Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perpetual rental!

Long-term hire scheme cuts costs for Ashtead Technology customers

Ashtead Technology has announced a new Perpetual Rental Program (PRP) offering customers significant cost savings for long-term hires. The PRP combines the convenience of ownership with all the usual benefits of renting. Ashtead Technology customers can now use equipment continuously as if it was their own, but the company remains responsible for maintenance checks, calibration and repairs.

The new  scheme is applicable to a selection of the very latest environmental monitoring and non-destructive testing instrumentation, including Ashtead Technology’s comprehensive range of environmental monitoring equipment, a vast selection of videosopes and the latest emissions monitoring instrumentation.

Summarising the benefits of the PRP scheme, Ashtead Technology’s General Manager Alan Hasson said:The aim of this initiative is to make long-term hires more economically viable for our customers. This plan comes at a fraction of our standard monthly rate with technical support, making it an ideal option for longer-term hires, regular customers and those who may be undecided whether to rent or buy.”

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