Friday, February 21, 2020

Energy efficiency in Turkey.

At the invitation of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry and Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG will discuss Turkey's strategic goals for energy efficiency.

From left: Sascha Engel, Oguz Can,
Hilal Celik and Bilal Düzgün
The whole world is facing radical transformation. Climate change and technological innovation in an age of rapidly permeating digitalization are transforming processes and other more disruptive things that just a few years ago were considered “immutable”. Many people and especially the younger generations, not least due to the Fridays for Future movement, are concerned about their future in the face of global warming. The focus is now on energy transition, which more and more companies, private individuals as well as states are investing in, to gain in energy efficiency and conserve natural resources by using renewable energies.

Due to increases in its energy consumption, Turkey is ranked No. 1 in Europe according to the Ministry in terms of the growth in demand for energy, and No. 2 in the world after China. It is planned to reduce consumption by 20% compared to 2011. At the same time, renewable energy sources are to be given priority over traditional means of energy production to take climatic and environmental considerations into account. In addition to wind power plants, emphasis is being put on roof-top photovoltaic systems, because with the introduction of smart grid technology, decentralised feed-ins can simultaneously be used as storage. Furthermore, in the case of a decentralised supply, the power transmission infrastructure is already in place and expensive cable routes and underground lines do not have to be built from scratch.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Cavity pressure sensors.

Two new cavity pressure sensors from Kistler have front end diameters of only 1mm, the world’s smallest, and 2.5 mm both of which can be machined up to 0.5 mm to be made flush with the cavity wall contour virtually eliminating any marking of the moulding. Both sizes come with UniSens® uniform sensitivity to simplify installation, option of Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) coating for use with abrasive media and 2,000 bar pressure range.

The availability of Titanium Carbo-Nitride coating, rather than hard chromium, provides optimum protection against wear, ensuring longer lifetimes. The coating delivers two decisive advantages: exceptional hardness against abrasion, and resistance to corrosion by the action of chemicals making the new sensors ideal for use with glass fiber-reinforced plastics and flame-retardant materials. The front end of the coated versions cannot be machined as this would remove the protective coating. Where front end machining is essential to match the curve of the cavity the uncoated version must be specified.

Both versions have uniform sensitivity to ensure maximum deviation of ± 3% of the nominal sensitivity (2.25 pC/bar). This simplifies installation and interchangeability of sensors, as the nominal sensitivity can be used. All versions with replaceable cable are IP67 protected. Several mounting styles and cable types deliver easy and flexible integration, especially in multi cavity moulds.

The uniform sensitivity provides excellent precision which eliminates the need for sensor detection in the system. The sensitivity of these sensors remains consistently high, so users no longer have to enter values from each sensor data sheet. This also means that replacing the sensors is very straightforward and far easier to handle, especially when multi-cavity moulds are involved. Very tight tolerance ranges and ease of handling will obviously be key advantages for manufacturers of complex high-precision parts, such as high density connectors, automotive components and medical equipment.

The new, direct measuring pressure sensors deliver simple installation due to Unisens® combined with long life in challenging applications and the virtual elimination of marking on surface of the moulding. Used in combination with the Kistler ComoNeo cavity pressure monitoring system, the new sensors add another element in the search for zero rejects in the injection moulding industry.

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Magnetic encoder system interface.

The BML absolute magnetic encoder in the SGA series stands out in any application where high absolute accuracy of position and end-of-travel is required. Comprehensive diagnostics functions ensure reliable operation and more efficient maintenance. With its Drive-Cliq interface the Balluff measuring system can also be perfectly integrated into Siemens controller environments. Siemens has certified the system accordingly.
Plug and play installation makes incorporating into the drive system easy. The controller automatically detects the sensor and its basic settings. The sensor also offers great flexibility, since leaving and reengaging with the tape is permissible. This opens up simple and economical solutions for demanding applications in the field of automation as well as machine tool building, especially specialty machines.

Since the system works magnetically, it is also extremely insensitive to temperature change, dirt (such as from dust and oil), or wear. Thanks to its compact form factor the measuring system is also easy to integrate into existing applications, even in tight mounting conditions. The generous read distance of 1.3 mm makes installation easier.

In practical operation continuous plausibility checking ensures high reliability, since the system consistently check the measurement quality. Automatic condition monitoring checks the signal quality and, using the controller, is a convenient way to evaluate the function reserve.

Status LEDs and diagnostic functions ensure reliable operation and more efficient maintenance.

The linear measuring system is suitable for both long measuring lengths up to 48 meters as well as for applications which require high precision. With an accuracy of up to ± 12µm and a resolution of 1µm the measuring system meets these requirements. The system is also simple to retrofit.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mercury contamination monitoring.

The ergonomically designed Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) from Ion Science, is suitable for rapid and reliable mercury detection during decommissioning, demolition, repurposing or refurbishment of industrial plant, laboratories and other premises.

Environmental pressures and subsequent legislation* to control hazardous substances has resulted in a sharp decline in the use of mercury although it remains an important chemical in many industrial processes, including the production of chlorine, cement, caustic soda and sulphuric acid and a wide range of products.

Exposure to excessive levels of mercury can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys. Elemental mercury can also be absorbed through the skin and cause allergic reactions.

When properly contained and controlled, mercury can be used safely. Problems start when premises that have historically used the chemical are demolished, decommissioned, repurposed or refurbished. It means mercury that has been contained for decades can be released into the environment.

Ensuring that facilities are safe during construction and that there is no health risk associated with any repurposed land and new or refurbished buildings when they are occupied places an emphasis on effective contamination monitoring.

The  MVI is a revolutionary handheld instrument that can detect mercury in just three seconds. The MVI’s dual beam UV technology eliminates the problem of saturation and the need for regeneration between readings, maximising its availability and uptime.

Fast and accurate, Ion Science’s MVI provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges of 0 – 200 µg/m3 (res. 0.1 µg/m3) and 0 – 2000 µg/m3 (res. 1 µg/m3). These two ranges provide critical coverage for the OSHA PEL at 100 ug / m³ and the IDLH at 1000 ug / m³.

A high-performance pump ensures fast indication and recovery and the instrument’s audible alarm and large digital display clearly indicate the levels of mercury present.

Other conventional monitoring technologies have limitations. For example, cold vapour atomic absorption is excellent at detecting sub parts per billion (ppb) concentrations of mercury but is far too sensitive for use industrial premises and will over-range, making it impossible to pinpoint mercury sources.

Gold film mercury vapour instruments offer a much wider range but are quickly saturated and then have to be regenerated away from the contaminated area before they can be used again.

Ergonomically designed for simple, one-handed operation, the MVI is the ideal survey unit for rapid and reliable mercury detection. It helps to pinpoint mercury sources in even the most challenging environments.

