Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Clinical diagnostics in veterinary laboratories.

BioTe Veterinary Laboratories is using Matrix Gemini Veterinary LIMS to manage their laboratory workflow and analytical data to drive efficient operations in their new purpose-built laboratory facility.
The case study may be downloaded here.

BioTe Veterinary Laboratories provides clinical services to veterinary practices and their clients nationwide. BioTe’s mission is to use the latest tools and techniques to provide high-quality diagnostic results in an efficient and timely manner. The newly opened purpose-built laboratory achieves this by blending the best of a traditional veterinary clinical diagnostic laboratory with the latest analytical techniques and technology. 
Diagnostic services cover the broad spectrum of animal species including Equine, Farm Animals and Small Animals. A broad spectrum of tests are covered including hematology, chemistry, endocrinology, dermatology, cytology, urinalysis, fecal panels and gram stains. Their aim is to be a seamless extension of in-house veterinary capabilities, offering extended know-how and expertise.
Matrix Gemini Veterinary LIMS was chosen as the preferred solution.  “We were keen to find a robust information management system for our diagnostic laboratory. But it also needed to be a flexible and scalable solution that would grow with our business. We wanted a LIMS vendor who would listen to our requirements and adapt the solution over the long haul to meet the needs of our fast-growing business,” said Charlie Pinkham, Veterinary Surgeon and Director of BioTe.
The system includes built-in Matrix Configuration tools, allowing user screens to be configured by authorized users using the graphical editor. Reports have been designed to provide appropriate certificates of analysis containing the required results for clients. As a scalable solution Matrix Gemini can grow to accommodate additional users, locations, and functionality as the needs of BioTe evolve.

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Push-pull connectors.

The LEMO B Series offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged and reliable circular multipole connector for applications needing quick and secure Push-Pull latching. Making it an ideal choice for test and measurement, instrumentation, medical devices, research and audio/video applications.

The modular insert configurations include a wide range of high-density multi-pole or hybrid electrical contacts. Contacts can be of solder type, crimp, PCB straight or PCB elbow, fiber, coaxial, thermocouple, pneumatic, fluidic or even high voltage type of contact.

The B-Series ranges from 00 to 5B size, and features the LEMO "chocolate design" pattern. The LEMO keying system allows for a higher contact density while preventing mismating.

These high quality LEMO connectors are UL listed and cable assembly can be provided.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Relay for solar panels and battery back-up.

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has a highly compact 500V DC power relay aimed at the pre-charge circuits in electric vehicle chargers, battery back-up systems for solar panels and other high current DC applications.
With a high switching capacity and high isolation, the new OMRON G2RG-X is ideal for inrush current control, for example to protect the peripheral circuits when storage battery charging is initiated, as well as in energy storage systems, inverters, servos, power supplies and UPS.
The OMRON G2RG-X achieves its massive 500 VDC, 10A switching capacity within a compact body with a footprint of just 13.5mm X 29.0mm and a height of 26.5mm. The exceptional performance in a small component is a result of OMRON’s arc control structure and a 3.0mm contact gap. Further features include a high level of isolation, with an insulation distance of over 8 mm and an impulse withstand voltage of 10 kV between coil and contacts.
The G2RG-X features a low coil power consumption of just 0.8W and has just one coil as opposed to two in alternative solutions, further reducing energy loss within the device. It is designed for 2-pole series wiring, and has an electrical durability of 10,000 operations in this configuration. The relay is UL and TÜV certified.

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Reliable reservoir opportunity identification.

Streamlined opportunity analysis maximises return on capital investments, shortens decision cycles and lowers risks

Emerson has launched SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity, a fully automated, cloud-native reservoir analytics solution developed in collaboration with Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI). The software is unique in how it applies advanced algorithms, data mining and workflow automation to cut the amount of work required to identify field development opportunities from months to weeks. The comprehensive solution helps oil and gas companies achieve greater return on investment by shortening decision-making cycles and delivering better risk management.

“In today’s turbulent marketplace, our goal is to give customers meaningful analytics to maximise efficiency, optimise reservoir management, and promote digital transformation across the exploration and production landscape,” said Steve Santy, president for exploration and production software at Emerson. “By combining the power of analytics with deep oilfield expertise, SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity provides oil and gas operators with the knowledge needed to better identify opportunity criteria and develop more reliable field development planning.”

The SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity solution features automated geo-engineering workflows for identifying and ranking recompletion, vertical sweet spots and horizontal wells. By analysing historical field performance and benchmarking against analogue assets, the flexible framework intelligently picks the optimal parameters for the identification process, tailored to address the unique geological and engineering challenges posed by each field.

“SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity is digital transformation at its best, allowing asset teams to become hyper-efficient in managing reservoirs. Oil and gas professionals can now identify field development opportunities with 10 times the speed and accuracy compared to present industry norms. Using AI, advanced analytics and automation of complex workflows to deliver capital savings – that is a game changer,” said Dr Nansen Saleri, chairman and CEO of QRI.

