Sunday, October 10, 2010

Iconics at #ISAwk 2010

Game Changing Software Solutions for Plant Operations
64-bit HMI/SCADA and Plant Historian Suites Level the Playing Field
Iconics announced a team of 64-bit automation suites that are truly game changers for industrial automation. GENESIS64™ and Hyper Historian™ are gaining market share and changing the way that plants operate.

Newly released GENESIS64 V10.5 is designed from the ground up to utilise OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms. The GENESIS64 suite includes several modular solutions that simplify connectivity from the plant floor to corporate business systems. Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 and certified for Windows Server® 2008, it allows plant operators, IT professionals and facility managers to integrate real-time manufacturing and business information into a common, Web-enabled visualization dashboard. The GENESIS64 suite is comprised of GraphWorX™64, TrendWorX™64, AlarmWorX™64, EarthWorX™ and the Workbench Web-based development, deployment and operations products.

The new Hyper Historian V10.5 is an extremely high speed, reliable and robust industrial data historian solution. It takes full advantage of the latest 64-bit .NET-based computing technologies and numerous performance features. Hyper Historian is certified for Windows Server 2008, compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and leverages the new OPC Unified Architecture Standard.
“GENESIS64 and Hyper Historian are the first 64-bit OPC UA compliant product suites on a Microsoft platform that are robust, scalable, high-performance and enterprise-wide for industrial automation applications,” said Russ Agrusa, President and CEO of ICONICS speaking at the Automation Week conference. “Both products have been designed to handle the most mission critical applications that demand the highest level of availability and deliver unparalleled performance with very efficient use of computing resources.”
“The latest releases from ICONICS demonstrate their commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality products based on the OPC technology,” said Tom Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation.

Hyper Historian delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of computer resources. This is the first plant historian to be compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 and certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2008® and includes tight integration with SQL Server® 2008. This technology makes the Hyper Historian from ICONICS, the best-in-class, real-time plant historian for any Microsoft 64-bit operating system.

“Manufacturers are deploying the latest Microsoft operating systems and technologies in part to address their requirements for 3D visualization and data archiving of both their manufacturing and business processes”,
according to Craig Resnick, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group. “Windows 7, running on computers with new 64-bit processors, and leveraging features such as Multi-touch and Silverlight, will further enhance the real-time visualization and data archiving capabilities of software tools such as ICONICS’ GENESIS64 and Hyper Historian.”

Support for Windows Phone 7
MobileHMI to Support Microsoft’s New Windows Phone 7 for Mobile Applications

MobileHMI software solution from Iconics will support the soon to be released Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform.

MobileHMI from ICONICS delivers real-time rich visualization and KPI alerts directly to wireless devices. With support for over 400 wireless devices MobileHMI is the most versatile software platform for staying in touch with your building and manufacturing operations. Now with the added support for Microsoft Windows Phone 7, the MobileHMI application can deliver real-time alerts, trends, and events.

“ICONICS was recently awarded the Microsoft Windows 7 Partner of the Year Award at the 2010 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference,” said Melissa Topp, Product Marketing Manager at ICONICS. “Adding support for Windows Phone 7 to our MobileHMI product offering is part of our strategy to deliver solutions that leverage the latest Microsoft platforms.”

The following key Windows Phone 7 features will be supported by MobileHMI:
    • Support for Silverlight
    • Metro UI look and feel• Real-time visualization
    • Push notifications for alarms and events
    • MultiTouch support
    • Application bar integration
    • Supports “Tombstoning” - suspends the application when the user navigates away
    • Panorama and pivot controls for intuitive navigation
    • Automatic portrait and landscape mode
“Mobility solutions are one of the fastest growing areas of demand for manufacturers and processors,” according to Craig Resnick, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group. “Windows Phone 7 support for MobileHMI is designed to help address that demand, providing a tool that can increase productivity while maintaining connectivity of mobile devices. This tool is another example of the close relationship between Microsoft and ICONICS, which leads to a continued stream of products that leverage the latest Microsoft products and technologies”.

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia
Multimedia OPC Alarm Management Software for 32 and 64-bit Servers

Iconics also announced the release of AlarmWorX™64 Multimedia, an OPC alarm management software solution for 32 and 64-bit servers. With 11 configurable robust agents, AlarmWorX64 MMX is the most comprehensive OPC alarm management solution in the marketplace.
The new AlarmWorX64 MMX is an optional enhancement to the award winning GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA suite and is designed to interface to any OPC Alarm and Event compliant server. AlarmWorX64 MMX is easily and conveniently configurable using standard internet browsers.

“AlarmWorX64 MMX is based on ICONICS ‘OPC to the Core’ standard,” said Russ Agrusa, President and CEO of ICONICS. “AlarmWorX64 MMX delivers specific alerts and messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere quickly and immediately via numerous media services including: voice, telephone, e-mail, instant messenger and more.”

The following Agents are offered with AlarmWorX64 MMX:
    • Telephony Agent: Calls a defined number & gives a message with options to respond.
    • Pager Agent: Delivers alarms to numeric, alphanumeric and two-way pagers.
    • Video Agent: Plays a pre-recorded video or a video captured at the time of an alarm.
    • E-mail Agent: Receive and acknowledge alarms using text and e-mail messages.
    • Skype Messaging Agent: Delivers instant text messages to any Skype™ account.
    • Marquee Agent: Sends alarm & event messages to software and hardware marquees.
    • Sound / Text-to-Speech Agent: Plays pre-recorded sound bites on an alarm condition.
    • Fax Agent: Sends alarm notifications via fax.
    • Popup Agent: Launches any application to provide alarm massages.
    • Task Tray Agent: Delivers a pop-up message to the Windows taskbar notification area.
    • Custom Agent: Allows users to create their own Multimedia agent.
“With the increased adoption of 64-bit runtime platforms and software on the plant floor, the demand for 64-bit applications is on the rise as plant operations seek to best maximize the value and KPI’s of production,” according to Craig Resnick, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group. “ICONICS latest 64-bit software offering, AlarmWorX64 Multimedia, is a solution that leverages the benefits of a true 64-bit software application and helps its customer address their demand for higher performance.”

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