*The (British) Clean Air Act regulates 188 air toxics, also known as ‘hazardous air pollutants’. Mercury is listed as one of these air toxics. The Act directs EPA to establish technology-based standards for certain sources that emit these air toxics. Those sources also are required to obtain Clean Air Act operating permits and to comply with all applicable emission standards

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Advanced analytics for process manufacturing.

Seeq Corporation is the winner of the Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data category award for Control Engineering 2020 Engineers’ Choice Awards program. Control Engineering’s Engineer’s Choice is the premier award program for new products in manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. Their annual reader-choice award program gives Control Engineering’s audience the opportunity to select the top new products in their fields.

“We are pleased that Seeq was recognized by Control Engineering,” says Michael Risse, Chief Marketing Officer for Seeq. “We are helping process manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation efforts. It is an honor to join the other vendors of the best products in this space as part of the Product of the Year program.”

Seeq won in the category of Data Analytics for its Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data. Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly wrangle, investigate, and share insights on manufacturing data. Recent releases of Seeq reflect both the growing use of Seeq for publishing analytics-based views to other employees, and the increased complexity of the use cases where engineers use Seeq.

For publishing insights, Seeq has expanded “scorecards,” a feature for the display of calculated tables in Seeq Workbench and Organizer. Scorecards are used for tabulated metrics, measurements, and other summary data, and may be presented in tables with conditional formatting support and user-defined columns—for example, roll-ups by batch or plant.

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Wireless excellence recognised!

Iberian Lube Base Oil Company, S. A. (ILBOC), has won the 2019 ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation award. In so doing they join a list of distinguished end users which include BAPCO, Alcoa, Phillips 66, PETRONAS, Nippon Steele & Sumikin Engineering.
Andre Ristaino,  ISA100 Wireless MD, presented Luis Sancho Gomez with ILBOC's award at the ARC World Forum. Vicente Blazquez, CEO of Bitherm is on the right.
Each year the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute honors one end-user who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and engineering excellence in the field of deploying ISA100 Wireless technology.

In winning, ILBOC was chosen from several potential candidates. Their use case was a 904 node ISA100 Wireless steam trap monitoring application. A steam trap monitoring application of this large size is a great example of the power of ISA100 Wireless technology. The installation also included a unique ESCO (Energy Services company) contract with Bitherm that had NO upfront costs. All payments to Bitherm from ILBOC are based upon energy savings.

Later Luis Sancho Gomez presented ILBOC's experiences at the forum in Orlando (FL USA). His presentation may be viewed here (pdf).

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Sensor meets the growing demand for digitalisation to collect sensor data.

An ultra-compact digital temperature sensor with precise digital output and low power consumption

In today’s world, industrial, consumer and even medical sectors are adopting digitalization to collect sensor data. While certain devices are fitted with analog-to-digital converters, the market demands increased accuracy, smaller size, higher versatility and lower prices as data is used for more precise controls. To meet this emerging need, TE Connectivity (TE), has designed the TSYS03, a new digital temperature sensor with an ultra-compact design, precise multi-channel digital output and low power consumption.

“Providing sensor solutions that meet the needs of our customers is at the forefront of everything we do at TE Connectivity,” said Noel Burke, product manager of TE sensors business. “The development of the new TSYS03 sensor further enhances our position as a leader in the sensor industry and is intended for use in products across an array of sectors that require digital output and a miniature footprint including industrial, medical, automotive and consumer.”

TSYS03 is available in two different sizes – TDFN8 2.5 mm x 2.5mm and ultra-small XDFN6 1.5mm x 1.5mm – offering a large choice of integrations to any application with space constraints. Its small size enables lower thermal response time, which equates to fast temperature readings, while its improved ASIC design and reduced package size allows for an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

TSYS03 offers a digital output allowing the I2C communication bus to be configured giving OEMs the ability to add a secondary or more I²C addresses. Additionally, TSYS03 has an enlarged supply voltage range of 2.4V to 5.5V offering a wide range of application possibilities from automotive to any other battery driven devices. Thanks to its low current consumption (stand-by <0.3µA), the TSYS03 can be used in battery applications for years without recharging or battery replacement.

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First for network integration.

Moore Industries has won Control Engineering 2020 Engineers’ Choice Awards for Network Integration – Signal Conditioning with the ECT-DIN 15mm in the Signal Isolator category. An engraved award for each Winner will be presented to each winning company at the 2020 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner in April.

The UL approved ECT-DIN 2-Wire Isolator is now available in a narrow 15mm aluminum housing. The narrow size allows more isolators to fit in cabinets and field enclosures where installation space is a premium.

Scott Saunders, President and CEO of Moore Industries, states “The rugged narrow 15mm ECT DIN 2-Wire isolator and converter with 4-20mA, 1-5V and 0-10V inputs and 4-20mA output, permits more isolators to fit in cabinets and field enclosures where installation space is limited, saving space and money.”

The complete ECT family delivers reliable signal isolation and conversion solutions for the most demanding ambient and noisy installation conditions. Check out the details on the ECT-DIN 2-Wire Isolator in our online catalog.

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Uncertainties to lead to slower development in 2020.

Endress+Hauser remains on course for growth. In 2019 the Endress+Hauser Group increased its net sales by almost 8% to over €2.6 billion. The measurement and automation technology specialist created 400 new jobs worldwide. At the end of the year the company had more than 14,300 employees.

Matthias Altendorf
"We have grown across all fields of activity, industries and regions," said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Group. Strong impetus came from Asia. Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East developed positively, but at a much slower pace. "With good product innovations, we have set a clear benchmark in the industry."

In 2019, order entry rose faster than sales. "Endress+Hauser has started 2020 with a significantly higher order backlog than the year before,"  reported Chief Financial Officer Dr Luc Schultheiss.
"The Group was able to maintain the return on sales at the previous year?s level. We are satisfied with our profit before taxes."

However Endress+Hauser expects slower development in 2020. Sales growth in the mid-single-digit percentage range is anticipated and the group aims to maintain profitability at a good level. "However, there are still many uncertainties," stresses Schultheiss.

Endress+Hauser will present its audited 2019 financial figures  next May (2020) in Basel (CH).

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Smallest camera-based positioning sensor.

The new IPS 400i from Leuze electronic.  is the smallest camera-based positioning sensor on the market for double-depth compartment fine positioning. It helps high-bay storage devices to quickly and easily find the right rack.

With the new camera-based IPS 400i positioning sensor for high-bay storage devices, Leuze electronic – the expert for sensor solutions for intralogistics – is expanding its IPS range of products with a new model for optical compartment fine positioning.

About a year ago, Leuze electronic introduced the IPS 200i, the smallest camera-based positioning sensor for single-depth, which is used for single depth pallet high racks and small-part container storage.

The new IPS400i is just as compact as its sibling, the IPS 200i, and thus requires little space on the high-bay storage device – however, it detects round holes or reflectors not only in single-depth, but also double-depth bars and thus determines the position deviation relative to the target position in the X and Y directions. This makes the new camera-based IPS 400i positioning sensor particularly suited for use in double-depth pallet high-bay warehouses.

