Wednesday 12 June 2024

Gas analysis sales rise.

Signal Group experienced a significant rise in sales during 2023, with strong demand for its gas analysis and associated equipment. Signal Group Managing Director James Clements says: “The growth in our business has continued in 2024, and as a result we are undertaking a major recruitment drive to ensure that we will continue to develop the market’s most advanced gas analysers, calibrators and sample handling equipment.”

He attributes the company’s growth to its long-term commitment to research and development. “Around 20% of our turnover is invested in product development,” he explains. “This ensures that we are able to respond quickly to changing customer needs, whilst taking advantage of the latest technologies. For example, our latest Series 4 analysers offer remote connectivity, as well as a removable screen which can function as a tablet. These innovative features are proving extremely popular with customers and help explain the expansion of our market share.”

With its focus on innovation, most of the company’s recruitment needs are for software and firmware engineers, as well as experienced service and installation engineers.

In addition to product innovation, He also attributes Signal’s growth saying "In our experience, customers greatly appreciate a fast and comprehensive after-sales service capability.” 

Sales growth at Signal has been from both the domestic and international markets, but James says: “The greatest increase in demand has come from UK research, particularly from those involved with engine development, working with clean low-carbon fuels.”

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Industry-First GCF Certification for Non-terrestrial Network (NTN) Conformance Testing.

The first NTN NB-IoT RF conformance tests have been validated on the New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR, powered by Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony)’s Altair device according to a statement from Anritsu.

The ME7873NR has acquired Global Certification Forum (GCF) certification for NB-IoT RF conformance testing in the Certification Agreement Group (CAG)#78* for the first time in the industry. The conformance tests are defined by 3GPP in TS 36.521-4 corresponding to the core requirements of TS 36.102 and have been submitted by Anritsu to the 3GPP Radio Access Network Working Group 5 (RAN WG5).

Product Outline
The ME7873NR is an automated system for 3GPP TS 38.521/TS 38.533 5G NR RF and RRM tests.

The ME7873NR supports NB-IoT NTNs as specified in 3GPP TS36.521-3 and TS36.521-4, in anticipation of future support for 5G NTNs. Customers can also upgrade from ME7873LA to ME7873NR by simply adding a control PC. Anritsu contributes to a smooth transition from NB-IoT NTN to NR NTN.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Anritsu on this important initiative," said Levana Asraf Fouks, Sr. Director, System Validation & PM Manager, System Engineering at Sony Semiconductor Israel. "Our combined expertise means that our customers benefit from enhanced capabilities to meet their own evolving needs. By partnering with Anritsu from the early stages, we’re able to work towards a swift certification process for modules and devices. The validation of NTN NB-IoT RF conformance tests is a major step forward for the industry."

“NTN NB-IoT, which is defined by 3GPP Release 17, is a standard determining the current use of NB-IoT in the NTN and enables new use cases and monetization opportunities for vertical industry segments,” said Keiji Kameda, General Manager of the Mobile Solutions Division at Anritsu Corporation. “We are proud that our collaboration with Sony enables us to help the industry validate new features so they can quickly reach the market and attain certification in GCF/PTCRB to realize new devices that enable new applications.”

* Determined by Anritsu: April 2024.

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Fieldbus-independent software applications strengthened.

FieldComm Group has become the twenty third member of the PACTware Consortium. The PACTware application is now available for download through FieldComm Group. When users install PACTware, all currently registered HART Communication Protocol FDI Device Packages will also be installed.

“PACTware has been used for years by engineers to configure individual devices that support FDT/DTM technology. We wanted to provide this same level of support for devices using FDI Device Packages. With PACTware 6.1 support of FDI technology, this desire is now realized,” stated Paul Sereiko, Director Marketing and Product Strategy at FieldComm Group. “By including registered HART FDI Device Packages in FieldComm Group’s PACTware download we’ve made it very easy for end users to configure devices with FDI and evaluate FDI specific features like User Interface Plugins (UIPs).”

With the support of FDI technology in PACTware 6.1, PACTware becomes one of the few manufacturer- and fieldbus-independent software applications to support the two leading device integration technologies, FDI and FDT/DTM, within a single tool.

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Tuesday 11 June 2024

More HMI/SCADA capabilities.

Truly unlimited tag counts, clients, and scalability—combined with access to advanced AI/ML analytics and CONNECT services—streamline developer workflows, while delivering unprecedented value.

