Thursday, October 14, 2010

Protecting data

Rittal’s new Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system operates by drawing in warm air from the server enclosures at the top of the unit and then cooling it either with water or Dx Refrigerant R407c in a closed heat exchanger. The cooled air is then filtered and blown under positive pressure to the false floor from where it rises into the cold aisle.

By repositioning the fan, cool air can be distributed unimpeded into the raised floor with unnecessary diversions of the airflow avoided and flow resistance minimised. An added benefit of moving the fan into the floor void also allows for a larger air-to-water heat exchanger to be installed thereby offering a greater heat transfer rate.

The new cooling system can achieve an increased efficiency of typically 30% of fan energy consumption with a reduced space requirement. Rittal's climate control system not only cools but it also keeps the humidity at a constant level.

The system is available in output ratings up to 118kW effective cooling capacity and can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure in terms of both hardware and software.

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