A model with integrated heating for use in refrigerated warehouses down to -30 °C is also available.

Both variants – IPS 200i and IPS 400i – offer the user simple and fast commissioning and operation. The sensors are put into operation using a web-based configuration tool with a user-controlled installation assistant (wizard). Printed configuration codes are read in without a PC via "Code Generator," which means that configuration adjustments can be made directly on the high-bay storage device. An alignment system consisting of four feedback LEDs further facilitates the commissioning process.

Due to its powerful, ambient-light-independent IR LED lighting, fault-free use in warehouse technology is possible with just one single device for a working range of up to 2400 mm. With the integrated TCP/IP interface and PROFINET RT, the IPS 400i can be directly integrated into the network environment and enables quick, location-independent diagnostics.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance take place using a quality score that detects deterioration in the reading performance of the sensor at an early stage. This minimizes downtime and increases the availability and cost-effectiveness of the systems.

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Safety and cable access solutions.

Foremost Electronics offers a wide range of safety and cable access solutions for industrial and construction equipment and services.

Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “Our emergency stop switches and cable access systems are ideal for industrial and construction equipment and services. Safe, reliable and easy to find and use emergency stop switches have many applications on vehicles, machinery and site access. Icotek cable gland products offer rugged, simple to use cable and pneumatic access for terminated or unterminated cables for both site equipment and fixed installations.”

Emergency stop switches are required in many industrial and process control applications including alarms, emergency equipment and vehicle shutdown and exit access. Foremost supply a wide range of rugged, high reliability emergency stop switches from the IDEC e-stop series.

IDEC’s high reliability range of emergency stop switches have patented 3rd generation safety technology and provide optimal safety by conforming to international approvals: UL, TUV, ATEX, CE, and CCC.

9 different series of emergency stop switches offer an exceptional range and include a very wide variety of options including: 3 plunger diameters (30, 40 and 60mm), 3 plunger colors (yellow, red and grey), the availability of Illuminated versions , 16, 22 and 30mm panel cut-outs, several methods of connection, 4 types of reset functions: twist, pull, both (when required) or key, reduced size and offer greater flexibility in the number of contacts, from 1 to 4 with normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) variants.

Because user safety is vital, IDEC has developed two patented technologies that go beyond today’s most stringent standards. Many versions are fitted with “safe brake action technology” ensuring fail-safe operation even if the switch actuator is not properly positioned, has been damaged or is detached. This technology is especially useful in emergency stop switches that are in highly prominent positions or which have a detachable contact block and are more liable to be accidentally damaged.

Other models have padlock eyelets provided so that emergency stop switches can be locked in their safety position and machines cannot be re-started whilst in use by other operators. Several padlocks can be fitted at the same time, therefore allowing several operators to work safely on different areas of the installation at the same time, without fear that one can restart the machine before the others have finished and removed their padlocks.

Wherever a secure electrical connection to machinery or equipment is required Foremost can supply a wide range of cable management and entry systems from icotek. icotek products are suitable even in applications where extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures occur.

Icotek supply completely split cable entry systems allowing pre-terminated cables with diameters from 1 - 75 mm to be routed quickly and sealed securely with up to IP66 / IP68 / UL type 4X. They can be also be installed when retrofitting or maintaining equipment.

Compact cable entry plates are ideal for routing standard cables without connectors from 1.5 to 22 mm in diameter with minimum space requirements. High certified sealing rates up to IP68 / UL type 4X are achieved and certificates can be provided upon request.

For secure and structured cable routing and strain relief of electrical lines icotek offers several strain relief plates for various mounting methods. For large-diameter cables high quality cable clamps and cleats are available.

icotek also provides innovative solutions for EMC/EMI cable earthing applications. The icotek SKL shield clamps are made for reliable and effective earthing of high frequency interferences and allow safe operation of machinery and equipment.

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Odour control in Guernsey.

Handheld PID instrument used on outlets of odour control system to assess utilisation of carbon media filter.

Guernsey’s States Works is using an Ion Science  handheld photoionisation detector (PID) to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted from an odour control system installed at Guernsey’s waste transfer station. Supplied by distributor Shawcity and chosen for its portability, high detection rates and range of response factors, the instrument is helping to prevent the escape of malodours into the surrounding environment.

States Works is using the Ion Science TigerLT PID instrument at three outlet ports on each of the transfer station’s odour control carbon filter vessels where it is monitoring VOCs being emitted at quarter, half and three quarters depths of the carbon filter media. It enables States Works to estimate usage of the media so they can be replaced to ensure malodours are not being released into the air.

Yannic Bearder, Senior Environmental Monitoring Technician at States Works, comments: “Part of our role is to ensure that the new waste transfer station and old landfill sites are not affecting the environment or impacting the local community.

“The company that installed the odour control system at the waste transfer station recommended we use Ion Science’s Tiger PID to measure VOCs from the three outlet ports to help assess utilisation of the carbon filter media.”

This instrument is being used by States Works for weekly monitoring of VOCs with the data downloaded manually via USB and logged onto a spreadsheet.

TigerLT, which offers worldwide Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, is a streamlined, low cost version of Ion Science’s well proven Tiger PID model.

Like all Ion Science PID instruments, the TigerLT incorporates the company’s PID technology with advanced patented fence electrode system. This three-electrode format ensures increased resistance to humidity and contamination for ultimate reliability and accuracy in the field.

With a detection range of 0.1 - 5,000 ppm utilising a standard two-point calibration protocol, Ion Science’s robust TigerLT also offers an unrivalled industry response time of just two seconds and equally quick clear down.

Both simple to operate and service, the TigerLT offers easy access to the lamp and sensor with batteries that can be safely replaced in hazardous environments. The intrinsically safe instrument also meets ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA standards.

Yannic continues: “Ion Science’s distributor Shawcity recommended the Ion Science TigerLT VOC monitor as it met our requirement for portability, high detection rates and range of response factors. Although the instrument is only being used outdoors for short periods of time, it also has a reassuringly rugged design.”

The TigerLT six pin MiniPID detector cell with anti-contamination design dramatically extends run time in the field. Low cost filters and lamps can be easily changed in minutes, minimising downtime.

It features long life rechargeable Li-ion batteries which give up to 24 hours usage. Fast battery charging allows the instrument to be fully charged in 6.5 hours, while eight hours of use can be achieved from 1.5 hours of charging time.

It features a protective, removable boot for harsh environments while a large, clear back-lit display allows for easy viewing in any light condition. It is IP 65 rated against water ingress. An integrated torch is designed for directing the instrument’s probe into dimly lit areas. Other features include a loud 95 dB audible alarm and multiple language support. Ready to use, straight out of the box, the instrument does not require complicated set up procedures via a PC to perform basic functions.

