Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Accelerating workload consolidation.

Embedded solutions effectively reduce basic equipment and utilize more existing resources; furthermore, they also provide a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet the needs of various workloads, facilitating the integration of different devices and simplifying the architecture. DFI has taken the lead in jointly integrating ultra-compact embedded products, and Intel display chip processors to promote iGPU (Integrated Graphics) SR-IOV virtualization technology and commercialize modules.

With the current Software-Defined AIoT trend, hardware-supported virtualization technology is essential in the application environment. DFI products ranging from the industrial grade motherboard, ADS310, equipped with 12th generation Intel CPU, to the EC70A-TGU system and tablets, leverage virtualization technology to integrate and set up multiple virtual platform spaces. In addition to optimizing operations, it saves the cost of connecting data to the cloud and improves yield and efficiency.

DFI President Alexander Su said, “Benefiting from Intel’s technology and the support of SR-IOV architecture, the hardware can execute different operating systems through a single CPU and integrate large amounts of shared data. Due to substantial improvement in drawing performance within a virtual environment, features such as color recognition, measurements, and appearance flaw detection have increased in speed.”

Intel believes that cost considerations are a vital concern in industrial automation. DFI’s hardware can support SR-IOV virtualization technology. Through workload consolidation, it can improve cost efficiency, resolve the long term problem of graphics computing performance, and fulfill the needs of large-scale deployments in application fields.

DFI’s ECI and EIAMR products have been tested by Intel’s ESDQ, and DFI and Intel have released a technical white paper. Through working closely with Intel, DFI continues to assist and optimize the development of various services in IoT applications, accelerating the realization of Software-Defined IoT.

Smart poles and smart retail are also gradually moving toward the trend of workload integration. Smart Poles can identify pedestrian behavior with roadside and vehicle equipment and synchronize the data to the smart poles. Many devices can also execute high-performance AI edge computing and speed up people flow detection, people counting, monitoring, etc. Regarding smart retail, identification systems can be implemented to determine consumer age and gender to understand customers.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Wireless test set.

The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A/MT8872A, just announced by the Anritsu Corporation, supports Wi-Fi 7 TRX tests by software options of the WLAN 802.11be TX Measurement MX887034A and WLAN 802.11be Waveforms MV887034A. The set has excellent test features for manufacturing inspection of various wireless communications equipment, modules, etc., while also supporting all prior Wi-Fi TRX test standards (IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ax).

These MX887034A and MV887034A add test features for the latest WLAN IEEE 802.11be Wi-Fi 7 standard to the MT8870A/MT8872A. These software options facilitate Wi-Fi 7 TRX testing without changing the manufacturing software and production line configurations. By releasing these software options, Anritsu helps customers to optimize the efficiency of their equipment investment.

Along with smartphones and tablets, all kinds of things such as home appliances, automobiles and factory equipment are connecting to the network, and future numbers of IoT devices are expected to increase. Network data traffic is also likely to continue increasing due to the increase in numbers of IoT devices and amounts of rich content. On the other hand, the capacity of cellular communication networks, mainly used for mobile phones, is limited. Therefore, offloading mobile data to the WLAN network is important to reduce traffic congestion.

The latest Wi-Fi 7 WLAN standard uses a wider channel bandwidth and higher-order modulation to increase data-traffic capacity. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 7 has a multi-link feature to improve the stability of even congested networks. Introduction of Wi-Fi 7 helps implement a more robust communications environment, which is expected to drive further demand for Wi-Fi 7 devices.

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PLC controllers.

Simplified programming, support for multiple communication protocols for industrial control systems 

Delta is introducing the compact, mid-range AX-300N and AX-324N PLC controllers. 
These AX-3 series controllers offer a CODESYS development environment to enable intelligent industrial automation applications. Compatibility with Delta AS Series IO products and support for a broad range of industrial communication protocols including PLCopen v1.0 function blocks, Ethernet/IP, and OPC UA server ensure compatibility across a wide range of automation applications such as packaging, food and beverages, ceramics, textiles, and energy.

For distributed RIO or conventional setups.
The new PLC controllers expand Delta’s product portfolio, offering customers more options both for conventional control systems with I/O capabilities integrated into the controller as well as distributed remote input/output (distributed RIO) setups.

The AX-300N is a cost-effective solution that provides compatibility with the complete Delta AS-Series IO portfolio. It’s well-suited to distributed RIO environments which can offer considerable advantages including savings on cabling, easier scalability, and greater system design flexibility.

The AX-300N and AX-324N at a glance
• High performance processing with high data capacity and execution speed
• AS module compatibility for access to Delta’s comprehensive IO portfolio
• Support for major fieldbus technologies simplifies integration of 3rd-party devices
• Cost-effective access to CODESYS-based motion control

For conventional installations, the AX-324N offers 16 integrated digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 6 HSC channels at 200 kHz. Both models provide dual Ethernet ports with support for EtherNet /IP (scanner/ adapter) and OPC UA server.

