Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Safety pressure gauge

MEP5 Safety Pressure Gauge with Stainless-Steel Connection

Baumer’s safety pressure gauge MEP5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. The gauge has a diameter of 100 mm and can measure pressures from -1…0 to 0…1600 bar at gauge working temperatures of -20…70 °C. The MEP5 has a stainless-steel housing, sensing element, and fully welded process connection. It complies with protection class IP67. A baffle wall and a blow-out back prevent the operator from risk of injuries in case of failure of the sensing element. The MEP5 contains a special compensating diaphragm which maintains accuracy by equalising internal and external atmospheric pressures. Thanks to its robust design, the MEP5 is particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry as well as use in heavy vehicles, energy production, and oil and gas plants such as the French TOTAL refinery. Special versions with connection sizes specified by the customer are available upon request. This prevents leakage and allows the correct positioning of the measuring instrument.

The thermal drift of the MEP5 is ± 0.4 per cent for a variation of ± 10 °C in relation to the reference temperature 20 °C. The gauge may be used on transient fluid temperatures of up to 200 °C providing that the temperature of the gauge itself does not exceed 70 °C.

The MEP5 boasts an accuracy class of 1 according to European norm EN 837-1 and is available with 22 mm square G1/2 or 1/2NPT process connections. Its window is made of safety laminated glass 4 mm thick. Optionally, the watertight gauge can be filled with a dampening fluid. The MEP5 conforms to S3 Safety as defined by European norm EN 837-1 as well as to Pressure Directive PED 97/23/CE and has a Lloyd’s Register Approval certificate.

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