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Visioning growth continues.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has exceeded industry expectations in 2019 as in previous years. With a sales increase in the higher single-digit percentage range, the company has held its ground well in the market, contrary to the 7% sales decline forecast by the VDMA for machine vision. The increase in sales was particularly strong in North America compared to the previous year.
"We continue to grow, develop innovative products and therefore remain a reliable and powerful partner for the future," explains managing director Daniel Seiler"Thanks to high investments in our infrastructure in 2019, we are ideally positioned for the increased order intake and a further increase in demand”.

For 2020 the camera manufacturers from Southern Germany are again aiming for double-digit growth. This is based on the positive order situation, with a 16% increase over the previous year, and the strong development of the foreign business. Delivery of the 1.5 millionth camera is expected in the second quarter.

Overall, the foreign presence at almost all locations was further strengthened by new hires in the areas of sales and machine vision consulting. The relocation of the subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, UK and Korea to larger premises reflects these developments and paves the way for further growth.

The growth forecast for the VISION year 2020 is based primarily on the new IDS NXT cameras with artificial intelligence and the high demand in the 3D segment. New products will complement the IDS product range especially in these areas. The IDS NXT ocean all-in-one solution has already been on the market for a short time and promises the user AI-based image processing without specialist knowledge.

The new Innovation and Technology Center "b39" will be ready for occupancy in the course of the second half of the year. In addition to IDS Imaging, the main user of the 4,500 sqm complex, in which jobs for 200 employees will be created, will be the sister company IDS Innovation GmbH, which will operate the "b39 Academy", specialising in the teaching of digital professional, methodological and technical skills.

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New location reflects and facilitates significent growth.

Abaco Systems has completed its move into its new headquarters, which significantly expands its footprint in Huntsville (AL USA).  The new location hosts a significant new Engineering Innovation Center, a purpose-built training facility, and close proximity to key customers. Abaco’s new headquarters has space available for further expansion in line with the company’s continued growth.

The move provides Abaco with the head room and resources that will allow the company to continue to develop the innovative embedded computing technologies and solutions that have enabled it to become a leading supplier to the defense market, with longstanding relationships with all major primes and tier-1 suppliers.

“Increased demand for electronics content to power contemporary platforms is driving significant growth at Abaco,” said Rich Sorelle, President and CEO. “Our expertise in areas such as modular, open-standards architectures; rugged reliability and advanced thermal management; artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy; software tools; high performance video and graphics; and advanced, secure networking has earned us positions on national asset platforms. Our new Engineering Innovation Center will accelerate these efforts and bring more value to our customers.”

Acquiring the new facility enables Abaco to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity at its original headquarters at Memorial Parkway SW. It also allows Abaco to respond to growing customer demand for shorter lead times as defense technology programs come under increasing pressure to move from conception to deployment more rapidly.

“This expansion is a milestone for Abaco and evidence of the continued success and growth of our business,” continued Sorelle. “We look for the most talented people to join us in our mission to solve our customers’ most complex embedded computing challenges. We believe the quality of our new facilities and the attractive location will prove to be a major draw to prospective employees.”

Huntsville is well known as a key location within the aerospace and defense industry, with high profile companies including Boeing, DRS, Georgia Tech Research Institute, L-3, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon – all of whom Abaco counts as customers – having a presence in the city.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Non destructive testing.

Following a rapid growth in demand during 2019, Ashtead Technology has significantly increased the number of flaw detectors in its fleet of rental instruments. Many of the new additions were Sonatest’s latest instrument; the Masterscan D-70 ultrasonic flaw detector, which was specified on numerous occasions, including one particularly large inspection project. “As an equipment specialist we track the latest developments in the market and invest in the best technologies for our customers’ applications,” comments Ashtead’s NDT Market Manager, Steve Drake.

“The popularity of the Sonatest D70 results from its advanced defect sizing tools with A-Scans, B-Scans and thickness logs. The new reporting software (UT-Lity) is also very popular with customers because it allows them to create customised inspection report templates; cutting and pasting information to other applications and creating printable pdf documents.”

Key features of the D70 include high levels of near surface resolution, penetrating power (450V pulser - square and spike) and an excellent signal to noise ratio. Rugged and reliable, the instrument offers outstanding battery performance with up to 18 hours of operation from full charge.

Typical applications include bond testing and the inspection of welds, corrosion, forgings, castings and composite materials, as well as UT and EMATS inspections in the power sector.

Summarising, Steve says: “The main benefit of adding the D-70 to our comprehensive rental fleet of NDT instruments, is that customers have an even greater choice of instruments without the capital cost of ownership. However, our customers also tell us that the availability of instruments at short notice, such as same- or next-day, can sometimes be of enormous value to them.”

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Robust US flowmeter.

This robust ultrasonic gas flowmeter has integrated pressure and temperature sensors to provide a wide array of highly accurate measured and calculated values.

The Proline Prosonic Flow G 300/500 flowmeter has been launched by Endress+Hauser. This instrument can be supplied with either of two different transmitters: as a compact version (Proline 300), or as a remote version (Proline 500) with up to four inputs and outputs. These inputs and outputs provide flexibility with the ability to output not only flow, but also pressure, temperature, and numerous other process variables.

This flowmeter is ideal for demanding applications, measuring both dry and wet gases with high precision (±0.5%), unmatched repeatability, and high reliability—even when process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly.

Robust industrial design makes it possible to operate the flowmeters long term without maintenance, saving time and money. The meter operates at process temperatures up to 150 °C (302 °F) and pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psi) and can be ordered with built-in pressure and temperature sensors. The input from these sensors can be combined with the measured sound velocity to calculate additional gas properties, often important for process control.

An optional “Extended Gas Analysis” function package is available for special applications and to meet process control requirements. Depending on the selected gas type (pure gases, gas mixtures, coal gas, natural gas, customer-specific gases, etc.), this function enables the calculation of additional parameters and process variables. Some examples are volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, energy flow, calorific value, Wobbe index, gas type, molar mass, methane content (%), and density or viscosity.

A very high degree of robustness is realized because all wetted parts are made of stainless steel, and the flowmeter provides compliance with the stringent requirements of NACE MR0175/MR0103. The meter’s ultrasound transducers are available in titanium Grade 2.

The Prosonic Flow G measuring system has been developed in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL), making it suitable for use in many safety-related applications. It also has Heartbeat Technology integrated into the flowmeter, like all Proline measuring devices, which enables permanent self-diagnostics with the highest diagnostic coverage, as well as a TÜV-certified and metrologically traceable device verification without process interruption.

The flowmeter transmitter includes a web server as a standard, enabling direct data from any connected device capable of hosting a web browser. The flowmeters unique data storage concept (HistoROM) ensures maximum data security before, during, and after service.

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LTE testing automatic and fast.

Fast Automatic LTE-V2X Device Evaluations to Increase Mass-Production Productivity

Two new software options for Anritsu Corporation's Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A to measure RF characteristics of 3GPP-compliant LTE-V2X (PC5) devices have been announced.

