Tuesday 27 February 2024

Communication gateways for industry.

The latest Industrial Communication Gateway series by Advantech has been announced. They are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the green energy market. This groundbreaking series featuring the new models, ECU-1370 and ECU-1260, represents years of continuous development and innovation and reflects Advantech's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The ECU-1370 and ECU-1260 models are the highlights of this series, embodying cutting-edge technology and robust features tailored for green energy applications.

The ECU-1370 is designed with a Cortex®-A53 Quad core 1.3GHz processor, 4GB DDR4, and 32GB eMMC, making it ideal for demanding applications. It offers multiple communication interfaces including 1 x CAN, 1 x RS-232/485, and 3 x GbE, along with 24 DI and 6 Relay outputs. This model operates efficiently in a wide temperature range of -40 to 80°C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.

The ECU-1260 is equipped with a Cortex®-A35 Dual Core 1GHz processor, 2GB DDR3L, and 16GB eMMC. It provides 1 x CAN, 3 x RS-232/485, and 2 x GbE interfaces. This model also features a durable design, capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C, making it suitable for diverse industrial settings.

Enhanced connectivity with innovative software bundles.
The Industrial Communication Gateway series stands out with its robust and versatile features, including multi-protocol support, high-performance IoT capabilities, and an industrial-grade design ensuring reliability in challenging environments. Most of the gateways are equipped with EdgeLink software, supporting over 200 OT drivers to connect to various devices, and enable smooth data flow across diverse protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 60870, OCPP, DNP3, and more. Also, leveraging the power of Advantech’s EdgeHub SaaS, the gateways in the large-scale infrastructures can be remotely monitored and managed on the single platform, saving 30% on setup and maintenance. The comprehensive gateway solutions facilitate seamless edge-to-cloud integration and simplifies the management of renewable energy systems like solar and wind power.

Continuously fulfilling commitment to sustainability.
Advantech's Industrial Communication Gateway series is not just a technological advancement but also a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. By focusing on the green energy market, the company contributes to global efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources. The series is expected to play a pivotal role in the management of solar, wind, and other renewable energy systems, offering enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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Monday 26 February 2024

Undisturbed power.

The MF 320 IEC inlet EMC filter available now from EMIS improves EMI immunity of electronic equipment while adding a safety isolating dual pole switch and dual fusing. 
Designed to supress any undesirable incoming disturbances present on power lines the MF 320 also reduces any system noise being reflected on to the mains supply.

The EMIS MF 320 meets the increasing demands of industrial, medical and ITE equipment to meet EMC regulations. Applications include Automation, Robotics, Motor drives, White Goods, Monitors, Clinical, Cosmetic and Patient Use medical equipment and Energy Meter Test Systems.

Key features include:
• Input Voltage - 250/260 VAC @ 50, 60, 400Hz.
• Power rating – available in 1A, 3A, 6A, 10A versions.
• Operating temperature range - 25°C to +85°C.
• Designed to meet – UL 60939-3, CSA 22.2 No. 8-13, IEC 60939-1&2.
• Custom designed versions available.

EMIS aims to offer an end-to-end solution to meet industry’s ongoing EMI Challenges. Customers are supported by a very experienced consulting team, a fully equipped Pre-Compliance Lab and a huge safety certified standard product offering of over 2500 part numbers produced in their own very efficient plant.

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Heavy duty high temp connections.

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Amphenol M12, heavy-duty HDM12 high-temperature connector. It has been engineered for harsh applications with elevated vibration and challenging environmental conditions.

The HDM12 excels in harsh and heavy-duty surroundings. Applications will include Heavy Equipment, Heavy-Duty Automotive, Railway Mass Transit, Factory Automation, High-Temperature Manufacturing and any wet environment, including exposure to sea and spray. In fact, any application where an ultra-rugged connector is needed.

The temperature range is -40 °C ~ 125°C, the current rating is 4A and the voltage rating is 50 VAC, 60 VDC. The HDM12 is IP68 Waterproof Rated at 1M for 24 hours when in a mated condition. It is also salt spray rated for 240h in a mated condition. The HDM12 can withstand very harsh vibration conditions - it has a Vibration Resistance of 20G as per SAE J2839.