Updated capabilities and commercial models for their award-winning InTouch Unlimited HMI/SCADA software have been advanced by AVEVA*. New features, optimized commercial models, and pricing make it easier for end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and systems integrators (SIs) to develop and scale HMI/SCADA applications from edge-to-cloud, with the ability to incorporate analytics and CONNECT, the company's industrial intelligence platform.

AVEVA InTouch Unlimited empowers system integrators with the most comprehensive suite of HMI/SCADA technology available in the market today. It is an all-inclusive licensing package available in perpetual and subscription models with unlimited tags, clients, and scalability. The InTouch Unlimited package features comprehensive process historian and reporting functionality, equipping users with the ability to collect and unlock the value of data sourced at the edge, and from multiple plants and systems spanning the enterprise. The modernized development tools are now available free of charge and include prebuilt templates to accelerate design productivity, as well as simplified tag and application development workflow leveraging industry standard protocols such as OPC-UA and MQTT.

SIs and users can easily develop, deploy, and scale HMI/SCADA applications using InTouch Unlimited. As a component of the broader AVEVA Operations Control software portfolio, InTouch Unlimited can utilize hybrid-cloud architecture to easily integrate AI features such as predictive quality, throughput, and energy efficiency into traditional HMI/SCADA applications. By pairing AVEVA Operations Control with CONNECT, developers can consolidate operations data from various production lines, plants, and value chains. This provides a centralized view of operations and allows the system to scale with business growth without the need for application redevelopment.

InTouch continues to be an innovation leader in HMI/SCADA since the technology’s inception over three decades ago. AVEVA is committed to delivering products that make it easy to evaluate our software portfolio, develop tailored solutions, and scale to meet growing business needs. Doug Warren, AVEVA’s Senior Vice President, Monitoring & Control Business, emphasizes this user-focused approach. “AVEVA InTouch Unlimited provides unprecedented value for our system integration partners,” says Warren. “This new offer, coupled with our focus on technical enablement through the Heroes HQ forum and bite sized video-based training content, makes choosing AVEVA HMI/SCADA products easier than ever.”

* In 2014, Schneider Electric acquired Invensys PLC, the owner of the Wonderware software brand and many others, to form a new software business unit. AVEVA and Schneider Electric’s software business merged in 2018 under the AVEVA name, with a combined set of software solutions. In 2021, AVEVA acquired OSIsoft combining world-class data management together with AVEVA’s leading industrial software.

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Buzzing for the environment.

Anglia Components has announced a new environmental resource hub on its British and European eCommerce platform, which aims to provide environmental information on each of its supply partners in one place. This will reduce the time buyers and compliance engineers are required to spend on compliance documentation when analysing supply chains to determine their own corporate environmental impact and ethical status. For each of Anglia’s authorised supply partners the hub provides links to various environmental and ethical statements, such as the manufacturer’s environmental policy, its position on conflict materials, REACH, Modern Slavery and EU sanctions against Russia.

John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia, commented: “The manufacturers listed have confirmed they are committed to compliance with environmental regulations with the ultimate aim of protecting the environment and making prudent use of natural resources. By presenting their statements or certifications in one place, our customers can easily see the commitment their supply chain partners are making, speeding their own regulatory processes.”

Anglia is highly committed to improving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. A raft of measures have been introduced over the past 18 months, including:

    New packaging which reduces waste and is both reusable and recyclable
    • Reduced air miles for components
    • Smart building practices
    • Environmentally friendly company transport policies
And most recently to align with its other sustainable practices and to support elements of their ISO14001 accreditation, Anglia also integrated 5 beehives into its 2 acre landscaped distribution centre site. The introduction of bees helps in maintaining a healthy balance within the local ecosystem by pollinating plants, ensuring their reproduction, and aiding in the overall sustainability of the surrounding environment.
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High-performance, high-quality, medium-size display module.

The launch of a new 6.4-inch industrial TFT display module has been announced by JDIT-K (JDI Taiwan Kaohsiung). The TX16D209VM0BAB features XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and employs IPS (in-plane switching) display technology to ensure excellent optical performance and consistent colour reproduction.

The latest LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) process implemented in the 6.4-inch TFT display module enables high resolution, high brightness and increased pixel density while maintaining low power consumption. With a contrast ratio of 1500:1, brightness of 1500 cd/m², 60% NTSC colour gamut and 200 PPI (pixels per inch), the display delivers exceptional optical performance and elevated levels of colour saturation and image stability. Additionally, the display features a dimmable backlight with a maximum power consumption of 4.5W and a LED lifetime of 70,000 hours. Across the operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, the optical performance remains sustainable and consistent.