The new software options are LTE-V2X Tx Measurement MX887068A and LTE-V2X Waveforms MV887068A and offer the industry's fastest, fully automatic, non-signaling based LTE-V2X TRx tests.

Customers already using the MT8870A can extend its functionality simply by installing the software, with no need to invest in new equipment.

With four TRX measurement modules installed in the MT8870A, four DUTs (devices under test) can be connected and measured simultaneously. Different wireless systems can also be measured in parallel, cutting measurement time and the space taken up by test equipment.

The new software expands the capabilities of the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A, which is designed for mass-production test of multi-standard wireless systems. In addition to LTE-V2X and IEEE 802.11p(DSRC) for automotive solutions, the test set also supports the latest 5G sub-6 GHz, LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, WLAN and Bluetooth standards.

The MT8870A solution was developed to increase the mass-production efficiency of V2X devices and chipsets and help to accelerate the launch of commercial C-V2X services.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

EMC from Data Portal.

Schaffner has announced its presence on the EPLAN portal with immediate effect. EPLAN is a powerful information source for global design engineering. The data portal offers customers shared by Schaffner and EPLAN benefits from the integration of device data and CAD which can be used digitally and efficiently in design engineering.

EPLAN is a powerful planning tool that is used as a worldwide standard design platform. The widespread access to EPLAN supports Schaffner’s global sales of EMC filters providing customers with an even better service.

The EPLAN Data Portal provides web-based device and article data internationally. At the present time more than 110 component manufactures with more than half a million articles and product data are represented. Due to the deep integration of the portal into the EPLAN CAD platform, the information is directly available in engineering formats. More than 92,000 users around the world already access the electronic product catalogues of circuit diagram designs featured.

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Simple gas alalysis calibration.

Signal Group has launched a new highly accurate but simple to operate version of its Gas Divider, the Model 821S. Designed for testing the linearity and calibration of almost any gas analyser, the 821S only requires one calibration gas and a zero gas in order to conduct a full range calibration check.
The linearity of all gas analysers should be checked regularly as part of an effective QA/QC regime. To conduct a reliable, accurate check, users simply connect the calibration gas, the zero gas and the outlet flow connector to the analyser to be tested, and then switch the calibration gas in 10 equal steps from zero to the full concentration.

“These steps are accurate to within 0.2% and a calibration certificate is supplied with each instrument,” comments Signal MD James Clements. “Repeatability is 0.5% of the dilution step, and the European and US standards specify 2% accuracy, so if the 10% dilution is selected, 500ppm will be diluted to 50ppm with an uncertainty of 0.25ppm – significantly better than the +/- 1ppm required by international standards.”

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Partner conferences to launch SCADA systems.

SolutionsPT is to unveil the latest 2020 releases of AVEVA SCADA systems at a series of free events for Systems Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Designed in partnership with multinational information technology company AVEVA to help Systems Integrators and OEMs adapt to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the SolutionsPT AVEVA Partner Conferences 2020 will take place at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield (GB), on the 23rd and 24th of March, and at the Montenotte Hotel in Cork (IRL), on the 25th and 26th of March.

The two-day events will feature an exciting line-up of speakers including AVEVA’s global SI/OEM Program Director, Tim Black; AVEVA System Platform Product Manager, Ernst van Wyk; and SolutionsPT’s Technical Strategy Manager, David Baskett.

The conferences will also feature a range of training and hands-on sessions that introduce attendees to the latest industrial technologies, with 15 workshops taking place at each event. Highlights of the agenda will include:
  • A first look at the 2020 releases of AVEVA’s System Platform and InTouch HMI SCADA technologies, with attendees receiving training on how to use them effectively
  • Practical learning sessions exploring how maximum value can be extracted from collected data using AVEVA’s cloud and edge services
  • Live demonstrations of AVEVA’s latest Model Driven manufacturing execution systems (MES) which minimise custom coding between systems
  • One-on-one support and training on subjects including cyber security, industrial hardware and asset performance management.
Experts from SolutionsPT, AVEVA and electrical equipment specialist Schneider Electric will then deliver a series of presentations on topics including the challenges the Fourth Industrial Revolution presents for Systems Integrators, and how to enable IIoT applications to reach their full potential.

The events are free to attend and include dinner and evening entertainment but delegates must register in advance here. Delegates who sign up in advance and attend will also receive 50% off SolutionsPT’s Virtual Training Courses.

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MES service partnership.

Werum IT Solutions and SpiraTec have further extended their range of services: SpiraTec has been successfully certified as “PAS-X Endorsed Service Partner” for DACH region and Europe.

LtoR:Nicolas Teska, Michael Henter,  Andreas
Schadt (SpiraTec), Torsten Isenberg (Werum)
This qualifies SpiraTec to support pharma and biotech manufacturers during the design and implementation phase of Werum’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) PAS-X at production sites all over Europe.  SpiraTec is a leading industrial engineering and solution specialist for information technologies and process automation with headquarters in Speyer, Germany.

“With the help of SpiraTec, we can support our customers in Europe and especially in the DACH region even more effectively,” Torsten Isenberg, Senior Director Services at Werum IT Solutions GmbH, is pleased to announce. “As PAS-X Endorsed Service Partner, SpiraTec complements our offering with services and solutions for process automation (Batch, DCS, SCADA, PLC), MBR design as well as ERP integration and takes on typical, easily scalable implementation services such as automation integration into MBR, on-site go-live support, and long-term onsite customer support.”

“We are looking forward to our partnership with Werum IT Solutions in order to join forces and combine know-how and experience on all levels for our life-science customers. Especially in the DACH region, SpiraTec will deliver optimal local support on plant production for MES and DCS with its 17 subsidiaries in Germany and Austria,” says Andreas Schadt, CEO at SpiraTec.

“Our customers will benefit from the joint knowledge in the course of complex project tasks such as system integration of ERP to MES and DCS with synergies for MBR design, based on our know-how for Batch and DCS,” adds Michael Henter, Regional Manager Industrial IT Solutions at SpiraTec.

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners meet all requirements of Werum IT Solutions' PAS-X service partner program. The main objective of the program is to offer the same quality and competence of services to Werum customers all over the world – through reliable, experienced and certified partners. Werum’s service partners need to have comprehensive PAS-X knowledge, participate at PAS-X trainings on a regular basis, possess experience in the regulated industries and use a quality management system. The certification has to be renewed on a regular basis.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

SCADA for Machine builders & OEMs.

ADISRA SmartView 4.0 is a complete human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) package designed specifically for machine builders and OEMs. Powerful and easy to configure, ADISRA SmartView allows users to develop effective interfaces displaying the critical information they need to deploy, monitor, and analyze a machine’s operation and overall status.

