Thursday, October 14, 2010

POE frame grabber

Power over Ethernet GigE vision frame grabber announced

A new Power over Ethernet (PoE) GigE Vision frame grabber from Stemmer Imaging is set to boost the use of PoE cameras in machine vision applications. Since few PCs have direct PoE interfaces, this new frame grabber provides a simple and cost-effective way of utilising the space-reducing and cost-saving benefits of PoE cameras.

The new ADLink GIE62+ PoE frame grabber allows power and data to be sent over a single ethernet cable to a PoE camera, eliminating the need for a separate power cable and power supply for the camera. This saves space, reduces costs and simplifies installation. The GIE62+ is a PCI Express® x4 frame grabber which supports two independent GigE ports. This frame grabber can also be used with non-PoE GigE Vision cameras.

The GIE62+ combines the benefits of PoE technology with GigE data transmission rates up to 1000 Mb/s over cable distances up to 100 m in length. The two independent GigE ports are also compatible with Link Aggregation-enabled cameras where two Ethernet ports are linked to double the data transmission rate.

The frame grabber automatically detects both PoE and non-PoE devices connected to it to prevent power being sent to non-PoE cameras. It contains a power-management IC to provide short-circuit, inrush current, and current-limit protection to protect the connection between the GIE62+ and PoE or non-PoE cameras. PoE cameras may be hot-plugged removing the need to restart the computer.

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