The Mechanical Shock rating is 50G as per SAE J2839. Approvals include UL1977 and IEC 61076-2-101.

Inelco Hunter's in-depth engineering support ensures rapid implementation and speeding up the customer’s time-to-market. Inelco Hunter’s engineers will work with the SME engineers. This added-value support is at the core of Inelco Hunter’s philosophy, and has been for the last 30 years, setting them apart from the "stock & ship" distributors.

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Friday 23 February 2024

Combined PLC+HMI increases display size and options.

A large 7” vivid multi-touch display, with an integrated controller and expandable I/O, enables handling more applications than ever before.

IDEC Corporation has expanded its SmartAXIS touch family with the new FT2J Series  combined PLC+HMI. A compact all-in-one form factor combines built-in full function controller features and functions, both onboard and expandable I/O, and an advanced technology 7” touchscreen display, providing many advantages for a wide variety of industries.

An all-in-one PLC+HMI is compact and consumes far less panel space than separate units. Because the PLC and HMI are internally connected, require only one power supply, and share the same network connection, installation is simplified. The FT2J is ready to use and communicate right out of the box, and end users perform configuration with an intuitive and easy-to-use integrated development environment for both PLC and HMI functions, cutting configuration and programming time.

The integrated PLC and HMI each have their own dedicated CPU and user memory for optimized scan time performance, and they communicate natively with each other. Built-in I/O includes 14 points of DC discrete inputs (5 of them configurable as high-speed counters), and 4 points of analog inputs (configurable as 0-10VDC or 4-20mA). A relay version provides 8 points of relay outputs, while transistor versions provide 6 points sinking or 6 points sourcing of discrete outputs (4 of them configurable as pulse outputs) and 2 points of 0-10VDC or 4-20mA analog outputs.

The FT2J supports up to two expansion cartridges of discrete or analog I/O, with a number of options offered including a 2-point RTD/thermocouple analog input version. All analog inputs and outputs are 12-bit resolution.

The HMI’s projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) advanced technology—similar to what is used for smartphones and tablets—saves space and improves performance. Besides being water- and scratch-resistant, PCAP is responsive and provides a high tolerance to resist false signals when dirt or water droplets are present on the face of the HMI. Fewer layers and better light transmission ratings mean less backlight power is needed, and the display provides an industry-leading 500 cd/m² brightness level and 50,000-hour backlight life. A small bezel provides the greatest possible display area compared with the installation footprint, and the entire package requires only a shallow mounting depth clearance. In addition to being multi-touch, users can interact with the touch HMI while using thin gloves.

The glass-top design is wear resistant and delivers a long life, even in harsh environments. A battery-free design using a hyper-capacitor, and a long 50,000 hour rated backlight life, makes these units low maintenance. Ratings for extreme temperatures from -20 to 55˚C, IP66 and IP67 for wash-down areas, IP66F and IP67F for oil resistance, UL60101, UL Type 4X/12/13, and Class I Div 2 mean the FT2J PLC+HMI can be used in a wide range of applications and locations.

All PLC and HMI configuration is accessed through IDEC’s standard WindOI-NV4 software, which is easy-to-use and intuitive, with a drag-and-drop interface and extensive image library. Projects can automatically be converted from one HMI size to another within seconds. Script programming, PIDD loop control, multilingual capabilities, security, trend charts, data logs, alarm logs, and other functions and features are supported for both the

Two USB-A ports support flash drives for data logging, recipes, and program transfer—along with dongles for speakers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The embedded Ethernet port provides users with easy access for remote maintenance and communication as well as Modbus TCP protocols and other intelligent devices. The built-in RS232C and RS422/485 serial communication ports support Modbus RTU and also allow the FT2J to communicate to other serial devices like barcode readers or temperature controllers.

Many communication options are available for users to create automation and IIoT solutions incorporating multiple industrial protocols, the FTP protocol, remote monitoring and control, email/text messaging, iOS and Android apps, and custom web pages.