ADISRA SmartView provides the flexibility to design interfaces that are personalized and informative. These interfaces can be linked to manuals, drawings, animations, and videos to assist in operation and troubleshooting. ADISRA SmartView is built upon Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) so displays are automatically optimized for target devices, and it’s scalable to support Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

ADISRA SmartView delivers all the features expected of a modern HMI/SCADA package for rich visualization, connectivity, interoperability, scalability, and integration with other applications. ADISRA SmartView’s intuitive, easy-to-use, integrated development environment provides the tools needed for efficient application building.

“HMI software is the face of the product and the foundation of any information-driven process. Therefore, the development software has to be user friendly so engineers can create intuitive displays for real-time decision making,” says Ernest Roland, CEO of ADISRA.

ADISRA SmartView is the first of several ADISRA product offerings, each of which designed to work stand-alone or together to allow data modeling, analytics, and predictive real-time monitoring and performance.


Smart solution for IO-Link users.

It does not get easier than this. With the IODDfinder, files arrive from the Internet automatically – no fuss, no muss. That’s just the right way to describe the advantage of this centralized, cross-manufacturer database. And it’s been very well received by users, to boot. With more than 400,000 downloads in November of 2019 alone and over 12,000 devices, IODDfinder – the Internet platform for IO-Link description files – has become an established name in the market in just three years.
The database is maintained by members of the IO-Link Community and now hosts more than 7,500 description files from around 80 manufacturers, making it the world’s largest collection of IODDs. By joining the community, each member gets the opportunity to create a manufacturer account in IODDfinder so they can upload the description files for their devices there. The platform features a web front end which people can use to search for and find IODDs for individual devices.

The actual added value, however, comes from the application program interfaces (APIs) which device manufactures can also use to automatically upload, update and manage a large number of IODDs. These interfaces ensure that the central database is always complete and that their content is always up to date. Description files can also be downloaded automatically using APIs. This allows software tools to access the database over the Internet for device configuration or integration into automation systems, for example.

A majority of downloads are now carried out using such tools. Each IO-Link device features its own device ID and a specific manufacturer ID. The software tools can read out these two identification numbers immediately after connecting to IO-Link devices and – if they are online – download the appropriate description file from the Internet fully automatically. This enables the software tool to communicate with the connected IO-Link device immediately after the download. This is exactly the desired convenience which modern I4.0 technologies are able to offer.

IODDfinder is available free of charge to users of the web front end. The best way to reach the database is by using the IO-Link website.

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LIMS technical director in America.

Scott Krieger has joined Autoscribe Informatics as Director of Technical Services, North America. Autoscribe Informatics provides the industry leading configurable Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Scott Krieger
Scott will be bringing his extensive leadership experience to the organization, working closely with the Technical Services team to streamline the implementation and support processes as the company continues to grow.

Scott has significant experience in both laboratory environments and the management of a Technical Services operation. His previous roles have included Quality Analyst/Engineer at bioMerieux, Business Analyst/Project Manager and more recently Director of Professional Services at ATL, leading a LIMS implementation team.

President of Autoscribe Informatics, John Boother, said: “Scott is an important part of a strategic expansion of the key personnel driving our North American operations. In all of the customer satisfaction surveys that we have conducted in the past, our technical and customer support has always rated very highly. Scott has the technical and leadership skills to further improve these ratings as the business moves to its next stage of development. Scott has a proven track record of ensuring customer satisfaction through successful product and service delivery in the laboratory informatics industry.”

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Watching the weather!

OTT Hydromet has launched a suite of high quality weather monitoring sensors that are ideal for the construction and building management sectors.

Our latest Lufft sensors, the WS Series, deliver professional-grade weather data with instruments that are extremely compact, rugged and reliable,” says OTT Managing Director Nigel Grimsley. “In the past, customers would have had to purchase multiple sensors to monitor outdoor conditions effectively, but this can now be achieved with substantially less costly devices; many of which would fit in the palm of your hand.”

Weather monitors are routinely employed at construction sites to check that conditions are suitable for work such as pouring concrete or crane operation, but with facility managers looking for more sustainable solutions, Nigel says the big market is now building management.

OTT Hydromet is a specialist manufacturer of smart weather instruments for environmental monitoring and building automation purposes. With no moving parts, OTT’s comprehensive range of compact, low-energy multiparameter sensors offer long-term reliability for almost any weather parameter with easy integration into building control and HVAC systems.

The WS range offers customers the ability to select from a range of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind velocity / direction, precipitation amount / intensity / type, UV index, sun direction, brightness and twilight, and global radiation.

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Top employer.

TE Connectivity (TE) has announced its recognition by the Top Employer Institute as one of the best employers in Germany in the Engineering category. The certification as “Top Employer” is the result of a multi-stage certification with a validation process and an independent audit.

Recognition by the Top Employers Institute (TEI) follows a multi-stage evaluation process in which personnel planning, talent strategy and acquisition, corporate culture, performance management, career planning and other employee metrics are assessed. Only employers who meet TEI’s highest standards receive the award and certification.

TE has been recognized by the Institute’s certification for more than 10 years. “Receiving this year`s TEI certification clearly demonstrates TE Connectivity’s consistent efforts to offer outstanding career opportunities and foster favorable working conditions for technical professionals and engineers,” said Regine Gengnagel, TE Connectivity Germany GmbH. “In addition, TE Connectivity offers many opportunities for students and young professionals. Dual degree programs, thesis initiatives and support, international exchange programs for young professionals, as well as mentoring programs help us recruit and retain top talent.”

With more than 14,000 patents, TE ranks among the top 100 most innovative companies worldwide. The company’s highly engineered connectivity and sensor solutions detect and transmit power, data, and signals in connected vehicles, smart buildings, next generation factories, medical devices, power grids and more. Every day, TE’s more than 7,000 global engineers collaborate with customers around the world to help them solve their toughest design challenges.

“To become recognized as a Top Employer, an organization will have to prove that the implementation of their people strategies enriches the world of work of their employees,” said David Plink, Top Employer Institute CEO. “The certified participants are a shining example of a dedication to people practices as they continuously commit to empowering their employees for a better world of work.”

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Emissions monitoring conference & show.

The operators of industrial processes looking for the latest help and advice on regulations, standards, methods and technologies, may register now to attend CEM 2020, the international emissions monitoring conference and exhibition. Taking place in Krakow (PL)from 13-15th May, CEM 2020 will also attract regulators, testing organisations, researchers, equipment suppliers and standards organisations from around the world.

With speakers drawn from fourteen countries, the CEM 2020 presentations will address key themes such as Regulations, Standards and Quality Assurance in the measurement of particulates and gases at low concentrations. These will include greenhouse gases, mercury, dioxins and trace gases, as well as fence-line monitoring and the measurement of fugitive and diffuse emissions. Speakers will also describe the latest technological developments in the emissions monitoring market.

