Thursday, 21 October 2010

Low-cost array mikes

Automotive, aerospace and general test & measurement applications

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the introduction of Endevco® models EM40PH and EM40PL, two low-cost free-field pre-polarized array microphones, designed for multi-channel acoustic measurements of sound power; sound pressure levels and frequencies; sound-field analyses; and concurrent spatial and transient measurements within the audible range in aerospace, automotive and test & measurement applications.

Endevco® models EM40PH and EM40PL offer a wide frequency range of up to 20 KHz.  The model EM40PH is offered with a high sensitivity of 50 mV/Pa and a large dynamic range of up to 135 dB, while the model EM40PL is offered with a low sensitivity of 10 mV/Pa and a large dynamic range of up to 150 dB.  Their highly durable design incorporates use of an SMB connector for ease of test setup assembly and seamless integration with most data acquisition systems. ISOTRON® (IEPE) capabilities allow Endevco® array microphones to be used interchangeably with IEPE-type accelerometers within the same test setups for added convenience. In addition, ISOTRON® microphones have no additional power supply requirements when used within standard 2-20 mA constant current powered systems. Incorporation of TEDS technology allows a microphone to be recognized by any TEDS compatible input module, allowing an analyzer to derive information about microphone type, serial number and sensitivity, which can then be read by the application software. Close manufacturing tolerances and TEDS capabilities provide models EM40PH and EM40PL with the major advantage of a high degree of interchangeability within multiple array matrices.

Endevco® models EM40PH and EM40PL are ideal for use in larger-channel count acoustic measurement applications, such as near field acoustic holography; trending and frequency analysis; white goods testing; automotive and aerospace NVH, or as a lower-cost alternative to a Type 1 compliant microphone in general acoustic testing.  Recommended accessories include the Endevco® model EM42AA handheld pistonphone calibrator and the model 133 three-channel signal conditioner.  All Endevco® acoustic sensors and instrumentation are backed by a five-year comprehensive product warranty.

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