Using SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity, reservoir teams can break down multi-disciplinary silos to help mitigate missing and incomplete data for more confident development planning. The software provides a secure cloud-based environment, resulting in much more efficient teamwork, where reservoir teams can collaboratively visualise and analyse ranked opportunities. Once ranked, results can be accessed through an interactive visualisation dashboard for collaborative analysis and validation.

SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity is licensed as a software as a service solution, accessed online via subscription. Emerson is the exclusive global distributor for this application.

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Is that a draught?

Is the window open or closed? For smart homes this is a simple question but when it comes to energy efficiency and safety, it is a critical one. Thanks to the battery-free and wireless RF technology from ZF this question can be answered reliably.

With an integrated energy harvesting switch, there is the possibility to record each locking and unlocking actuation of a window. A leading company in the window system industry has revolutionized the connectivity between windows and smart home control systems with an innovative concept.

The window specialist Schüco International KG based in Germany has designed a solution for integrating the ZF RF switch in a locking latch, the so called "SensTrack wireless". This RF locking latch is attached to the window frame. When opening or closing the window, the fitting will be moved. This leads to the extension and retraction of the locking roller which actuates the ZF radio switch in the locking latch. The mechanical activation is enough to generate a small voltage based on induction which leads to the transmission of several telegrams of the EnOcean3.0 protocol. The signal is processed in a smart home control unit which then triggers customised functions such as climate control. In large buildings this can be especially helpful to monitor the window state and therefore save on energy costs.

The concept benefits from the compact design with high energy output of the ZF energy harvesting switch. With its size of 20.1 x 7.3 x 14.3 mm, it is ideal for applications with limited space requirements. In addition, due to its durable use with a lifetime of one million switching cycles, there is no maintenance work required to frequently change the components within the window frame.

The RF Switch is battery-free and the wireless technology provides flexibility in use. It can be utilized with different RF protocols - BLE5.0, EnOcean3.0 or ZigBee. The system can also be implemented for diverse applications in the smart home, building and industrial automation sectors, for applications such as lighting, shutters, and doors. With the help of these ZF products, comfort, safety and energy efficiency can be increased and improved in a smart way.

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Monday, 30 November 2020

Secure product development lifecycle.

HMS Networks is now certified according to the IEC62443-4-1:2018 standard. The certification process was performed by TÜV Rheinland to validate a secure product development lifecycle process within industrial automation and control systems. 

IEC62443-4-1 is part of the IEC 62443-4:2018(E) standard which specifies the process requirements for secure development of products used in industrial automation and control systems. Receiving the IEC62443-4-1 certificate is yet another step on HMS’s cybersecurity journey. The certificate confirms that HMS has a process in place for secure product design, technology to handle vulnerability disclosures, and the ability to transparently work with customers to help them manage security risks. 

“The automation industry needs partners that can provide technology and services which protect the users’ most valuable assets,” says Timo Van´t Hoff, CPO of HMS. “When companies work with HMS, they can rest assured that we always have security in mind, and that security is continually addressed in our daily work” 

The new certification was independently performed by TÜV Rheinland, and the IEC62443-4-1 certificate is adding to an expanding list of acknowledgments for HMS' success in helping customers strengthen their cybersecurity within the area of industrial automation and control systems.

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Friday, 27 November 2020

Connections to the moon!

Within a short time SMP connectors from Rosenberger will be taking a long trip: the first ever LTE cellular network on the moon will be operational by the end of 2022. Long-term tested and successfully qualified SMP connectors for aerospace applications will be core components for enabling fast, precise and highly reliable satellite communication across the universe. LTE cellular networks provide the technology required for high-speed transmission of huge data rates: necessary for vital command, control functions and remote control of lunar vehicles for scientific research applications; real-time navigation; and streaming of high definition videos from the lunar surface to earth. 

Rosenberger is the only manufacturer of SMP connectors certified by ESA (European Space Agency) for space applications. Further connector series from Rosenberger - SMA, RPC-2.92 and TNC - are also qualified by the ESA standard ESCC 3402 (European Space Components Coordination) and fulfill the high requirements of the aerospace industry.

For many years, Rosenberger connectors have been providing a precise and reliable service in various space missions. For example, since 2013, the company has supplied 25,000 SMP connectors for Iridium satellites. Furthermore, Rosenberger connectors have been incorporated into Global Star and Galileo projects for several years.

For the ExoMars mission 2020 - postponed to 2022 - SMP as well as SMA connectors are qualified for use on board. Connectors from Rosenberger will therefore play an essential role in the scientific search for biological life on the red planet.

In 2016, Rosenberger had been part of the Russian-European ExoMars mission: On 14 th March 2016, ESA launched the “Trace Gas Orbiter” and the landing demonstrator module “Schiaparelli” to Mars. On board were ESA certified SMP connectors from Rosenberger which supported the communications with ESA ground control.

The goal of the next ExoMars mission in 2022 is to search for evidence of methane and other trace atmospheric gases that could be signatures of active biological or geological processes. The testing of key technologies in preparation for ESA's future missions to Mars will also be an important goal of the expedition.

One challenge in developing and producing connectors for spaceflight applications is the selection of appropriate materials and their assembly to meet the strict requirements for cleanliness. Rosenberger's connectors have therefore been comprehensively tested for compliance with the high electrical requirements of aerospace applications.

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