Several of the presentations will address the latest BAT (Best Available Techniques) requirements. For example, the EU Industrial Emissions Directive requires permit conditions to be based on Associated Emission Levels (BAT-AELs) defined in the applicable BAT Reference Notes (BREFs). Speakers will explain the implications of the BAT Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants which were published in August 2017 with compliance for existing plant required within four years. The LCP BREF defines more stringent monitoring requirements and addresses a wider range of pollutants, and the Waste Incineration (WI) BAT Conclusions were published in November 2019 with compliance for existing plant also required within four years.

Industrial case studies are always popular with CEM delegates and visitors can expect to learn from the experience of speakers in sectors such as power, cement, metals, chemicals, glass, minerals and mining, waste management, incineration and many more.

An international exhibition will run alongside the CEM 2020 conference, providing visitors with an opportunity to meet almost all of the world’s leading manufacturers of emissions monitoring technology.

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Friday, February 7, 2020

No rejections!

Zero rejects, the “Holy Grail” of the injection moulding industry, has always been looked upon as an impossible dream. Or, at least, it was until now!

Waldon Ltd, an injection moulder located in the Welsh valleys, began working towards achieving zero rejects when it installed its first Kistler Como Injection cavity pressure monitoring system in 2009 which reduced an internal reject rate of 5% to less than 1%. Since then the company has taken advantage of every Como upgrade as they became available.

The latest addition is ComoNeo with MultiFlow, the next link in the automatic control of the whole moulding process; fully automatic hot runner balancing in real time.

Hot-runner balancing with MultiFlow completely eliminates the need for time-consuming manual optimisation and adjustment of the hot-runner temperatures during set-up and production. The system compensates in real time for variations in the operating environment, such as temperature fluctuations caused by external doors being opened or changes in the external air temperature and humidity, which can increase reject rate, especially at the tight tolerances adopted by Waldon.

The operational benefits of achieving “genuine zero rejects” are considerable. From a business point of view, foremost is the ability to accurately quote for new business by eliminating the need to include a contingency allowance to cover the cost of rejects. This delivers a confidence that the costing is both accurate and achievable resulting in highly competitive pricing even for the most complex mouldings. Add to this a return on investment of around six months it’s no surprise that Waldon is now equipping all new moulds to take advantage of the ComoNeo automatic control of the moulding process.

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Improving workforce safety with shorter Training time.

Mimic™ Field 3D is an immersive training experience from Emerson, that is designed to help new and incoming workers gain a deep understanding of how changes in the field impact industrial plant processes. This virtual reality-based (VR) solution gives personnel simulated hands-on experience to prepare for any plant event, helping them make better decisions regarding operating changes and practise proper procedures before entering potentially hazardous plant areas.

In the coming decade, experts estimate there will be more than 2.5 million skilled jobs that go unfilled in the United States. There’s a clear need for organisations to seek innovative technology solutions to address this talent shortage quickly through innovative augmented reality and VR solutions like Mimic Field 3D. In fact, a recent survey found that 66% of companies plan to adopt these technologies by 2022.

Field operators typically train on physical equipment, which adds risks and costs, particularly during some of the plant’s most critical phases – start-ups, shutdowns, turnarounds and outages. Many organisations are seeking technology solutions to rapidly upskill new workers for high performance in the shortest amount of time.

“Emerson’s digital twin portfolio is changing how we prepare the future workforce. Our industry will become increasingly reliant on VR tools like these to address the growing skills gap and improve training effectiveness,” said Jim Nyquist, group president of systems and solutions at Emerson. “This advanced technology enhances training by offering a hands-on experience, which ultimately improves the safety of workers.

This effort supports Emerson’s larger digital transformation initiative that provides software, data analytics, automation technologies, smart sensor and consulting services to help customers achieve Top Quartile performance – meeting performance metrics within the top 25% of peer companies. As part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, Mimic Field 3D empowers new workers to acquire knowledge and experience at a faster pace as they learn from each immersive experience, enhancing safety and overall operational performance.
The Mimic™ Field 3D immersive plant experience enables operators to learn about and interact with devices and assets in virtual reality prior to making a trip to the field.
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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Enclosure range extended.

RS Components (RS) has introduced the new Cardmaster and Piccolo ranges of ABS and polycarbonate enclosures from Finnish manufacturer Fibox, the world market leader in thermoplastic enclosures for critical electrical and electronic equipment in hostile environments.

The Cardmaster range is intended for packaging measurement, monitoring and process control equipment, and comes in sizes ranging from 166x160x80mm to 390x316x167mm. It has two compartments: one for circuit boards and sensors, with PCB insertion slots, and another for terminals and wiring. Cardmaster polycarbonate enclosures provide IP65 ingress protection, IK07 or IK08 impact protection, and are available to meet NEMA Type 1, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 enclosure standards, the UL 746C 5V polymer safety standard, and the UL 508 standard for industrial control equipment. ABS versions can meet IP65, IK07, NEMA Type 1, 4, 4X, 12 and 13, plus UL 94 HB flammability standards.

Screw secured with a fixed opaque frame or smoked transparent hinged covers are available to allow easy access and inspection by industrial maintenance engineers.

The Piccolo range is designed specifically to house pushbuttons, terminal blocks and other control devices, and is also well suited for mounting components for controlling lifts and hoists. Piccolo is a single-chamber enclosure with dimensions from 110x80x65mm to 230x140x125mm. Polycarbonate versions meet IP66/67, IK08, NEMA Type 1, 4X, 6, 12 and 13, UL 746C 5V and UL 508 requirements, while ABS enclosures offer IP66/67 and IK07 protection. Enclosure surfaces have a high-quality finish to allow printing. Transparent and opaque covers are available on the PC range, and opaque on ABS.

Fibox Cardmaster and Piccolo enclosures are temperature rated at –40°–120°C (short-term) and –40°–80°C (continuous) for polycarbonate models or –40°–80°C (short-term) and –40°–60°C (continuous) for ABS versions. Both ranges are available now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Asset Management - Reporting recognised.

Dream Report from Ocean Data Systems (ODS), has been selected as a winner in the 2020 Control Engineering Magazine “Engineers’ Choice Awards” program for the third year in a row.

Dream Report has won the category Software – Asset Management - Reporting and will be mentioned in the February issue, online, and in Control Engineering e-newsletters. Dream Report also has a history of two Honorable Mentions - 2015 and 2016, in addition to winning the category in 2018, 2019 and again now, 2020.

“We believe this to be the most prestigious award in our industry,” explained Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “We are very proud to have won this category in 2018, 2019 and now 2020. Once is luck, twice - coincidence, but three times is a trend to be very proud of. We continue to make major enhancements to Dream Report, optimally addressing every vertical market and we are furthering our relationships with market leading automation vendors. We believe Dream Report delivers immense value and is a solution that should be part of every application. Thank you to all our customers, system integration partners and OEMs for selecting Dream Report and making this award possible.”

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Analysers thrive in China.

Gas analyser sales at Signal Group grew during 2019, and the most successful distributor was Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech., the company responsible for sales in China of their FID gas analysers and the new Series 4 suite of analysers. “This is particularly gratifying,” comments Signal MD James Clements, “because several of their staff visited our factory in the UK for training at the beginning of 2019, so it is great to see that they are already starting to make an impact in the market.”