High-performance CPU and broad protocol support.
With the most recent update, the high-performance CPU inside both the AX-300N and AX-324N provides support for FTP/SFTP, MQTT, Profinet Slave and IOLink communications protocols. These communications features now make it possible to import third-party CODESYS.

Faster time-to-market with DIADesigner-AX.
DIADesigner-AX software integrates CODESYS into Delta’s DIAStudio software platform. The environment provides support from the planning stage through execution and commissioning. It simplifies the implementation of both simple and complex motion control, including single- and multi-axis movements, gearing, ECAMs and interpolation. It also helps to ensure compliance with international standards such as IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen. Software developers will benefit from integrated tools including an oscilloscope, simulator, and CAM editor.

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Tools bring faster integration for developers.

Teledyne FLIR has launched a comprehensive online developer support series for the new Boson®+ thermal camera and Hadron™ 640R dual camera module. The program includes integration support videos and additional online content, offering tips and documentation to help reduce risk while simplifying thermal product development in defense, industrial, and emerging use cases.

“Teledyne FLIR provides data packages like comprehensive user guides, drawings, and app notes as well as GUIs, SDKs, and development kits to support the integration of our thermal camera modules in drones, handhelds, security products, and more,”
said Dan Walker, vice president, product management, Teledyne FLIR. “The integration support series is a key differentiator for Teledyne FLIR where we provide online support to enable our customers to start developing with our hardware, software, and tools immediately.”

Teledyne FLIR offers the most comprehensive development-to-production support in the industry. The new video and download series includes guidance on setting up radiometry, tuning, lens calibration, and software and MIPI integration for Boson+. Step-by-step instructions get integrators started interfacing the Hadron 640R with cutting-edge Qualcomm and NVIDIA embedded systems. Additional content will be added as available to continue to support integrators get to market faster.

Plug-and-Play Integration
With a thermal sensitivity of 20 millikelvin (mK), Boson+ is the most sensitive longwave infrared (LWIR) camera line in the market and is a drop-in upgrade for the widely deployed Boson thermal camera module. Hadron 640R pairs a performance-leading 640x512 resolution radiometric Boson® thermal camera with a 64MP visible camera in a single easy-to-integrate module. Designed to optimize size, weight, and power (SWaP) and manufactured in the USA, the Boson+ and Hadron 640R are ideal for integration in unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), automotive, wearables, security applications, handhelds, and thermal sights.

Full Support for the Entire Product Lifecycle
The Teledyne FLIR advantage reduces cost and risk from development to production to product support. Designed for integrators and with industry-leading warranties, the SWaP and cost-optimized high-performance thermal camera modules are AI-compatible and can include factory-integrated lenses to speed development. Integration is made easy with application notes, videos, tools, and support from the applications team to enable optimized camera performance. 

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Thermal imager for harsh industrial and environmental conditions.

AmetekLand’s latest thermal imager offers reliable, continuous temperature measurements and smart functionalities for a growing range of industrial and environmental applications.

Providing continuous and reliable temperature measurements in harsh industrial and environmental conditions, the LWIR-640 long-wavelength thermal imager delivers a full temperature measurement range of -20 to 1000 °C (32 to 1832 °F) in three ranges. It also offers a choice of different optics and field of view (FOV) options.

Advanced image quality is achieved through the imager’s high-pixel thermal resolution, with unmatched homogeneity across the entire image. With its smart Industry 4.0 capabilities, integrated webserver and autonomous functionalities, bi-directional I/O options, robust measurements, and thermographic imagery, the LWIR-640 is ideal for use in a range of applications, including automation, machine vision, and process control.

The LWIR-640 thermal imager is ideal for accurate and reliable temperature measurements in critical industrial applications, including blast furnaces. It allows plant operators to remotely detect any problems, such as structural damage, which could cause downtime or unsafe conditions. It can also help ensure process materials are kept at the correct temperature levels as they are transported.

Other applications include flare stacks or pilot flame detection in the petrochemical industry, hot-spot detection in storage, and monitoring furnace shells, transformers, battery charging stations, or substations.

Users will see the measurements and clear, detailed thermal profiles through live streaming of temperature images at up to 60 frames per second. This will allow them to continuously control, document, and visualise the industrial process.

Configuration is simple using the integrated webserver, with all smart-intelligent functions and I/O options, ensuring that an on-site view of the image is possible without the need for additional software. This provides easy camera access, control, and setup, and enables the camera to be used autonomously or integrated into existing or new processes.

