Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Safe, non-contact monitoring

Pilz has now added the safe proximity switch PSENini to its safe sensor technology portfolio. PSENini detects the approach of metallic objects without using contacts. Safe detection is provided even on multiple position applications – with long cams or rotational movements. The non-wearing technology is particularly suitable for high switching frequencies and guarantees high productivity and a long service life.

PSENini are available in an IP67 design and so are suitable for use under difficult industrial conditions such as heavy soiling, shock or vibration.

The safe proximity switches supply signals relating to positions and end limits and detect metal objects with high repetition accuracy. As a result, the positions of machine components such as turntables or robots’ rotational movements can be monitored safely, so that the production process is not compromised.

The safe proximity switches provide short reaction times and user-friendly diagnostics via LED. This means that error sources can be identified as quickly as possible when a machine suffers from a safety-related shutdown.

Safe proximity switches PSENini can be connected in series – even in conjunction with Pilz safety switches PSENcode and safety gate systems PSENslock.

Series connection saves on inputs and therefore reduces the wiring effort. So less work is involved in project configuration and installation, plus there are fewer costs. What's more, existing plant and machinery can easily be retrofitted via safe semiconductor outputs.

Whether used individually or connected in series, the safe proximity switches meet the safety requirements for applications up to PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1 or Cat. 4 of
EN 954-1 and SIL CL 3 of EN 62061.

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