As the exclusive Chinese distributor for these products, Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech. has been particularly successful in the sale of Signal’s portable VOC emissions analyser, the 3010 MINIFID PURE, which employs a flame ionisation detection method for the analysis of hydrocarbons in gaseous emissions from painting and coating operations, as well as from engines and combustion plant, and other processes that utilise solvents.

Lightweight and rugged with an integral heated sample line, the MINIFID is ideal for testing multiple sites or for testing multiple locations at one site. The accuracy and reliability of the instrument is underpinned by a built-in catalytic air purifier, which ensures that readings are not affected by ambient gases. James believes that the portability, reliability and high quality technical support are major factors in driving successful sales in China.

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Network Integration – Signal Conditioning Award.

Moore Industries' UL approved ECT-DIN 2-Wire Isolator has won the Control Engineering 2020 Engineers’ Choice Award in the Network Integration – Signal Conditioning category. The award will be presented at the 2020 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner on Monday, April 27, 2020, in Chicago (USA).

The narrow 15mm ECT-DIN signal isolator and converter with 4-20mA, 1-5V and 0-10V inputs and 4-20mA output allows more isolators to fit in cabinets and field enclosures where installation space is a premium. The thinner 15mm width has the same General and Hazardous area approvals, RFI/EMI protection and -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range as the rest of the ECT family of isolators, which means it can be installed in hazardous locations and does not require installation in cooled or climate controlled environments, making it perfect for more extreme locations. The complete ECT family delivers extremely reliable signal isolation and conversion solutions for the most demanding ambient and noisy installation conditions as well as providing versatile choices to match the type
of AC or DC power available at each location.

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I/O for automation applications.

Intelligent, Ethernet-based input/output unit combines multi-signal, multifunction sensing with PoE-powered edge data processing for instant IIoT connection to real-world signals

Opto 22 has announced groov RIO, a family of intelligent, distributed input/output (I/O) for IIoT and automation applications. groov RIO represents a first-in-class solution for its ability to quickly connect traditional wired switches and sensors directly to Ethernet networks, software applications, and cloud platforms without intermediary control or communication hardware, such as PLCs, PACs, or PCs.

Features Include:
• 8 multi-signal, multifunction channels supporting analog input sensing (V/mV/mA), temperature sensing (ICTD, TC B/E/J/K/N/R/S/T), discrete input sensing (DC input or dry contact status), analog output (V/mA), and discrete output (DC sinking)
• 2 mechanical Form C relays supporting normally-open or normally-closed circuits
• Intelligent analog and discrete signal processing, including scaling, ramping, filtering, counting, TPO, frequency/period measurement, and on-/off-time totalization
• Analog outputs and self-wetting inputs that can be powered over Ethernet
• Analog input accuracy from 0.002%–0.03% of span
• Compatibility with any Modbus/TCP master, or groov EPIC via PAC Project Basic or Pro
UL Hazardous Locations approval and ATEX compliance
• Remote configuration and troubleshooting from any web browser on any device
• Dual switched Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces supporting star or daisy-chain topologies
• USB port for serial communications or external mass storage
• Multiple power options including external DC input and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Wide –20 to 70 °C operating temperature range
Spring-clamp terminal strip directly atop the unit, accommodating up to 14 AWG wire
• LED indicators for power, network, and I/O activity, and for individual discrete channels
• Real-time, open-source OS running on an industrial ARM® processor
1 GB RAM, 4 GB user space on industrial eMMC with a power-fail safe filesystem
• Software features include:
User authentication, device firewall, and SSL/TLS encryption with certification
• groov Manage software for configuration, commissioning, and debugging from anywhere on the network or remotely via embedded VPN client
• Node-RED flow-based development environment and runtime for edge data processing, handling, communications, and visualization
• MQTT client for efficient, industrial publish-subscribe communications
The first shipping version of groov RIO is the GRV-R7-MM1001-10, a standalone, 10-channel, multi-signal, multifunction I/O unit for signals including thermocouples (TCs), integrated circuit temperature devices (ICTDs), voltage inputs, current inputs, millivolt inputs, discrete DC inputs, self-wetting discrete inputs, discrete DC sinking outputs, and Form C mechanical relays. In addition, two channels provide special features like pulse counting, on- and off-time totalization, software latching, frequency measurement, and more. GRV-R7-MM1001-10 is completely standalone and software-configurable through a browser-based interface.

Although many smart wireless sensing devices have begun appearing at the edge, the majority of I/O switches, sensors, and transmitters use wired connections. Traditional remote I/O requires an industrial controller or gateway in order to propagate these signals to other systems, which limits their availability to enterprise consumers. By contrast, a groov RIO unit can be installed and operated independently, using its embedded software tools and protocols to share data instantly across the organization.

“When we designed groov RIO, we were looking for ways to democratize I/O data, because that’s what the IIoT is all about,” said Vice President of Product Strategy at Opto 22, Benson Hougland. “Although groov RIO can be used as remote I/O with our groov EPIC® system or another control system, we also wanted it to operate autonomously, facilitating direct connection between I/O signals and databases, business software, or cloud IoT platforms.”

For applications like data center infrastructure management (DCIM), warehouse and office security, and remote condition monitoring—applications that need to move many real-world signals into on-premises or cloud-based software—I/O integration typically requires multiple components and specialized skill sets. Electrical and instrumentation engineers need to specify a variety of field I/O modules, and design, install, and wire appropriate I/O enclosures. Controls engineers need to program PLCs for signal processing and data collection. Then networking and software engineers need to configure communication gateways and servers that finally deliver data to consumers. With so many layers between data production and consumption, these systems also require significant ongoing maintenance in order to provide robust communication.

groov RIO addresses all these issues with flexibility that significantly speeds integration of IIoT applications. GRV-R7-MM1001-10 supports 12 different types of field I/O circuits, making it capable of over 52,000 I/O combinations, which dramatically simplifies module selection and spares management. It also provides no-hassle, enclosure-free installation with multiple power options, including standard 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE); an extended operating temperature range; and UL Hazardous Locations and ATEX approvals.

Once installed, groov RIO can be independently managed and configured through browser-based tools. Per-channel I/O type and signal-processing options through groov Manage eliminate the need for a master control unit, and support for standard enterprise network services like DNS, DHCP, and VPN facilitates network connectivity. Embedded communication options range from efficient data publishing with MQTT Sparkplug to advanced signal processing, data aggregation, and transactions with databases and web services, using the low-code Node-RED environment and runtime.

On top of all this, groov RIO also fills the role of standard remote I/O for sensing, control, and visualization in industrial automation applications. GRV-R7-MM1001-10 is compatible with any Modbus/TCP master and with Opto 22’s groov EPIC platform.

The groov RIO  will begin shipping March 2, 2020.

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