Friday, March 18, 2011

Another member announced for automation body

The American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation has become one of the newest members of the Automation Federation (AF).

One of the messages AF spreads on behalf of its member organizations is the importance of the automation profession and the need to develop the next generation of automation professionals. To build momentum and support for its workforce development initiatives—including the promotion of K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and the Automation Competency Model—AF is working to bring like-minded organizations together to create a stronger “Voice.” The membership of Continental Automated Buildings Association(CABA)was announced earlier this month.

The SME Education Foundation is committed to the educational needs of American youth and inspiring them to excel in STEM education; providing access to rigorous educational opportunities through financial support with awards and scholarships; and funding project-based curricula and activities designed to motivate learning.

Over its 30-year history, the SME Education Foundation has invested $5.3 million in youth programs, helping nearly 20,000 to explore career opportunities in STEM education; granted/funded over $4.7 million in scholarships to students pursuing manufacturing-related careers; and invested $8.5 million in grants to 35 colleges and universities to develop industry-driven curricula.

The SME Education Foundation joined AF as part of their major initiative to change public perception of manufacturing. In today’s economy, in-demand jobs are increasingly high-tech and require STEM skill sets. Everything is dependent on making engineering visible and relevant in the eyes of K-12 students, teachers, counselors and parents.

Nelson Ninin, 2011 Automation Federation chair, said,  "I am pleased that the SME Education Foundation has joined the Automation Federation. Our two organizations share a common goal to reach out to our youth about the importance of STEM for their futures. I look forward to the opportunities we can pursue together to achieve this goal.”

Says Khalil Taraman, president, SME Education Foundation, “The SME Education Foundation is aligning itself with organizations that share its vision for advanced manufacturing careers and the demanding STEM-based education these careers require. AF and SME Education Foundation’s joint resources will help AF promote careers in automation, as well as support the SME Education Foundation’s interest in expanding Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) centers now being established in high schools across the country.”

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