Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Green building automation

MatrikonOPC™ has released its KNX OPC Server for Green Building Automation and Data Centers. The software enables facility managers to run their building control systems more efficiently by tightly integrating systems such as lighting, security and energy management. It gives building automation professionals and data center operators fast access to all KNX data, enabling them to save energy by more quickly responding to building events.

The KNX OPC Server integrates devices that communicate via the KNX protocol with HMI, ERP software and many OPC-enabled reporting tools. It also supports KNX communications over Ethernet (EIBnet/IP or KNXnet/IP) – making it easy to integrate KNX-enabled systems such as lighting and shutter controls, security, alarms and energy management, with other systems. Its high-performance framework provides data in real time from KNX devices.

For maximum security, the KNX OPC Server allows administrators to manage access to tags based on users’ login information, maximizing control over the building management system and making it an instrumental component to green data centers and building integrity.

The KNX OPC Server also features several enhancements that simplify software configuration. For example, the server features automatic device discovery and binding, as well as easy integration between the ETS Network Management tool and its database. Additionally, the server runs on Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows XP, and does not require KNX Foundation’s Falcon API.

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