The IDEC FT2J 7” touchscreen PLC+HMI uses modern technologies, an optimal display size, and an efficiently sized form factor, making it the ideal solution for industrial applications that simply don’t have available space or I/O content to justify larger and more complex individual HMI and PLC installations. The FT2J is ideal for many laboratory, commercial, and industrial applications throughout industries like food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, and agriculture. Designers of test equipment, HVAC systems, pump controls, remote wells and booster stations, and other OEM machines and process skids are finding the FT2J to be the best fit as a control and visualization solution.


Thursday 22 February 2024

A secret weapon against leaks.

"Customers have been asking us to make sure that we can prove something that's completely leak-free."

Jason Sewell
Air Power East, a family-run business with over 30 years of experience as a premier distributor of Atlas Copco, specializes in providing high-quality compressed air systems to various industries across East Anglia. Under the leadership of Jason Sewell, the company has established a strong reputation for delivering reliable and efficient solutions.

However, they faced a significant challenge in ensuring their systems were completely leak-free, a concern shared by their clients, including an agricultural manufacturer managed by Paul Musgrove. Jason highlighted the issue, stating, "Customers have been asking us to make sure that we can prove something that's completely leak-free."

Concurrently, Paul Musgrove was seeking an effective way to manage and maintain their compressed air systems, with a specific focus on reducing energy waste and operational costs, emphasizing the need to "save money where we can, especially with energy prices as they are."

This dual challenge called for an innovative approach to maintain Air Power East's commitment to quality and efficiency while addressing the specific needs of their clients.

To address the intertwined challenges, Jason reached out to Baseline-RTS, an independent supplier of training and predictive maintenance equipment. They introduced Air Power East to the FLIR Si124 camera, an advanced acoustic imaging tool, capable of accurately detecting air leaks. Jason explains, "We sat down and did a bit of market research on a few different models and then came to the top. So, we contacted FLIR to come along and show us the Si124, and we've loved it ever since."

The Si124 is a lightweight, one-handed tool designed to quickly locate pressurized leaks in compressed air systems or detect partial discharge from high-voltage electrical systems. It is equipped with 124 microphones to produce a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information. This image is transposed in real time on top of a digital camera picture, allowing users to accurately pinpoint the source of sound. The Si124 camera can detect issues up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, even in loud industrial environments. Additionally, it is compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio suite for offline editing, analysis, and advanced report creation, and it can help facilities save money on utility bills and delay the expense of installing new compressors.

The use of the Si124 camera brought about transformative results. Jason explained the camera's effectiveness: "We've managed to walk around with the customer, showing them exactly what we're finding on our screen. And if we do find any small leaks, we can rectify them and then we can prove to the customer that their system is leak-free." This approach not only heightened the efficiency of the compressed air systems but also solidified customer trust in Air Power East's services.

Quantitative results underscore the Si124's impact. The camera enabled the detection of leaks amounting to approximately 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM), which is roughly 50 liters per second. This translates to about 18.5 kilowatts of compressor power, leading to substantial energy and cost savings, particularly in light of rising energy prices.

Air Power East's adoption of the FLIR Si124 camera to address the complex challenges in compressed air systems illustrates the power of innovative technology in industrial settings. The successful detection and rectification of air leaks not only enhanced operational efficiency but also led to considerable energy and cost savings for the agricultural manufacturer. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of advanced tools in solving intricate industrial problems and highlights the importance of technology-driven solutions in optimizing industrial processes.

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Rugged PC connects industrial floor to cloud.

Delivers high-performance computing for industrial edge data visualization applications

The new PACSystems™ IPC 2010 Compact Industrial PC (IPC) has been announced by Emerson. This is a rugged industrial computer designed to handle a wide range of machine and discrete part manufacturing automation applications. The new solution is designed to serve manufacturing sites and OEM machine builders who need a ruggedized, compact, durable IPC to cost-effectively support their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other digital transformation initiatives.