The 6.4-inch display module has external mechanical dimensions of 153.0mm (w) x 118.0mm (l) x 8.7mm (d) with an active display area of 129.8mm (w) x 97.3mm (h). The 20-pin LVDS data interface supports 8-bit RGB data, enabling a colour palette of up to 16.7 million colours.

Benson Huang, marketing manager, JDIT-K, said, “The new 6.4-inch JDIT-K XGA display meets and supports customers' needs for a high-performance, high-quality medium-sized TFT display module. IPS technology ensures exceptional colour performance and highly accurate image reproduction.” JDIT-K is committed to developing and providing premium, high-quality display modules and ensuring long-term product availability, which is essential for many industrial systems and equipment.

The new TX16D209VM0BAB TFT display module is an electrically and mechanically compatible, drop-in replacement for the existing TX16D201VM0BAB display module, which is now in an end-of-life (EOL) phase. Among the medium-size 6.4-inch to 6.5-inch, 4:3 format TFT display modules available on the market, the new JDIT-K display module offers XGA resolution, making it suitable for customers with 6.5-inch VGA displays looking to develop next-generation products.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, typical applications for the new JDIT-K 6.4-inch TFT display include medical ultrasound devices, industrial endoscopes, aviation systems, robotic controllers and agricultural equipment. The new TX16D209VM0BAB TFT display module is now available through JDIT-K's distribution sales partners.

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Next-generation robotics accelerates advanced more sustainable automation.

Unique, single control architecture integrates ABB Robotics’ complete range of hardware and software

OmniCore™ is an intelligent automation platform just launched by ABB Robotics, that is faster, more precise and more sustainable, to empower, enhance and futureproof businesses. The new platform, the result of more than $170 million of investment in next generation robotics, is a step change to a modular and futureproof control architecture that will enable the full integration of AI, sensor, cloud and edge computing systems to create the most advanced and autonomous robotic applications.

“For our customers, automation is a strategic requirement as they seek greater flexibility, simplicity and efficiency in response to the global megatrends of labor shortages, uncertainty and the need to operate more sustainably,” said Sami Atiya, President of ABB’s Robotics & Discrete Automation Business Area. “Through our development of advanced mechatronics, AI and vision systems, our robots are more accessible, more capable, more flexible and more mobile than ever. But increasingly they must also work seamlessly together, with us and each other, to take on more tasks in more places. This is why we are launching OmniCore, a new milestone in our 50-year history in robotics; a unique, single control architecture – one platform, and one language that integrates our complete range of leading hardware and software.”

OmniCore’s class-leading motion performance delivers robot path accuracy at a level of less than 0.6mm, with multiple robots running at high speeds of up to 1,600mm per second. This opens new automation opportunities in precision areas such as arc welding, mobile phone display assembly, gluing and laser cutting. Overall, OmniCore enables robots to operate up to 25 percent faster and to consume up to 20 percent less energy compared to the previous ABB controller.

OmniCore is built on a scalable, modular control architecture that offers a wide array of functions to create almost any application imaginable, making it suitable for businesses embracing automation in existing and new segments, such as biotechnology and construction, amongst many others. With over 1,000 hardware and software features, customers can design, operate, maintain, and optimize operations easily. This is enabled by software features including ABB's Absolute Accuracy, and PickMaster® Twin, as well as hardware options spanning from external axis and vision systems to fieldbuses.

“The OmniCore difference is its ability to manage motion, sensors and application equipment in a single holistic unified system,” said Marc Segura, Division President ABB Robotics. “OmniCore opens the door to the entire ABB Robotics portfolio of hardware and software, in any combination under a single control platform, offering endless possibilities and more avenues for value creation. For example, OmniCore enables automotive manufacturers to increase production speed, offering tremendous competitive advantage, increasing press tending production from 12 to 15 strokes per minute to produce 900 parts per hour. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary in Robotics, we believe that OmniCore offers the potential for many more industry breakthroughs, empowering our customers across all sectors to meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

OmniCore is the latest development in ABB Robotics’ 50 years of innovation*, starting with the world’s first microprocessor-controlled robot in 1974, the launch of RobotStudio® software in 1998 and the acquisition of Sevensense in 2024, to bring industry-leading AI-based navigation technology to its mobile robots.

Omnicore replaces ABB Robotics IRC5 controller which will be phased out in June 2026. ABB will continue to support its customers using IRC5 with spare parts and services through the remaining lifetime of the robot.

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