The thermal imagers are easily integrated into new or existing process control systems, providing smart system solutions for process monitoring and control applications.

The power over ethernet (PoE) GBit-Ethernet one-cable connection provides easy installation and maintenance, leading to Industry 4.0 opportunities, and integration into plant control systems and data managing systems. In addition to the picture and thermal high-resolution and image qualities, it opens up completely autonomous operation, on-board I/O's and an integrated web server, ready for IoT and INDUSTRY 4.0 interfacing and bi-directional data communication.

An extensive range of accessories is available for the LWIR-640, including enclosures for cooling and protection, as well as mechanical and electrical accessories.

Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager at AMETEK Land, said: “The LWIR-640 is an important part of our leading family of stationary thermal imaging cameras and furnace thermal imaging systems.

“Covering the full range of industrial applications, temperature and spectral ranges, this smart camera family is ground-breaking. In conjunction with the advanced IMAGEPro thermal imaging process control software, a variety of thermography-based application solutions can be implemented to optimise, document and control processes, as well as save energy and emissions such as CO2.”

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Future-proofing data communication networks.

Compact gigabit Ethernet switches meet current and future requirements of mission critical networks

A powerful range of compact industrial Ethernet switches and routers has been launched by Westermo, to meet the increasing demands for high-performance data communication networks within transportation, manufacturing and energy distribution. The new Lynx 3000 series has been designed to provide outstanding levels of performance, reliability and security, with gigabit speeds and advanced functionality to support the requirements of both current and future networks.

“We have designed the Lynx 3000 series to not only meet current networking challenges, but also with the needs of tomorrow's industrial data networks in mind,”
said Henrik Jerregård, VP products and marketing at Westermo. “As with all Westermo products, reliability and ease of use are fundamental but this powerful switching platform also offers impressive performance and is capable of handling the increased bandwidth requirements of future networks.”

The new range provides layer 2 and layer 3 functionality, enabling the management of complex ring networks and routing solutions. A wide range of models ensure suitability for many different use cases, including applications requiring very high performance. With entry-level models optimised for Fast Ethernet application and variants supporting up to 2.5 gigabit speeds, the series is ideal for handling big data, high bandwidth and mission-critical applications. As with all Westermo Ethernet products, the Lynx 3000 series is powered by the WeOS operating system, which along with an intuitive web interface for set-up and configuration reduces complexity by simplifying the installation, operation and maintenance of individual devices and complete networks. This removes the need for specialised IT support or training. WeOS also protects investments by ensuring continuous support for an expanding range of communication protocols and features.

Recognising the growing sophistication of cyberattacks, an extensive suite of cybersecurity tools is available to reduce risk and increase cyber resilience. These can be used to build networks in compliance with the IEC 62443 standard, which defines technical security requirements for data communication network components.

The Lynx 3000 series is designed for heavy industry, marine and rail trackside applications. The switches are tested to meet a broad range of industry standards for use in the harshest industrial environments, including those with high electromagnetic interference, extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration. An IP40-rated all-metal housing, industrial grade components and a high level of isolation between interfaces helps to extend service life and creates an extremely reliable solution that contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

It also includes versions with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, that help to reduce network complexity and cost by providing communications and power over a single cable. With advanced PoE management features and up to 30W of power output from each port, these switches can be used to connect HD IP CCTV cameras in industrial settings and for other power-hungry applications.

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Friday, 2 June 2023

150 years in hydrology and meteorological measurement.

For 150 years, OTT HydroMet’s product brand, ‘OTT’ has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering state-of-the-art hydrological and meteorological instrumentation. Originating in Germany, OTT has since expanded to be a global industry leader providing the highest quality products, customized solutions, and technical support.

OTT HydroMet plans to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the OTT product brand with a five-month event highlighting new innovations, special customer events, global success stories, and more.

• New Innovations: The OTT brand continues to innovate with its latest release of the OTT PLS 500, smart pressure level sensor and the OTT ecoLog 1000, an all-in-one level logger and telemetry solution now with conductivity measurements.
• Special Events: A series of both private and public customer-facing events are scheduled across the globe including a dedicated customer event, Anwenderforum, at the Kempten headquarters in September.
• OTT Product Brand Archives: In this digital social campaign, followers will be guided through the history of the OTT brand, recounting inspiring moments and stories that contributed to the advancement of environmental monitoring.

“This significant milestone for OTT HydroMet occurs at a time when our mission of enabling decisions that protect lives and the environment is more important than ever,” stated Tom Bolling, President, OTT HydroMet.
“With our commitment to this mission and to our customers, OTT HydroMet will continue inspiring, enabling and sharing our expertise with generations of scientists, engineers, and hydrologists around the world.”

The OTT HydroMet Anniversary celebrations kicked off this May and continues through October 2023.

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