Thursday, October 28, 2010

Event highlighted process and factory automation

Industry & Automation 2010 was the Benelux meeting point for industrial automation. This years event was subtitled "Solutions for Process- and Factory Automation." Technological innovations are becoming much more digitally based. Projects are becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary and industrial automation is becoming more and more important. It is just these market developments that inspired the foundation of this specialised trade show. It was an initiative of VNU Exhibitions, ISA and FEDA.

Networking at the ISA Pavilion
The ISA Pavilion was cooperation of companies all of whom something to do with the internationally recognized ISA standards. The Pavilion is a big orange tent (Appropriate for the Netherlands) and the center of collective expertise. You can find all your information in one place while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or at the end of the day, a refreshing beer.

Partners with ISA Europe in the pavilion were: ABB, Imtech, ProLeit, Care OES, Raster, Pro-At, Ninety-five, Simac Quadcore, Spie, PC Data, Actemium, Humiq and Egemin.

Industry has potential risks, for example the use of dangerous substances, moving parts of machines, heat, noise, vehicles etc. There was a special sector for companies that offer products and services relating to safety and security.

This event attracted some 20,000 visitors.

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