Saturday, 16 October 2010

Voltage data logger

MadgeTech has released the Volt101A, a DC voltage data logger designed to measure and record low-level voltages with a high degree of accuracy.

The Volt101A can sample as fast as 4Hz, and features a 10 year battery life which allows the logger to be deployed in the field for months or even years. The device is also equipped with LED alarming functionality and can be programmed with high and low limits, that will trigger the red LED to blink if they are breached.

The unit is available in four different input ranges: 2.5V, 15V, 30V, and +/-160mV. The Volt101A-160mV measures differential voltage and is equipped with a 3-position screw terminal for positive, negative and ground connections.

It has user programmable engineering units, enabling the device to scale the input voltage to various units such as temperature, CO2, light and more. Engineering units in the device are a great
time saver as the data is shown in the scaled unit and can be downloaded on any computer with the MadgeTech Software.

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