The IPC 2010 addresses this by pre-loading the PACEdge™ industrial edge platform and elements of Movicon.NExT™ SCADA software, helping users run applications quickly using browser-based configuration. Provisions are included for keeping the software platform current and passively maintained, minimizing user effort, while maximizing reliability.

Running an industrial version of Linux, and including serial and Ethernet connectivity, the IPC 2010 can be used as a communications gateway in a variety of topologies, and simultaneously or separately as an edge computing device. Users can implement the IPC 2010 as a flexible protocol converter—and for many other computing functions—in many IIoT, edge, OT/IT convergence, HMI visualization, SCADA connectivity, and digital transformation roles.

Both the hardware and software are designed to be adaptable, universal, and scalable, providing a standardized and unified user experience that is easy-to-use, powerful, and supported by Emerson’s lifecycle services. The compact form factor IPC 2010 features the widest operating temperature range of any passively cooled IPC, with a low power consumption of just four watts, and tough packaging so it can be installed virtually anywhere.

The IPC 2010 offers an advantageous price/performance ratio, with no ongoing annual licensing costs, or charges for general and cybersecurity updates. Additional features, such as Movicon Connext© or WebHMI, can be activated or added at any time.

“Many customers undergoing a digital transformation want to start small and earn trust as they seek out value from edge-enabled applications,” said William Paczkowski, product manager for the IPC 2010 for Emerson’s discrete automation business. “The IPC 2010 is specifically designed as a pre-packaged and economical solution so they can get running quickly and cost effectively.”

Emerson is already building the IPC 2010 into a range of larger offerings for leak detection, compressed air monitoring, batching systems, cloud enablement services, and other packaged solutions. This flexible industrial technology will enable customers of all types to benefit from their advanced capabilities.

The EMEA Emerson User Group meeting is scheduled for next week (February 27-29 2024) in Duesseldorf (D).

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Cable assemblies & interconnect components from acquisition.

TTI, Inc. - Europe has announced the acquisition of Raffenday Ltd, a specialist manufacturer and distributor of low and high-voltage cable assemblies and interconnect component solutions for the automotive and transportation markets. 

With production and a distribution center in Britain and with facilities in Slovakia, Raffenday’s high-quality, technical resources and value-added services complement TTI’s capabilities. Their specialization in connectivity solutions continues to add versatility and flexibility to support customers’ requirements.
LtoR: Simon Carter, Technical Director, and Simon Blincow, General Manager and Sales Director, Raffenday, Geoff Breed, Vice President Marketing TTI-Europe, Karl Garner, Operations Director, Raffenday.

Raffenday will continue to run independently as part of the TTI Family of Specialists using its 37 years of extensive experience to work alongside the TTI IP&E business to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

“We are delighted to be bringing Raffenday into the TTI Family of IP&E Specialists, and excited about working closely with the Raffenday team,” says Geoff Breed, Vice President Marketing TTI, Inc. – Europe. “There are many synergies between our two companies, including shared ideas on core distribution values and a strong focus on quality and customer service, thus making this acquisition a perfect fit. With a focus on TE Connectivity and Aptiv, two of our main product lines, Raffenday is renowned in the UK for its low- and high-voltage cable assembly solutions as well as interconnect distribution in the automotive and transportation sectors. With a TTI world-class broad and deep inventory, Raffenday now has off-the-shelf access to our complete portfolio to better respond to customers’ specific needs. It’s an exciting time with high-voltage applications growing fast, especially with the accelerated rollout of EV and associated infrastructure, battery energy storage systems (BESS) for renewable energy storage and grid stability enhancements.”

Simon Blincow, General Manager and Sales Director, Raffenday commented: “With a legacy spanning 37 years in the specialised automotive and transportation sectors, Raffenday Ltd proudly joins the TTI family. With TTI’s extensive inventory and renowned expertise as a leading IP&E distributor, we anticipate accelerated growth in the upcoming years. Catering to diverse industries including specialist vehicles, industrial machinery, marine, and the evolving high-voltage and electric vehicle sectors, our alignment with TTI signifies a seamless synergy for Raffenday’s journey ahead.”

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