Thursday, 21 October 2010

Loggers identify power savings

A new Gemini Tinytag datalogger, the TV-4810 is supplied with a clamp and built-in display that offers users the ability to view and log single phase mains current in order to identify cost saving opportunities.

Increasing energy costs, coupled with corporate responsibility objectives and regulatory drivers such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, are forcing organisations to take a closer look at energy and the new Tinytag loggers provide quick and simple tools with which to identify power hungry equipment or processes.

By providing the ability to log over an extended period, the TV-4810 enables power consumption comparison between different devices in addition to the identification of those processes which demand the most energy.

The TV-4810 is a member of the Tinytag View 2 family of loggers which all feature an in-built display and offer fast data download and high levels of resolution and accuracy with a large memory capacity (30,000 readings). The loggers are managed with intuitive Tinytag Explorer software that enables quick and simple configuration, data management and analysis.

Two further additions to the Tinytag View 2 family include the TV-4704, a voltage logger (0 – 25V DC) and the TV-4804 current logger (0 – 25 mA). These new loggers provide real-time display of data, combined with data collection and alarm display capability. The units can be connected to a variety of industry standard sensors; typical applications include monitoring for temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, flow or light, so these loggers could, for example, be utilised to monitor lighting in buildings. Further dedicated loggers are available to monitor temperature and humidity in buildings to improve HVAC equipment efficiency and to help lower energy costs and comply with environmental regulations.

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