OPTIMASS 6400 DN150/ 6" and DN200/ 8" share the dual bent tube design of their smaller sizes, the OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/ 16" is a completely new design: the well-known dual straight tube has been extended to a four straight tube design for flow rates up to 4,600 t/h / 169,021 lb/min, making it the highest capacity Coriolis flowmeter on the market. Available in both Duplex and Super Duplex, it maintains the benefits of the straight tube design: low pressure loss, small installation envelope, support on the meter body, secondary containment, and immunity to crosstalk between meters installed in the same line. Accuracy is 0.1 % with a turndown of 20:1 and an optional 0.05 % “flat” accuracy with a turndown of 10:1. OPTIMASS 2400 is suitable for field proving with small volume prover, in-situ calibration verification and documentation with OPTICHECK verification tool is also possible.

The new large line sizes also feature Entrained Gas Management EGM, offering continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement over a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions. The meters indicate and maintain operation with 2-phase flows such as liquids mixed with gas, slurries with gases or highly viscous fluids with gas entrainments.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Strain gauge bonding service.

Applied Measurements offer a complete design, bonding and wiring service from one-off projects to high volume applications. What’s more, they can even bond and wire onto their customers' own free-issued hardware.

Their In-House strain gauging team provides:

  • Dedicated In-House Bonding Room
  • Expert Guidance an Advice
  • Full Design, Bonding & Wiring Service
  • One-Off to High Volume
  • Delivery Dates to Suit You
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Protective Coatings
  • Signal Conditioning Integration
  • Special Environmental Protection Options
  • High Temperature Versions for use at up to 200°C!

In-house strain gauge facility
All train gauge bonding is carried out in their strictly controlled on-site strain gauging room. The temperature, humidity and airflow are continually monitored to ensure optimum gauging conditions.

Flawless bond
A flawless bond is guaranteed by our strict ultrasonic cleaning procedures and use of special adhesives. The bond is carried out immediately after surface cleaning and, along with high accuracy marking techniques, delivers precise positioning and optimum sensing performance.

Design consultation
A complete design, strain gauge and wiring service is offered to meet exacting needs. They offer full, half and quarter bridge configurations, metalwork heat treatment, preparation and machining, bead blasting, anodising, and welcome enquiries for strain gauging requirements.

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